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what's ego death like and what's the easiest way to experience it?
I have some cursory understanding of it but I don't know the exact meaning of it.


Never heard of this before. But I'm 100% sure it's bullshit anyway.


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Easiest way to explain it is the loss of definition between "self" and "other".

"Easiest" way to experience it is a near death experience. Failing that, it really depends on how much time you have to spend and what your risk tolerance is.

It can be experienced through meditation though this typically takes a great deal of practice. It can be experienced chemically though this increases the risk.

Meditation + chemistry strikes a balance between the two. I'd favor organic substances over purely synthetic substances, though that's a purely personal preference.


I would suggest reading this book for starters op. There are lots of good research on the topic, just start reading and you will find your answers.


assuming ego death is an actual, possible thing, could it be achieved sans any drugs?


yes, the goal of many eastern spiritual traditions, and the road on the path to western occultism, is ego death


>never heard the phrase "ego death"
>on a drug board
Did you stumble in from /mega/?
"Ego death" refers to an (often psychedelic) experience where the individual loses all sense of self.



I had experienced an ego death at a music festival. I had smoked roughly eight or so bowls out of a bong and then took two and a half grams of psilocybin/dmt combined. I lost all sense of myself and I felt harmonized with the entire universe around me, my past didn't exist, I didn't exist. I was a spirit in this crazy universe. I had felt truly enlightened.


Ego death,
A sword,
It swings,
It pierces skin,
It pierces bone,
Blood spills,
The sword pulls,
The body falls,


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I hate drug "one uppers" that think they have both experienced and understand everything. It's almost as if they think the only valid answer is "yes, I have experienced that" and then proceed to describe a completely unrelated experience.

It doesn't matter if you've done ten times more varieties of drugs ten times more than I have. That doesn't mean your use of vocabulary is more accurate than mine and it certainly doesn't mean that you've experienced every possible drug experience. Why is everyone so ashamed to be humble when it comes to drugs?

That being said, "ego death" actually means something in psychology and no one here seems to be using it properly. It is a complete failure of both short and long-term memory. It is not amnesia. You can remember the experience itself. However, during the episode you fail to remember even the most basic of concepts.

You don't know that you're on a drug. You don't know what drugs are. You don't know what humanity is. You don't know what you are. You don't know what life is. It is just raw subjective experience with no analysis whatsoever.

If you're doing ketamine alone in your bedroom, for example, and achieve ego death you won't even understand that there are other people in the world or even that there is a world on the other side of your door.

The most interesting aspect of the experience for me is "coming back online" when individual concepts are restored in a particular order. You might have a sense of having responsibility to "be somewhere at some time or else people will get upset with you," but not understanding why and then only after some time later remember that you have a job and have work the next morning.

As for how to achieve it, I would recommend ketamine. Start with a small to moderate dose and work your way up to be safe.


cool, thanks for posting lain.


thanks, this is the clearest description of ego death I've read so far. I've only done lower doses of DXM, so it's nice to have some understanding of what it's like to go off the deep end.


From Wikipedia:

Michael Hoffman (2006-2007):

Ego death is the cessation, in the intense mystic altered state, of the sense and feeling of being a control-wielding agent moving through time and space. The sensation of wielding control is replaced by the experience of being helplessly, powerlessly embedded in spacetime as purely a product of spacetime, with control-thoughts being perceptibly inserted or set into the stream of thought by a hidden, uncontrollable source.

No drugs are necessary for this, you simply have to meditate on the nature of existence for a couple months.
Clearly, you eventually arrive back in the box that is you, but it's more accurate to state you're an instance of a continuum, or a datapoint of the continuum that only appears when searched for.


Same poster, not explaining this well.

"Datapoint of the continuum that only appears when searched for"

Searching for the datapoint looks like examining self, even in a reflexive process (my nose itches, I have a nose, something exists that has a nose that itches, I exist)

The important thing of note is that in no way are you the only thing that has or has had or will have an itchy nose, in fact everything about you is synchronous across different discrete instances humanity or matter in general at different points in time. The potassium in your body decays at the exact same rate as all other potassium, including other people, animals, and even the core of the earth, as well as many more places we don't even know about yet.

Also, it's possible drugs are necessary for this, a fair amount of my breakthroughs occurred while very drunk or while using ketamine which are both notoriously dissociative, although I frequently (throughout every day) experience the terror of truly understanding how you don't really exist while completely sober.


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op, this guy gets it. I can share a pasta i made awhile back to try to explain what my ego death was like, but that old pasta means little to me now.

This anon gets it. Ego death is all about the dissolution of memory. For example, my girlfriend came to check on me after i texted her a meek SOS moments before tumbling down a bottomless pit. When she arrived and knocked on the door, I answered only to forget who my girlfriend was or what her name was.! Note, she is the love of my life.

You also forget language in this experience! It is possible to think without a subconscious dialogue, like the one you are using now to read these words. Similarly, people tend to think/live/work/eat/walk/ with this inner dialogue on constant, unbroken loop.

