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Anyone here tried this stuff? Is it a worthwhile alternative to smoking?

I'd rather kick that habit now than get lung cancer later on but don't want to just ditch nicotine entirely.


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>Anyone here tried this stuff?
>Is it a worthwhile alternative to smoking?
Depends on what you value. If you're asking me personally, no, nicotine isn't worth my time or money.


Snus saved my life. Well, not literally, but I guess it saved me from the prospect of lung cancer. It's also easier to ease off of than smoking, since it doesn't 'hit' you, resulting in less extreme cravings down the line.

If you want to try it, definitely try a few classic varieties before you judge it as good/bad. There are white 'portions' and original portions, if you're new to it then get white ones first- they don't have as strong of an instant flavor, which can turn people off. The white portions burn for a minute or two in your gum, but you get used to it after a few.

Try these first, in no particular order:
Ettan White
General White
Goteborgs Rape (your pic related)

Those are the three most-used brands, to my knowledge. They are also the easiest to get. I personally use General, original portions.

Also, surprisingly, they don't cause mouth/gum cancer or tooth loss. GLHF m8


Thanks for the info, although it seems general isn't available in the UK (something concerning EU law). I'm guessing this can be worked around somehow though.


Also I should note that I actually live in Sweden, so it's socially acceptable here. Even though it's not really anything like chewing tobacco, people will have preconceptions about it being the most disgusting thing possible. Take that as you will.

I didn't emphasis it earlier, but anyone who wants to try Snus should realize that each variety tastes very different, unlike cigarettes.

When you use it, take it out of the tin and flatten it out a bit with your fingers. After that, put it in your upper lip directly in front of either your right or left canine tooth. I take it out after 30-45 minutes, I don't think you get very much nicotine by keeping it in longer than 45 minutes.


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>I actually live in Sweden
mad jelly m8. i'm from the US.
also using this
>pic related


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> Also, surprisingly, they don't cause mouth/gum cancer or tooth loss.

Source? I'd love to believe you.


Good on you for asking for a source, most people can't even consider the possibility it's true and don't want to hear about it. It's like convincing people that god exists/doesn't exist- we've been pumped so full of "no tobacco is safe" rhetoric that it's somewhat eerie.

I'm sure there are better examples out there, but here's a source: http://www.fda.gov/downloads/AdvisoryCommittees/CommitteesMeetingMaterials/TobaccoProductsScientificAdvisoryCommittee/UCM443152.pdf


Now *that's* a fuarrrking source. Looks like I'll have to check some out!


I tried snus when I was in scandanavia. It was great. I've heard the stuff here in murrika is significantly less great and possibly less healthy, but I haven't tried it.


I don't smoke but use snus regularly
I live in switzerland and it used to be hard to come by, except but it has started to be available in tobacco stores and kiosk, but they're starting to crack down on it since it's kinda illegal or something. But whatever, ordering from sweden is still cheaper even with UPS and border fees ( one can is at least 9 CHF, most >10)
also buysnus claim they deliver worldwide (not EU tho) so that may be an option for >>3750 and >>3769


Also a swede, I snus daily. I very much prefer it to smoking, since it doesn't smell and doesn't fuarrrk with your body as much. I've gotten some small sores in my mouth a couple of times, but they went away after a couple of days. Check out those >>3716 mentioned and throw in an Ettan Loose if you can get one, just to try it.


>they're starting to crack down on it since it's kinda illegal or something.
what the fug
this sounds like a bad joke. how in the world do they justify this?


I'm in the UK so I need to order some online, Swedish match don't ship to the UK, so are there any good alternatives I'll be able to get hold of?


I'm swedish, it's a strong tasting tiny teabag of fermented tobacco that american nerds can't handle. It's amazing, although really hard to stop using. If you start using I recommend the brands Knox, General, Lundgrens and Ettan, strong white is MVP.


buysnus.com is relatively cheap.


It's something regarding the total nicotine content iirc, since it gives a lot of nicotine over a long-ish period of time. That means that you can get nicotine poisoning pretty easily by accident, if you're a pussy. It's not like the amount of nicotine matters from a functional standpoint, though- the speed of nicotine delivery to the brain is more important than the amount, and since nic from snus takes longer to get into your bloodstream than cigarettes it needs to compensate by increasing the amount of nicotine per serving.


To elaborate, someone can get nicotine poisoning easily in a scenario where they aren't accustomed to it. If a baby chewed on one for a bit they'd probably experience severe nicotine poisoning


I smoke, and one week I completely ran out of money. My roommate was a pharmacist's assistant and brought home some nicotine gum that they were throwing away at his work. I got mildly ill the first time because I failed to read the directions, and I do have a tolerance for nicotine.

