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>tfw did lsd the other night
>was going great unitil i decided to do a dab along with it
>completely ruined the trip for me

>thought my chest was going to implode/die etc

any other lainons have anything similar happen?


That's why you don't trip and smoke weed. Most bad trip reports consist of smoking weed at one point, the "weed eases your mind" no matter what is just a meme. I personally get quite a lot of awful highs on weed itself I'd never dare to mix it with psychedelics


The last time I smoked weed on LSD I ended up getting completely disoriented and lost while trying to navigate to the party my friends were at. I spent 10 minutes at the wrong party with complete strangers before I realized something was up.


I know I shouldn't have done it but I guess I just couldn't resist. I'm definitely never mixing again after that. I want to try it again and have that pleasant feeling before the dab happened.


I smoke and dose, but never at the same time. It's only been during the afterglow that it would even be considered, at least with me and my friends. I've just never met anyone that it's worked out for.


sounds like a funny story. can you elaborate?


I don't remember very much of it (the weed probably didn't help there), just realizing that my friends weren't there. It was a student housing area during a major downtown jazz/blues festival so the party seemed similar enough to the one I was supposed to be going to. I was on 400ug of LSD and had two first timers on 200ug and 100ug respectively. The right party ended up being next door so it all worked out. My friend at the party was totally fucked on absinthe so he didn't even notice I was on LSD. I took a few shots of it and used it for cover for the rest of the night and for the day after (had ran into some friends/family while out).
That was my most wild and unplanned LSD experience, I was 4 or 5 beers deep at the student bar with friends of friends I have never met before when LSD came up and mentioned I had some. We went to my house, dropped it and then stopped at their apartment to do gravity bongs. We ended up wandering the streets of the festival for most of the night enjoying the weirdness.


>tripped alone like 10 times, only ever once with a friend
>trip with same friend again a few years later and some others I dont really know even though it makes me very nervous
>while tripping, realise they're basically drug addicts now on methadone with police charges and stuff
>they're all taking other random drugs (like prescription stuff i've never heard of) at the same time, driving while tripping, stealing stuff from a supermarket
>I expected it to be amazing like the other time i tripped with the friend but it was like they werent in the same headspace at all, not even tripping, they even fell asleep like 6 hours in, while im feeling totally alone and peaking

Fuck mixing any other drugs with LSD, let it shine itself


Get yourself away from bad/ influences. Prescription drugs are serious business. Just get better friends lainon


No yeah smoke on the come-down dog. It just brings you back up again.


I mean the scariest part out of all that he said was that they're driving while tripping. They seem like complete fuarrrking idiots, but abusing scripts recreationally isn't very different from abusing psychedelics and is not a very good reason to distance yourself (when there are better reasons ;) )


>abusing scripts recreationally isn't very different from abusing psychedelics
Yes it is. At least, it depends on your definition of abusing.
Either way I would much rather be friends with someone who 'abused' DMT than some oxyhead stain.


I have had this happen a couple of times, the worst involved losing my shit at burning man and having to hide in my tent until I came down. But now that I smoke cannabis daily and have a high tolerance, I can smoke constantly while tripping and it does not effect the trip too much besides lightly increasing intensity/confusion and helping with nausea.


honestly driving while tripping is nowhere near as dangerous as driving on most other drugs. As long as you arent tripping hard enough to really impair your vision/coordination, it is way easier ime than driving stoned. The most difficult part about driving while tripping (on normal doses or the comedown) is getting over the fear.

I will probably get shit on for this, but I have driven on some extremely dangerous roads (tioga pass in yosemite, highway 1 in big sur, rush hour freeway traffic) while on lsd/mescaline/mushrooms/2c-b/dom/etc and found myself to be a much safer driver than when sober. I followed the speed limit, never took my eyes off the road, and followed all traffic laws. I'm not encouraging anyone to drive tripping, it is still a terrible idea. I just feel that the risks are very overstated if you are someone who knows how to handle psychedelics and aren't tripping too hard. The biggest danger is getting pulled over in my opinion, which shouldnt be a problem if you dont have drugs on you and know how to deal with the police.


I did a dab (or three) during my first trip and I'm still not 100% sure whether it was amazing and beautiful or absolutely terrifying in the basest sense.

Honestly, I 100% would do it again. I feel like what stopped me from having a bad trip is being completely willing to go with the flow and let go of any fear that might have come from things getting so intense.


>he thinks dabs are a soykafty meme-dance
are you 14?


Talked to my mom after dropping some soykaf once. Played it cool but I can't hide my eyes in the living room with sunglasses.