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Tell me about your favorite drug and why you like it.
So far my favorite drug has been MDMA. The high is sublime. I feel nothing but pure bliss, confidence, and general good vibes. When I have some great music pumping in my ears I feel as if I am slipping into my own reality with the music resonating through my whole body. It's just such a perfect feeling that I don't think anything else can really compare to it.
This all comes at a price though. The neurotoxic effects are known, and although there isn't much research on "normal" dosages I have heard plenty of anecdotal accounts saying that 20~ spaced out normal doses have left them with a slight mental fog or made them more forgetful. I have only used it 6 times and I don't think I want to use it more than a couple more times max. It's such a shame. I guess humans just aren't built to feel that kind of pleasure.

Picture related. When I am really peaking with a good combo of having an excellent time with excellent music I feel like I have this energy radiating out from my head that synergizes with everything around me.


C'mon, you degenerates. Tell me about the intoxicants you enjoy inhaling, insufflating, ingesting, or injecting.


I've never done any drugs in my life. However, I'm curious about MDMA because it could step me in the right direction to fixing my social anxiety. What advice would you give to someone like me? Would it be worth it, if perhaps I were to take it in a certain situation?




MXE. Everything I ever wanted in a drug, and it used to be super cheap back when it was 100% legal.


When I was 18 my personality was some sort of shy/strong/silent type. Usually passive, but could socialize decently if it needed to be. Though I had a weakness to talking to girls I liked (Thinking so much about fucking up, that I fucked it up).

At that time around I befriended the popular rich guy in our school and we often went partying in nice clubs and had a good time. We were always somewhat interested in drugs, so we decided to order some MDMA pills. Oh man, that was an excellent decision. We went out clubbing dropping a pill and had the best time of our lives. Was truly an unforgettable experience. It made me more open, feeling close and emotionally connected with people and the head feeling was pure bliss. I also learned to trust and talk to people freely. Dancing was very easy and the ladies liked the "new" me a lot :)

The Drug itself literally floods your brain with information (serotonin) and depletes your "reserve pool" of it. Which can make you feel like you were brainraped (depressed) if you're low on the it for a few days. Taking a smaller dose 125-150mg can help and taking sustances that help produce serotonin (5-HTP, Raw Fruits) help greatly help afterwards. I would only recommend taking MDMA if you're not depressed (some social anxiety is ok), in a nice setting that you enjoy and some good friends that you're comfortable with (enjoyable music and females are a great plus, too). Do NOT drink alcohol at all before and till after the experiences, it's very toxic together.

It is essential that you take a brake of about 1 month before you dose again so your brain is fully recovered. Also note that re-dosing after your initial dose has little to no effect (due to fast building tolerance) and is exponentially toxic. (I heared stories of people who took A GRAMM of MDMA within 12 hours and and they still have "serotonin syndrome" (look it up) years later.

So, yes, it can greatly help your social anxiety if you make well informed decisions, are in a good mood and in a nice setting. Sorry for the long blog post, but I thought that the information provided could be of use for you :)

I'll reply to the OP, when I got time later in the evening :)




P-pls just shoot me. I was writing for half an hour and accidently pressed on the back button..

Instead of writing a big blog post, I`ll keep it sort of short this time and on point. If you want to hear more, just say so. EDIT: Well, it got longer then expected, enjoy.

Weed: My first drug, had really great times with my friends consuming it. Generally, makes me more creative, I can talk more, but make less sense. i.E: I try to explain an idea to other people and at some point my toughts are faster then my mouth and I lose the point. Music sounds really good. If you consume it alot or in big amounts you will get more forgetful and in that sense somewhat stupid (you will recover partialy over the years). I rate it 6/10.