I don't recommend gum for people quitting smoking by the way. It makes you stop wanting to pull your hair out or murder innocent people but it doesn't really make you want to stop smoking. It just gets you through. Oh and I guess it's expensive if you were actually paying for it.

> if you're a pussy
alright, the realness has arrived!


I'm still convinced that I would have never been able to stop smoking without it.
Vaping and patches aren't satisfying in any way to me.
Putting in a snus gives you that inital "bite" that the other alternatives lack, the nicotine rush is a lot smoother but also stronger compared to smoking.
The problem is that a lot of people find the taste to be absolutely disgusting, but if you can deal with strong flavours (alcohol,black coffee,liqourice, bitter stuff) you should be fine.

Even if you just want to replace smoking with this I would still recommend it. If you can get used to it it's actually a lot more satisfying than smoking.
A lot of smokers seem to really like that feeling of soykaf in their lungs more than the nicotine itself.


Apparently "tobacco products for oral use"(except chewing tobacco) have been banned since 1995. Because the law states only ground tobacco constitutes oral tobacco products, snus vendors said snus is finely cut tobacco and sold it as chewing tobacco. That loophole has now been closed, but importing for personal use is still allowed iirc


of course this was made illegal in the EU, why do they hate us having nice things?


Hot politics memes, banning it because of one study in the 80s and "think of muh childrens, it's gateway cigs" rhetoric.

That said, I do think I've read studies that show snus to cause mouth cancer, it all depends on the source.



If you read further into the pdf it says that two of the three researches observed significant links between snus usage and head, mouth, and neck cancer.


mouth full of the strongest snus you can get your hands on + several hour long road trip through the country side + your favorite music on the radio = max comfiness


>Also, surprisingly, they don't cause mouth/gum cancer or tooth loss. GLHF m8
>but here's a source:
From your source:

>1 Cohort study: Roosaar observed elevated associations for both smoking-adjusted (significant) and never-smoker estimates

>1 Case-control study: Lewin observed a significantly elevated association between head and neck cancer and ever regular snus among never-smokers

Why is it so hard to convince tobacco users that it is harmful? They'll always come up with some anecdotal evidence of "yeah my grandmother smoked for 70 years and lived to 95". It's harmful. Stop trying to get people to use tobacco.

>since it doesn't smell
As someone who is a non-smoker and non-snus user, yes, it does fuarrrking smell. Smells like ammonia.

Quit smoking the proper way. And that's cold turkey. I used to smoke when I was younger for about 2 years heavily (pack a day, towards the end two packs a day) and I managed to quit cold turkey. Any time you want to have a cigarette just don't. It's all about determination, free will and mental power. If you can't make yourself not smoke you're admitting to yourself you are powerless over your addiction. The first three days are the hardest, if you can do three without smoking you'll make it. The cravings will be there for about 3 months, and after 6 they will be completely gone. Just find something else to do, something to distract you. Eat an apple, an orange, tangerine, or something like that.

Don't listen to these guys when they tell you snus is good. It's a disgusting habit. I live in Norway and almost everyone here uses it. You'll see discarded snus packets on the metro platforms and it's just as bad as seeing cigarette butts everywhere. Then when people open up their used snus box and it's full of the discarded snus packets it makes my stomach to a back flip. I actually tried it once and had to spit it out immediately. I was sick for a few hours. It tastes like chemicals.

And fuarrrk anyone who says an addicting tobacco product is good. A lot of you in this thread should be ashamed of yourself. Don't legitimize your weakness by trying to get others hooked on it. Like junkies our parents warned us about.


i know how we can sometimes get all caught up in our feelings and soykaf and i dont blame u for that okay i know your probably really fired up rn.

but ur talking about not legitimizing their weakness/addiction on a board for fuarrrking drugs.


Good stuff. Göteborg is OK, but my personal favorites are taboka and offroad.


Yes. It was the only thing that helped me quit smoking. Haven't had a cigarette in 6+ years.


It's still less harmful than smoking, so for people wanting to quit it's worth a look.


I used snus for a good 2 years on a daily basis. I loved the stuff but had to give it up. It gave me a horrible gum infection that managed to go up into my face and form a cyst. Even large doses of antibiotics wouldn't get rid of it. I had to go get fuarrrking surgery to have it removed. Before someone blames this on my dental hygiene, let it be known that I have always brushed/flossed daily. I really miss the stuff and occasionally still grab a pack (I really shouldn't though).