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What markets are actually legit these days?

Agora: been down for a while.

Nucleus: also gone.

Abraxas: buggy, lots of 404s for missing vendors, etc.

So where does one go?


Exit scam, for precision.

Whatever the latest equivalent is. Don't keep more funds on the market than you need for immediate use. They're all legitimate, because they aren't politically or economically incentivized to be. As far as you should be concerned they're just a massive wallet for the owner to take off with.


>exit scam
Who, Agora or Nucleus? Shit, I had no idea Nucleus went down. That was my go-to site. I haven't bought any drugs in a while.
Fortunately I only had like $10 in my wallet.
Agora certainly wasn't a scam. They warned everyone like a week beforehand that they were closing down.


Hansa or Oasis. Both offer multisig so you won't have all your coins stolen again. Alphabay is currently the largest but fuck trusting carders after Evolution. I've also heard decent things about dream but again centralized escrow.


Hadn't heard that, good to know.

I always tried to keep my coins in my personal wallet and tumbled them over to a local wallet just long enough to make a purchase.

Thanks lainon. These are smaller but their sites are faster and they seem much more mindful of security.

What tumbling services can you all recommend these days? I used to use Helix but I have been led to believe that it may be compromised.


yeah agora gave a weeks notice they were shutting down because they had security concerns, immediately turned off bitcoin deposits, and stopped allowing new transactions. I guess you could say they should have stayed up longer, but to be honest when you're running the largest illegal drug marketplace in the world, you're allowed to just fuck off whenever if your security demands it. They stand to lose WAY more than you, and they're also losing much more just from the lost fees.

Agora is the best example of honor among thieves in such a long time. I miss agora. RIP.


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>Agora is the best example of honor among thieves in such a long time
I was thinking the same thing after it happened. They were either very confident they would be back in business in short order, or the guys at the top just had hearts of gold. Either way, I wish them the best of luck in whatever they're up to now.


I think they might have planned to come back but after counting up their profits and looking at the adversaries that were targeting them they decided not to get greedy and stay safe.


Agora was good, too good. Wasnt really the sites fault I took to many drugs around that time. Im pretty much clean now, however if I dont get my job back and my record comes up Im proably doomed to do more drugs cause of fuck all else going on in my life. I really hope this doesnt happen.


Alphabay and Dream seem to be solid for now

You know how the markets are tho. They come, they go. New markets take over


not sure if they are comprimised, but I don't trust them
I still use them though, because its a pretty good service, and I haven't heard of anyone getting busted from it.

The way I see it, if it has been compromised, its been done by the feds, and they're after distributors, not users.
They may come for you if they see you moving obscene amounts of money, but they wouldn't risk giving away that they have eyes in such a major service unless they thought you were worth it.


Oasis is good for LSD. Alphabay seems to have the most listings but is run by carders so I can never trust it.


do u rly think they dea will bust your ass for buying weed online when obama makes his last executive action in office legalizing it?


Why do you think the carding biz is untrustworthy? I think the pre-existing reputable business is a good way to validate that it isn't an exit scam in the making.


This is a good writeup about why evolution was untrustworthy.

The stuff about the ponzi was specific to the forum that evolution grew out of but how the secret service and the FBI have been infiltrating everything carding related for well over a decade should make you take notice.


No luv for the lil operation of "kapu" el capitan?

silkkitiehdg5mug.onion / valhallaxmn3fydu.onion


Too much of a regional focus.


I've used alphabay a few times
Never have had an issue


Anti-misinformation missile: https://archive.fo/oz9GX ("Obama says marijuana reform is not on his agenda for 2016")


Valhalla aye


How risky would it be to make a "larger" purchase and have it delivered? I'm sure there's more steps to take to be careful than if I were just ordering personal amounts right?


dont send it from abroad. use a fake name obviously, and possibly even a different address

>drug science, and experiences.

wtf I just read "experiences" as flashbacks


Bump, sorry lains but I'm curious about ordering larger quantities (US to US)


Maybe try and grow your own plants, guys.


I'm not ordering mary jane


I know, many of you wouldn't want to grow weed because it's a slow procedure, you can get in real trouble and all but, at least try and grow it by yourself! It's what I am doing, so why don't you guys give it a shot? You may even get interested in botanics. :3

Well, here you have some of Google's most indexed seed sellers and seed banks:



Enjoy great vapes, anons.


Same rules apply that would be used for personal amounts.
When ordering bulk, make sure to mix your bitcoins after you purchase them.
Wherever you send it to, ensure that the address is clean. The last thing you want to do is send 1000tabs of acid to an address that has a couple ounces of weed, an eightball of coke, 100+ xannies... even if they are always hidden. If you decide to order bulk to an address that is "dirty"... good luck. The vast majority of packages sent do go through, but this is about improving your chances of not getting caught.
The address really is the most important detail if you ask me. If you have an address that is potentially sketchy... i wouldnt do it.
Its highly encouraged to use Tails or a privacy minded OS that strictly uses ToR for ordering. Some people would say to use public wifi to order but i personally wouldnt.
Shop around!! Look for great prices!! And do as much research as you can on the vendor you choose. I can get acid for 1.5$/per bulk rate when there is a solid supply. But if i was lazy, sometimes the best bulk rate is around 2-3 per on some markets.
Some drugs are much easier to order bulk. Weed? The most difficult imo. Acid? One of the easiest (along with RCs,blottered drugs that dont smell etc). Know if your product could be smelly. I personally wouldnt order bulk of smelly soykaf.
The more people who know that you order soykaf, the weaker your opsec in general. You will probably want to tell all of your friends. For your sake and theirs, shut your fuarrrking mouth.