Alcohol: My second drug, makes we more relaxed, adventorous and I take more risks. Somewhat fun, but gets boring fast. Had a handful hard overdoses, when I was literally drinking bottles of vodka in one sip, which brought me back down to reality. I`m drinking rarely now. 3.5/10

Magic Mushrooms: First WOW effect, the walls began to melt, everything was breathing and felt interconnected. Had several doses, some great experiences. Downside is the taste for me, it`s really awful and fucks with my stomach for some time, which isn`t pleasant. Overall 8/10

MDMA: I described it here >>2777 I would give it a 7.5/10

25i-NBOME: Overall a pleasant experience, I triped on a place where I could watch the whole city from above and the lights where absolutly gorgous looking (alot more glowing), nice experience. Downside is that I had, for months, some moments when I was looking at objects (i.E. the floor) and it started moving and breathing which was disturbing to see, especially at work. Also I noticed that my head was cloudy and I somewhat had trouble remembering things (ok now, altought I would`nt say fully recovered). Not worth the concequences 3/10



LSD-25: In low doses (<100ug) its easily socially manageable and you can have great conversations. In higher doses (>1ooug) you need a strong personality which isn`t devided. A Setting with a good vibe is essential, if it`s your first time or you`re trying higher doses make sure that you have a fairly sober tripsitter that can help you. You should also be in a good mood and generally a good person. This Drug can be Heaven or Hell and mood changes are rapid. It`s important to not fight it and let it flow (especially if you perceive things beyond imagination as real) if you fight it, it will feast of it and grow stronger till it completely consumes your mind (literally).

It`s a gigantic lifeexperience to sit through a horror trip, I would`t wish this to anyone. It`s so horrible and absolutly terrifiying, because it feels real, you see it with your own eyes right infront of you. Combine that with the loss of reasoning , abstract logical thinking and a loss of the perception of time and you won`t ever be the same as when you started the trip. If this happens you have to get over it and grew stronger out of it. I see it like this: I have lived trough horrors beyond any imagination and I AM STILL HERE.

I pulled the negative aspect alittle out, so you get a vague understanding, that this is not a toy. If you`re having a good time this can be one of the greatest experiences in your whole life. Altought I have literally seen Heaven and Hell with it, I grew stronger and better as a person out of it which the experience good or bad is all about. 10/10

PS: Xanax can help greatly with a bad trip



4-Aco-DMT: Absolutely Amazing, visuals are easy to handle (go away when you gain focus) and the headspace is pure joy. I felt pure freedom of mind, no artifical boundries like status for example. Excellent to make good friends and have deep conversations about life. The Closed Eye Visuals and Music are simply amazing. Try it out, you wont regret it. It really only works on your first time using it, 2 years have passed I might give it another try this summer. 10/10 Pure Awesomeness

This year I want to stack some of the mentioned drugs and try out cocaine.

These are my two cents to some drugs I have consumed. I would love to hear some of your experiences :)


My use of psychedelics has been very limited, but I had a great time with 4-aco-dmt and I want to do it again soon. It's a really awesome drug and the first psy I tried. The waves of emotions and beauty of everything totally blew me away. I was left with a pleasant afterglow for weeks after using it. I'd find my thoughts wandering to the absurdity of being on a regular basis, and I felt happy to be alive.
I haven't used mushrooms, but I have heard that one of the ways to address the taste/nausea issue is to do a lemon extraction tek. I have read about it and it seems pretty simple. You might want to look into it.


My waifu has fucked with weed, coke, acid, salvia and thats about it. Weed is her go to. Will never fuck with acid or salvia again. Coke once a year as long as someone else pays and she is not in a position to meet a coke dealer.

She would like to try opium some time, friends were smoking weed with a dab of opium on it and holy shit it smelled absolutely fantastic or so she says.


>fuck with
>shits on acid and salvia


File: 1465772366359.png (53.46 KB, 200x149, lapurga.jpg)

it is legal
dirt ass nigga cheap
easy to get online
it has its downsides but ive grown a personal relationship with the drug through several intense and interesting experiences
I don't think it is for everyone but i truly do love it.

It has two different types of trips that often crossover eachother
There is a death trip where you really feel like the universe stamped 404 on you and you are just fucking in a void for one hour. Then there is the visual kind that is very powerfully colorful with unspeakable visuals(i.e. one time i saw the dirt ground as the underwater mine from Grim Fandango and then the ground cut to someone doing the see you later spacecowboy thing to me and then I knew i was dead and the ground turned into circles of small elders going up and down into waves.... This was of course with an excessive dose after fasting for a day...
It burns like crazy and the experience is intense like no other(even better when u combine it with a tab of lsd or two) but you come out of the experience feeling like a new and refreshed person
no matter where u go in life you're going full force


Is it safe to take? I would like to try. Also what is the cost?


