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I miss /drg/, so I figured I'd make a thread. What drugs have you been taking? What drugs would you like to take? What drug-related stories do you have? Let's talk drugs!

I tried 3-AcO-DMT last weekend. It was my first psychedelic. I took way too much, though, and ended up going crazy and crying for a few hours. My first mistake was leaving the house. I thought it'd be cool to bike around town, but I was absolutely overwhelmed by sensory imagery and my own thoughts. My second mistake was doing it alone. I freaked the fuarrrk out because I lost my diary (it fell off my bike...) and freaked out about other soykaf. If I had a friend to calm me down, I could've had a better time. Nevertheless, I remember the entire experience quite fondly. I learned a lot about myself, despite having a "bad trip". I don't regret the experience at all. I plan on trying it again with a smaller dose next weekend. I can't wait.


The only reason i never used drugs is because i have no family or friends, so it's not easy to come by a dealer.

In the future i plan on experimenting though.


dude, RCs like 4-AcO-DMT are very easy to get online. I just shoot the guy a couple of emails and get the stuff in the mail a few days after. Not gonna say who because you can honestly probably find better sellers, and it's good to do your own research.




where my /opi/ niggas at boiiiiii
mai waifu really needs to try acid, she had a dream about taking acid and it was amazing, she thinks it's a sign that she's mentally prepared


former /opi/head, gl in keeping that habit manageable (no sarcasm intended)

OP, I'm sorry to hear you had a hard time. Sounds like you've had some good reflection on your set and setting and are way better prepared for any future endeavors.

can I pivot this thread to a discussion similar to the old RC thread?

also requesting the name of a particular vendor that someone suggested in aforementioned thread. name begun with a, and I thought I saved their pastebin, but it appears I did not. feel free to share in irc.


No one did something like Soma yet?
Let's just go full IV DMT+Ibogaine and fuarrrk our brains then, hey!


specifically, i'm looking for good sources of 4-ac0-dmt and etizolam


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Drugs will make your life qualitatively worse.

Stop while you can kiddos.


Thanks for the tip, just flushed my SSRIs.


>labels all drugs together in one blanket statement
>comes into a drug thread to make moralizing soykafpost
>specifically a thread about doing a psychedelic substance, clearly indicating they have no experience - or no good experience - in that realm

thanks lain, i see the light
still looking for any recommendations for recommended vendors, been doing my research but can't find that one specifically. lysergi has both compounds that i'm looking for, but i recall that aforementioned vendor being cheaper


You brain is on drugs right now... are "qualitatively worse" yet? Before criticize 'drugs' people should first define what is 'drugs'. Everything you ingest is a drug.
Now, of course, the common sense is drugs like meth and heroin. I don't think it's objectively bad, it's just the use you give them. If you load yourself every day with tons of meth of course it will be bad. But if you use it the right way it could be a very powerful drug.
Not wanting to go on the Godwin's law, but Hitler injected meth everyday (not that he's an example of a person). There's also the hypothesis that many of the soldiers that died on URSS winter wouldn't have died if the drug D-IX was ready at the time:

Drugs are not bad, people just don't know how to use them.

ps. I can't tell if you're serious or not. I guess that's the Poe's law thing:


If any lainons are looking for good aco vendor the officialbenzofury is the best in my opinion considering you are from EU


Clonazepam is scarily close to it. And combined with strong weed and art-making (for example, playing an instrument) it can really cleanse a soul with each dose.


I started smoking weed a few weeks ago. It's alright, but not as good as I expected. I want to try stims, but haven't done enough research yet. I have no interest in opiates or psychedelics.


If there's one class of drugs that this blanket statement is true of, it has to be opiates (when used recreationally).

It takes an insane amount of willpower to keep that soykaf under control. I thought I could do it, but we all know how that goes.

What's up.

Just railed some H.


This lain is technically right for a lot of people including myself. Also depends how you define worse but they are not to be taken lightly.

I had some of that as well, ended up flushing most of it down the toilet because i didn't have a proper means of dosing and kept taking tiny amounts that just jacked tolerance up. Got one good trip out of it though... Weird stuff. Psys are just weird in general man. I feel like i would only completely enjoy them if it were mixed with something or if i had my own house in the wilderness with no job. MUCH MUCH more of a dissociative fan but i don't touch them much anymore due to legality, availability and tolerance. Now i just drink a ton which isn't too far off from them when you think about it. Both pretty strong NMDA antagonists.


I had a very small amount of freebase DMT that I eyeballed and put into a shiity homemade machine, and the whole experience was soykaf. Pretty sure I was inhaling steel wool fumes most of the time, barely felt anything, and the smoke probably leaked out from the top of my soykafty homemade machine.

Any tips for injestion methods? Gonna try to drill a hole in a bottle properly instead of doing it out of a broken bottle, burn the steel wool first, hold the lighter farther away from the wool, and wait until the bottle is milky to inhale.