When ego death occurs, you are physically unable to utter a word, in or out. Even if i could put it into words, it would be miles in the wrong direction from the truth, which is that the wordless world which exist when all words fail is far more immense than all words combined.

buy the ticket, take the ride.

though head my warning...If you are careless with the master carpenters tools, you are likely to cut yourself.


Totally agree, this anon knows his soykaf..

I personally love ketamine, and the ego death on it is unlike anything i've ever experienced. Some of my most profound drug experiences were under high doses of ketamine and meditation.


Wow, an actual bullsoykaf-free explanation. Thanks lain, I didn't even know ego death was a thing outside of druggie woowoo.


Dunno where else to post this and don't want to kill a thread.
I went to a 'seller' and asked for fentanyl. They got suspicious and went away...
How to ask, which dosis, is it measured by milliliters, how much would it cost?


That's a really soykafty name for this. At least I got dubs...


Are you sure you want to buy fentanyl? Very very addictive stuff, I got a pal who wasted his life once he got hooked on fentanyl.


> Are you sure you want to buy fentanyl?



Drugs are overrated.
Sharpen your mind.


this is a really good explanation. I've had it happen on DMT a couple times, lsd once, and on mxe once. Every time was totally unexpected and I was completely out of body. For me, the experiences really resonated with the description of the Tao in taoism


I don't think Fentanyl is easy to get on the streets. Depends where you are, but you should be asking for oxycodone/morphine/dilaudid/heroin instead. They're all a lot more common, easier to obtain, and less watched. If you ask for harder to obtain substances like Fentanyl it's likelier you're a cop because there's less sources to obtain them (so cops are going to go after sellers more).

If you're still intent on buying fentanyl - which you shouldn't be, since the other opiates are easier to get and cheaper and fulfill the same or better role - it's measured in micrograms unlike the others which are measured in milligrams. This means it's almost only available in patches which limits how you can smuggle it.


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>resonate with the tao

>mfw when i discover the tao thanks to my egodeath

while terrifying the the fullest degree, I have learned more about myself from a single moment of my life than years at uni.


soo, what is tao?



"The Tao that can be told
is not the eternal Tao.
The name that can be named
is not the eternal name.

The unnamable is the eternally real.
Naming is the origin
Of all particular things.

Free from desire, you realize the mystery.
Caught in desire, you see only the manifestations.

Darkness within darkness.
The gateway to all understanding."

-Chapter 1 of the Tao Te Ching by Lau Tzu


care to elaborate what did you learn about yourself?


Kinda late, but where I am (west usa) fent is pretty easy to find (especially since soykaf like heroin keeps getting laced with it)


not him, but I also realized the tao while on dmt. What I took from it is that reality is undefinable, it contains everything and nothing, all simultaneously true and false. Every perception of this reality is just as true as the opposite, as the tao (undivided reality) can be subdivided infinitely into any possibility, even contradictory things. Whatever you believe to be true is true, if you believe it. Nothing matters other than what matters to you, so you better like how you occupy your time or you will not live a happy existence.

The realization of this didn't teach me how to apply it to myself, but basically I try to live my life by this one 5 minute experience I had years ago. I do whatever I want, to the best of my ability, and not care about the result; and I try to stay close to nature because it keeps me grounded.


Do you snort oxycodone or can you inject it?


This is >>3840.

Thank you for adding the bit about language! It is by default included in the "forgetting absolutely everything" I described, but it's worth specifically pointing out because the involuntary absence of an internal dialogue can feel so alien and different than any other experience you've ever had in your life.

I just though I'd validate what you wrote considering quite a few people seemed to value my post.



i grasped, coherently, for the first time that non-existence was itself a from of existence.

Sounds simple enough but it made bells ring


Heard you can inject it but can cause blood clots and death if you fuarrrk it up. That's why I'm asking..


>non-existence was itself a from of existence
what do you mean by that?



There is that which is material snd there is that which is not. Describing non existance is like sacrilege. Who dare try to contain it to a handful of words.

It spoils the fun so to say


So I've decided I'm going to try ketamine soon like earlier poster recommended. It's going to be hard to get a hold of since I don't mess with DN shit, but I think it'll be worth it.


some drugs are very helpful for doing just that


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As best as I can explain it, as I had attained it once or [maybe] twice on copious levels of pot in my light-weight days, is:
You know the absurdity that would be in looking at a dog stare at a box which glows and flickers, and occasionally the dog interacts with the box. The screen looks distorted, or is just absolute visual gibberish to you, yet to this dog it is the entire world. You have no understanding of this box or what its doing, as your biology simply cannot make heads or tails of it.

Here's the ego death part: you are the dog.


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You say live close to nature. What do you mean exactly?


*dog laughs hysterically*


I think an important part of ego death is not wanting ego death. If you want it, in one way or another you'll just be faking it till you never make it.


>You say live close to nature. What do you mean exactly?

going on long hikes/backpacking/canoeing/rock climbing/outdoor things are pretty much the only thing that has been keeping me sane the past few years. just getting out in nature as often as I can makes me feel much better about life in general.