There is no real medical research on it, but all signs would point to yes. It's an analogue of psilocin.


Varies. I'd say 20mg is an average dosage. I was able to purchase 100mg for $25 after shipping, so it's cheaper than acid.


Yea does seem cheaper, I can get a single dose of Acid for $15.

Where do you get? Also how are your experiences?


First time that I have heard of it, let me know some more about it.


How do you prepare the seeds? How does the trip compare in intensity and length to other psys you've done?
I would like to know more.


Damn dude you need to order online. Youll save so much money on Lucy

I get my lucy for 1.5$/tab of 100ug. 15$ is the suckers price my boys sell to their customers who they dont like


I have never paid $1.5/tab (how much are you buying), but this. Buying online basically means you buy directly from the source, so you have 0 markup and excellent quality.


Beer. I will drink other stuff but I have to walk a lot farther to get it, while beer is sold in the neighbourhood until 2:00 AM. Also I can sit and drink it all night rather than "pacing" myself. I just like the taste, tactile experience. Wine/cider give me a headache and shred my tongue if I drink enough to actually get drunk. Apparently this is an intolerance to sulphites.

>and why you like it

The alternative is the raw horror of being alive and sober. I don't drive and I live alone so whatever problems it causes are my own.


I buy bulk.The bulk resellers go through cycles in their pricing depending on the current supply of crystal. You can almost always get bulk L for 3/per. You have to watch for prices (especially watch what JOR is up to) and you can easily get 500 tabs for 750$. Sell 250 of those 500 at 5 per, youve got 250 tabs and about 400-500$ extra cash (assume btc volatility, btc mixing costs, other small costs, etc). If you keep 100 tabs and sell 400 at 5 youve made at least 1000$, you could even sell bulk for 3-4per and still make extra cash.

Lucy is the one drug that is so great to deal. Its easily concealable, the mark up rate is huge and reasonable (most people expect to pay 10,15,20 for a tab), it doesnt smell, and the drug itself is one of the best tolerated drugs the body can experience.


soykaf yo, apparently I have to buy online. Don't listen to none of that nonsense about sucker price though, I've never bought or heard of buying it for much less than $15


Does adrenaline count? Have tried most narcotics but these days I only semi regularly smoke good hash and take a yearly mushroom trip.

But I work an exciting job so get regular, large hits of adrenaline and I love it. Nothing beats the feeling of your vision becoming more focused, the grin spreading across your face, the wild, squirming in your stomach. All free, all natural, all good.


Where can I get it online? I can get Acid for $15, pretty expensive.

Is 4-Aco-DMT like Shrooms or Acid?


It's an analogue of Psilocin. It's similar to mushrooms.

What do you do for work?


Great. Any good places to get it?


Check the Reddit RC page. They have a bunch of vendor reviews if you're in the US you will probably have to order from a Canadian vendor. It's technically legal, so don't be too scared.


I was a push bike messenger and now I am a tree surgeon, both jobs provide sufficient opportunity to die on a daily basis to keep the adrenaline flowing.


Cool, thanks. I imagine that they ask for ID and soykaf right? I have seen some like that.
And discrete packaging?


Lol, no. All of this stuff is "not for human consumption" wink wink nudge nudge. The companies that sell RCs are just drug dealers that operate in a legal grey area.
Some of them will go the extra mile and include a legitimate MSDS with the product, as they choose to masquerade as actual scientific supply companies.
Lysergi.com is one that does not do this. They take BTC and just ship in a plain envelope. They overcharge for shipping though.

Bear in mind that prices are often listen in CAD. $1 CAD = $0.76 USD


If you want the same high as shrooms without the sickness try 4-aco-dmt. It comes in a powder so none of the sickness from mushrooms but the trip is virtually indistinguishable


I see, gonna take a look then.


3-Methoxyphenylcyclidine + psychedelics make my go-to matrix exploration vehicle. The 3-MeO puts ice in your veins and sets fire to your will, then the data floods of lysergamides (DOC too, RIP) suddenly feel like something you were born solely to move through, free of anything remotely mundane. Tryptamines mix with it in stranger ways still, the more stimulating psychs seem to make for clearer experiences.