Im assuming youre reselling. Make sure you know everything you can know about your product, and be sure to pass along any information that is relevant to your customers (dosages, strength of the soykaf, where its from, etc). You should tell them whats important, especially if they ask.

Do not record what you do. Ever. Find mostly foolproof ways to communicate-a phone call telling someone you can plug them is a recorded admittance of guilt that stays in a database somewhere for quite some time. Maybe get a burner?

Good luck and ask any questions you have, ill answer to the best of my ability


Alright thanks for responding man. You're right, I am reselling, does MDMA have any strong smell? I heard about the risk of getting some real smelly weed but I haven't heard of anyone getting busted ordering MDMA due to the smell, despite knowing that it can have a sort of smell sometimes. I'm gonna be capping it myself as well.


Whatever smell it has can be easily concealed with a vacuum sealed package (ive never gotten a package that wasnt vacuum sealed

Ah mdma. Would be my number one favorite drug if i knew i could do it as much as i do acid without it fuarrrking my brain up


I tried in once in high school years ago from some seeds I got from a buddy's soykaf weed. It actually grew to a decent size just off the soykafty lightbulb but it ended up being a male so it wasn't fruitful. Wish I still had the pictures of it.


agora.... the only onion url i have memorised ever...


Wait, Abraxas is up? I thought they exit scammed a year ago!

I've got like $50 on there.


Wait a sec, is Agora down for real? Oh crap.


Its not


that's what 2cb is for m8


I think 2cb can still give you serotonin syndrome


2C-B is a psychedelic phenethylamine, not a SRA (serotonin releasing agent).


oh cool the more you know I guess


Yeah i know lol... thats why i have a gram of it
Love 2-cb


Drug newfag here. I read some guides that said you should use your real name and real address so your other mail acts as noise to the drug, and if your package gets intercepted, you can say that you don't know why the package got sent to you. Wouldn't a random name in all your other mail be suspicious? And another address is sketchy and risks people watching.


uhh. whats the question?
Yeah a random name is suspicious, thats why its suggested to always use your real name and address.


How much of a risk do I have if I make an international order? Also, what's the best market for LSD (or psychedelics in general) judging from the quality and stealth?


What about OpenBazaar?


Does it even support Tor yet? The current darknet markets have way less friction for getting started.


IMO its recommended to order domestic, but in some cases the drugs you are looking for cannot be ordered domestic depending on where you are in the world.

the main thing with international orders is that instead of one government that has authority to potentially search your mail, you now involve two or more.

Just my two cents but the thing is that the vast majority of domestic and international packages go thru.

As far as best markets go, its really hard to judge them based on stealth and quality.. its much more useful to judge each specific vendor. You can use Alphabay or Dream and still come across a vendor who is clueless/ignorant of their own stealth or quality.

With that in mind, I recommend Majestic Garden, Alphabay, or Dream. The key is to find a reputable vendor, order more than a few (10+ at least, 50 plus if you can afford it). Whatever vendor you find make sure to read their reviews that others who have bought from them have left. If there is a stream of negative responses, make sure to read why and what the buyers say the problem was. In general the quality vendors are pretty good at making sure nothing goes wrong on their end.

LSD prices are going for 1.5/tab for bulk prices, resellers of JOR crystal. Ive seen 50 go for 75$. I highly recommend to not spend more than 2, 2.5 per tab of 100ug.


if i know the name of the previous tenant of my apartment (who still gets mail at my address) how risky is it to use their name instead of mine?


Quite risky, they could put a redirect on their mail at any time. Also your postal worker might notice if they are suddenly delivering packages and personal looking letter mail to a name that had only gotten occasional ads and offers for months while you got regular types of mail.


That's awesome lain, I'm jealous, need to get more soon myself


Agreed :)

If you love psychedelics you should try 2ce. Kinda rare but it is so worth it. It gives you a little energy (kinda like a molly roll), clever creativity, lasts around the same time as an acid trip, and has visuals maybe a bit more sparkly than 2-cb.


Just placed an order on Hansa, the multisig process is pretty seamless these days.


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I use Dream market. It's pretty good. They don't allow most sellers to demand early finalization (a lot of them did this on Agora and Nucleus) so your chances of getting scammed are quite a bit lower.
Here's a referral link. Help a nigga out and use it so I can make some buttcoin.


Hansa is a breeze. Such a well designed platform. So much safer than AB or anything else (AB's multisig doesn't even work for me, the button doesn't appear and when I made a ticket they were like "we'll look into it"). I wish it would become the #1 already.


Once a larger number of vendors and users are on a market the inertia of it is hard to beat. Alphabay is going to have to have some extended downtime or exit with all the BTC for people to move.