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Noots general

Post stacks, post research, rant about what works / what doesn't work / why people who use noots are idiots


This guy has some of the best rational discussion about noots:

As far as scientifically tracking and testing the effects of drugs on yourself, this is the best example I can point to.


>>2 (you)

Daily stacks:

>~30 mins before I wake up, and ~2 hours before breakfast:

>400mg l-theanine
>200mg caffeine
>36mg Concerta (long-release methylphenidate)

>in the evening:

>400mg l-theanine
>200mg caffeine
>5mg Ritalin

>~30 mins before sleep:

>200mg l-theanine
>1.5mg melatonin

Some support:
>l-theanine & caffeine:


There's a host of articles on pubmed about the effects of melatonin on sleep, with varying results. It definitely makes me fall asleep more quickly. I feel better in the morning, probably because I get better sleep.

The methylphenidate is just to get me good and stimulated. I use fluoromodafinil and sunifiram to stimulate myself further, but those are research compounds with no official human testing, and I don't recommend them or use them regularly.

I've also used piracetam and oxiracetam. Both are as good as the research behind them is valid, but oxiracetam gives me a noticable buzz.


>uppers galore
that seems like a lovely stack for productivity, though not necessarily for what you may have intended Present Day, Present Time! AHAHAHAHAHA!
>i was going to code all day but instead i created a system where my books are organized by genre, then author, while simultaneously being holistically color coded
i'm curious: do you take the medications to offset AD(H)D, or purely for their nootropic qualities?

my stack varies by my day's needs. generally, my stack has been great in its own right, but i'm working my way through some fairly heavy depression, and the resultant behaviors often negate the benefits:
-a non-existent sleep cycle/frequent all-nighters
-fairly heavy regular alcohol consumption.
-generally poor diet; i eat healthy but am very good at not eating
-tricyclic antidepressant

that said, here's the dailies and their general doses:
700 mgs N-Acetyl Tyrosine
1000mgs Acetyl-L-Carnitine
200-500mgs Phenylpiracetam
Spring Valley "Super B Complex" vitamin
2 - 6 cups of strong coffee throughout day with L-theanine
Plenty of water (the most based nootropic)

In addition, I take 300 - 600mgs of Adrafinal when low on sleep, really need to focus, or need to focus fast. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a Modafinal replacement, it works extremely well for alleviating sleep deprivation, as well as providing energy and focus.
I also use Phenibut in social situations, from 500 - 1500mgs+. I don't take it regularly and make sure that I don't use it more than a few days, at reasonable doses, at most. As a person who often feels social anxiety, it's a lifesaver.
Occasionally, noopept and [vinpocetine[/b] are used, particularly when I'm writing, since it helps combat my tendency to ramble. both of these have been invaluable during my periods as a freelance writer.


Do these drugs really work? I did a quick Google search and "smart" drugs sound too good to be true.

Is it essentially stimulants?


their branding as smart drugs is really misleading.
they're definitely not going to make you any smarter, a la limitless or understand.

a stack's general purpose is to support brain function, rather than increasing it. to generalize, most of them help by making it easier to focus, providing energy (as yes, some of them can be quite stimulating), increasing concentration, enhancing memory recall, etc - in other words, whatever their method of action is, they generally assist some cognitive function, wherein their benefit lies.

but again, there's a whole ton of them, and they each have different effects and usecases. phenibut, for example, affects gaba receptors, which generally has anxiolytic effects, so it's very helpful for treating social anxiety (and can be like being pleasantly drunk at high doses.) l-theanine is commonly combined with caffeine because it potentiates it, and reduces effects like the jitters (and alternatively can be used to relax, funnily enough). all the -finals are wakefulness drugs that can be very stimulating if awake, or negate sleep deprivation.

i'd figure out what you're looking for in terms of effects, then try for yourself. ymmv.


>though not necessarily for what you may have intended

As long as I outline my goals for the day or next few hours, I usually accomplish them. Though if I'm not careful that does sometimes happen lol, one day I planned on getting a bunch of math work done and instead wrote a website or some soykaf

>i'm curious: do you take the medications to offset AD(H)D, or purely for their nootropic qualities?

It's a bit of both. I have ADHD, but I respond very strangely to MPH for someone with that disorder. Most people with ADHD claim that MPH paradoxically makes them tired / calm.
For me, it does help with the attention problems, and helps me sit still, but other than that I get all the euphoria and energy a baseline person would. And I love that buzz, without fail I can usually get loads of soykaf done in the morning.

Also, I should add I do drink fuarrrk tons of water to compensate for all the stims. Anything else is asking for an early death.


This stuff seems really useful since I too have occasional awful social anxiety. The only thing stopping me from buying some to try out was money constraints, I decided the modafinil analog was more useful.

I'll probably try it out once I start going for job interviews next year

>Do these drugs really work?
IDK, do they? Drugs have both subjective and objective effects. The former you can determine yourself (this makes me feel high/productive/relaxed) and the latter come from research, for example the memory improvements piracetam supposedly gives.

For the latter, you cannot be 100% certain that the drug is affecting you the way it affected the research groups. But for well-tested drugs, like l-theanine or melatonin, you can be close to 100% certain that it helps you in 1 or 2 ways.

Like >>8 said "smart drug" is misleading, and ymmv. I say do your research, and decided for yourself how much of a risk you want to take. If you absolutely value your wellbeing stick with caffeine and the most harmless noots.


Cafeine + ltheanine got me curious
Can i replace caffeine pills with lots of coffee? a quick google search tells me it's basically the same , any advice ?
Also is there any recomended brand for ltheanine , it looks like i can get 30 pills for 10usd of "puritans pride premium" (i know it's a ripoff compared with the prices on amazon, caffeine pills prices are even worst)


>Can i replace caffeine pills with lots of coffee?
Yes. iirc 1 cup ~= 100-200mg caffeine, so you don't need lots

Just so you know there are cheap bulk theanine suppliers, i.e. Bulk Supplements sells 250g bags for about 25 USD. The powder doesn't have a strong taste; I just wash it down with some water.

I also found 500 x 200mg caffeine pills for about the same price a while back, dunno if that's still around


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Thanks, i guess i'll go with coffee and theanine pills for now, i found some suppliers over here selling bags like you say, but i'm short on money. i'll see how it works for now.
On a totally unrelated note, the guy selling me the theanine pills was this spanish hippy guy with a pony tail and such, made my day.


File: 1492669689675.png (613.88 KB, 212x300, neuroenhancement-in-healthy-adults-part-i-pharmaceutical-cognitiveenhancement-a-systematic-review-2155-9627-1000213.pdf)


this is super interesting, thanks for sharing. unfortunately, it doesn't really list many of the substances that people think of as nootropic. do you happen to have any other similar documents?