Requires a much, much different brand of self-control than simple pleasure pushers like stims or opiates. Especially when noopept defangs the worst of moderate use, speeding up tolerance recovery and even utterly reversing the eventual short-term memory dysfunction with time and consistency. It takes letting go without ever letting go, if that makes any sense.

What a time to live.


File: 1475701866243.png (1.13 MB, 113x200, 1005161541.jpg)


I tried extasy once or twice in a party and didn't really enjoy it at all.

Aside from that I smoke weed every single day after work. I'm a fairly productive guy, I go to college in the mornings and I work in the afternoon, and a porro in the evenings helps me wind down and sleep better. I don't really like marihuana for social situations tho, it only exacerbates my asocial tendencies and I end up not wanting to talk and wanting to go home to watch a movie or something. That's what I really enjoy, smoking a fat canuto and watching a really good film.

I really enjoy LSD for social situations though. Not in high doses, I'm kinda scared of hallucinations and weird trips, the most I've ingested is half a dose and it made shapes distort and that was pretty cool. I remember I watched Pink Floyd's The Wall the first time I took acid and it was one of the most incredible experiences in my life. But usually when I take acid I wanna go outside and talk to people and do stuff and sing and dance, which is the opposite of what I like to do. So it's nice to let go of reality for a while.

I haven't really taken any other drugs tbh.


My number one is mescaline. By far the smoothest psychedelic experience, powerful at high doses, just all around sexy psychedelia. My king.

LSD is my number 2. I have tripped well over 100 times now. LSD got me interested in other drugs/psychedelics (like many I took the traditional alcohol-->weed-->acid-->lets do drugs path)

Ketamine is #3. Underrated, I wish more people would do ketamine. Ketamine isnt a great party drug for me though, I ignore the world while on ketamine. I am completely absorbed inside of my mind. Some of my most powerful experiences were under the influence of ketamine and acid.

MDMDA: Ah. Molly. Rolling with a group of people you love is social fireworks, man. Love it.

#5: 2-cb. Love this drug too; it mixes the best of molly and acid if you ask me. makes me highly sensual and sexual, gives me lots of clean energy, and the visuals arent too crazy. Also great to do in public places (museums, park, etc).

drugs are bad, mmkay


you in the south of america, anon?


Im more of a mescaline and meditation kind of guy. That stuff takes you to amazing places. Ive yet to try dmt though.


Weed because it's the only one i do. In all seriousness it makes me actually enjoy things. For about over a year, I've been losing my ability to feel anything. While I'm high, I feel things like I used to. I feel connections to people, I enjoy art, Not even just positive emotions, It's just that I feel things again. I wish I could fix this shit.


Is Mescaline better than LSD? Sure sounds like it.


I love the effects of DXM, but the only ways I have of getting it in my area is either through horrible syrup, undrinkable liquid that has it in high concentration (meant to be used in 5 ml bags with 15 mg of DXM, I once tried putting all 15 bags in a glass and I couldn't drink more than a sip, ended up pouring it out into the sink and moaning on the couch for an hour) and weak cough drops (had to swallow 26 to get to the first plateau). I'd order 20 mg gelcaps, but my mail isn't my own.

Thus, since weed is easily accessible but prohibitively expensive in my area, I'd say it's probably alcohol. At least it tastes good.


Dude you can order the gelcap's on Amazon and they come in a box! You can order it with other items just to make sure it comes in one.

I like the effects also, a 300 mg dose made me feel intoxicated as fuck, like if I was drunk. If I went higher what would I feel?


can someone give me a rundown on codeine? Why is ever rapper doing it, is it so great really? Why not just drop M? How are they alike, different?


I decided to look it up on Amazon to make sure and all I found were some German tablets. Very concentrated and the quantity was very tempting, but the shipping price was abominable. €12 for a single box!

I did however find a site that sells gelcaps for €5.40 per box of 20 gelcaps of 20 mg. That's enough for a pretty powerful trip at my tolerance level, I'd say.

Going about 300 would probably bring you into the range of hallucinations, closed eye more likely. I don't have much experience with anything much above the second plateau, due to limited means.

However, I did have a bit of an interesting experience on my first trip, second plateau, when I went to bed, I woke up thinking I had totally soiled my pants and that I was constantly peeing and it was dripping everywhere and as I went through my house in the dark to the bathroom, the walls were brown like bread and the ground was green and looked cushioned. Then, I arrived in the bathroom, blinked and suddenly everything was normal and my pants were dry.

A bit blogposty, but I suppose hallucinations in the dark could be something you'd get above 300 mg. Not always pleasant though haha


When I did 300 I had no type of visuals and hallucinations.

Shit haha that seems scary as fuck also, how were you feeling?

I want to try it again some time. 2nd plateau was great! I felt super fucking drunk.


you can buy very cheap pure dxm powder online if you look around a bit.


Between a few things tbh.

Weed is good every time and versatile
DPH is incredibly interesting and fun on occasion
LSD saved my life and I love it
Tramadol gave me the best high I've ever had but it's not sustainable or good for the mind


I am so very disappointed in the fact that I never got to try MXE before the Chinese banned it. Nobody else is synthing it on a large scale, at least not in the states. I've heard of a recent synth in Europe, supposedly. How can a drug just totally disappear like that? Why hasn't anybody filled that niche in the market? You could be set for life off that kind of money.


File: 1482184349438.png (131.47 KB, 200x134, N2O_whippets.jpg)

Probably Nitrous, that soykaf's great. I'm not sure where the rest of the ones I've done would go favorites-wise.


cannabis and desoxyn (so pure)

dmt and shrooms are pretty comfy


Isn't DPH terrible?


I have wondered the same thing about mephedrone. It just vanished after the Chinese derezzed it when it was a very popular street drug in Britain as well as some other European countries. I don't understand why Indian/Thai/Cambodian etc. etc. pharmaceutical companies haven't picked up the slack. Any lab with the proper equipment could make some serious cash if they just started producing the stuff and sold it outside of their own country to avoid causing trouble at home.

Nitrous is awesome. By itself it's fun, but the super short duration is a shame. If you combine it with weed or psychedelics it's a real blast though.


LSD-25 is my favorite drug. It brought me back from a decade long personal crises and gave me a new lease on life.

The effects of LSD I like are not the effects while on the drug, but the ever lasting effects when I come down. More control over appetite. More self awareness. More social awareness. More motivation to work out, more confidence.

I feel healther, my body responds better. I feel mentally and physically younger.

Oddly enough its made me physically stronger. comming down from the second time doing acid, I went to the gym. the plates seemed very light. I went from doing 2 plates on the isolaterals to 3 plates. thats right, I just threw another 90 pounds on. Well just because.

LSD has also heavily reduced my alcohol consumption by accident. I used to be a really heavy drinker. I never meant to stop either. I went from 2-3 liters per week of hard liquor to mabey 1 liter a month. The first time I tripped acid my tolerance was reset, and every time I trip my tolerance gets reset again.

I don't even do LSD frequently. I mabey do it once every other month about ~120ug doses I get on the darknets.


2cb is so damn good. the headspace is euphoric but extremely introspective and emotional. you stay grounded the entire trip. it also only lasts like 4 hours and the comedown is super quick. its not very visual but the headspace is the best of any drug ive tried. bodyload is just about nonexistant. it goes great with everything. the introspection i get on 2cb has been more useful than that of any other psy due to how grounded you are throughout the experience. and its not just a rave drug or eye candy or whatever, if you dose high enough you will trip fuarrrking hard and the visuals are lame for a psychedelic. but hte headspace is fuarrrking fantastic.

mxe is the best drug but its addictive as fuarrrk so theres that, which is why 2cb trumps it.


Can you have a bad trip on this stuff? A lot of people say to stay away because of the adverse effects, I imagine that is for bromo dragonfly.


>Can you have a bad trip on this stuff? A lot of people say to stay away because of the adverse effects, I imagine that is for bromo dragonfly.

bad trip from 2cb? probably. never experianced a really bad one tho. typically on 2cb, especially when taking it for the first time, are the rapid changes between a high and an almost sober state. it was a bit confusing for me.


This is spot on, precisely why i love 2cb so much too.


File: 1483938030162.png (18.31 KB, 200x177, affirmative-anime-face.jpg)

I microdose at 30 mcg and do large doses occasionally at 300 mcg. It has honestly lifted me out of depression and got my life back on track. I became reacquainted with "ever-present focus". I work harder, better, and joyfully. At anything. With intention and constant recalibration. What a fantastic drug.


I have been really interested in trying 2cb. Unfortunately I don't know where to find it on this side of the Atlantic. The only dealers I've seen on Tor are selling other 2c compounds. I don't want to order from overseas due to the slightly increased risk.


>If you combine it with weed

weirdly enough, if I do nangs high I feel nothing at all. Maybe its the reduced lung capacity or something? But I've wasted an entire box of canisters while high and felt nothing, nada, zip. Such a let down and ruined my high.

Admittedly I could've been so stoned that I was doing something very obviously wrong, but I don't think so - i had done them a lot prior to that.


This is a late response, so I'm mostly just posting this to other people that this applies to.

The endocannabinoid system is responsible for everything you feel while high. Music becomes incredible, hobbies you enjoy become even better, you love food, etc. When you build up your tolerance to THC, you build up a tolerance to its mimetic neurotransmitter anandamide (or, your body stops making as much anandamide; same effect). It takes doing a lot of weed before these effects are felt but it sounds like you're doing a lot.

I speak from experience that (very heavy) cannabis use has withdrawal, it just isn't so bad. You'll have trouble getting to sleep, you'll feel really hot or really cold, you won't have an appetite but you'll feel hungry, and all the stuff you're using weed to deal with will get worse, and you'll crave cannabis. Find a hobby you've been meaning to pick up and practice it instead every time you want to do weed. If you're in a legal state find a strain with high CBD if your anxiety gets bad, otherwise pick up a bunch of chamomile tea for sleeping and try to make yourself busy. The first week is the worst but after that you'll be a lot better.

Weed's a dead end. It makes you feel like you deserve to reward yourself for nothing. It should brighten up an already good life, not be a crutch or you'll get depressed. (Of course this only applies to people with e.g. anxiety or depression; if you use it for other medicinal reasons then just try not to rely on it for what I'm talking about.) Stop or taper off, it's cheaper and you'll feel better about yourself for not having to rely on it. I'm currently "clean" from THC for 2 weeks tonight, longest I've ever been in >2 years, and I feel much more confident. A lot of the problems with weed are just in your head, but that doesn't make them less real, and quitting will help.



Weed only ever makes me want to be with people I lost, and then results in sadness and anxiety knowing I cant. Can you explain what the hells happening in my brain. Im also typically sad the next day and cry in the shower.

unless I smoke blunts. dont know if its due to the amount of weed or the nicotine.


How THC works with your brain is affected by the terpenes present in the cannabis. Cannabis affects people differently because the terpenes play such a major role. I was getting very depressed on weed towards the end of my usage of it, because my tolerance was massive and I wasn't getting the same effects. If your tolerance isn't high then try playing around with different strains (if you can, I know lots of us are in places where the most you can ask for is "dank" vs "mids" etc; pretty sad).

It sounds like you're just depressed, friend. Weed won't cure that, and like you said it can cause anxiety. I'm sorry you have such a strong reaction but everyone's cannabinoid system is different and this is just how it is for some people. FWIW I had some dramatic effects towards the beginning of my usage and they mellowed out over time, so if you haven't been using for awhile and really think it's a good idea to keep going then try that.

Otherwise I actually recommend trying a very small amount of weed (!) and (this part is crucial) figuring out something in advance to do so your mind doesn't wander. It has to be something you enjoy a lot sober; video games, a movie, music, etc. When my tolerance was tiny I'd just smoke pinches of weed and feel good for the rest of the night, but larger amounts mess me up. I needed to make sure I had something to do in advance.

Sorry this is so rambly. I hope this works out for you. If you're happy without weed then just stop, it's not for everyone. If you're neither happy on or off weed then try therapy, or changing your environment in some way.



I've done almost everything under the sun, the big three psychedelics, got addicted to snorting darknet heroin, smoked cigarettes for a time.

Those four drugs are all favourites because they're nice to chill out on after a hard day's hustling. They all combine with each other pretty nicely and they're also really easy and cheap to access.


Weed is still one of my favorites despite trying a whole host of other drugs. It's a very good combination of duration, good feels, and how easygoing to experience is. You're not so fuarrrked up that you can't function, but everything is more fun/interesting.
Weed + nitrous ranks really high in my books.
I really pity the people that claim they find weed "boring."