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What triggered it? How long have you had it? Has it impacted your life at all? Does it cause you to suffer from depersonalization and derealization? What about depression? I'd like to hear your experiences with it if you don't mind sharing.


I think I got HPPD after some shroom trips, but I think my bad perception also has to do with my long pc sessions. I got some small depersonalization and derealization but it's okay - I accepted it and it doesn't disturb me. I'm not depressed.


BK-2C-B and weed together "triggered" my HPPD. I honestly think I have always had it though, and never noticed it. Its been over a year now, and I have finally learned to live with it without getting cognitive dissonance every time I notice visual snow or see patterns in noise.
But the more I think about it, the more I realize that its always been there and I just never gave it mind.

When I first got it, I got pretty depressed. Then the derealization and depersonalization started to come later. I spent a few months kind of out of it, using much of my time just observing the new phenomena (and trying not to observe it). Either way it was always there if I remembered to look for it, and it still is. But, now I just live with it. It doesn't affect me in any serious degree and if I'm not looking for it, it gets filtered away just like the things around your computer screen get filtered away while you are engrossed in what's on the screen.


I think HPPD is a thing -- I technically have it. I think it's always there for some people, whether they've used psychoactive substances or not. You just tend to notice it more after you've seen some visuals.

It mildly concerned me for the first few months I had it, until I realized it was harmless. It's faded over time and it only rarely returns.


I had a very long stint with HPPD. It was basically induced by a five month long binge where I was eating anything I could come across. During that time frame, I was going through about 3.5 grams of weed a week, tripping almost weekly on 2C-E, along with rolling a couple times, some 2CT-2, DOC, and a some ketamine. I eventually triggered a psychotic break which took about nine months for me to feel mostly normal.

Before the break, I started having HPPD symptoms all the time. Feeling like people were trying to communicate secret messages, phrased in such a way that I should understand some hidden meaning behind it. I would watch the text on my monitors swim at work, trip out on the carpet breathing and seeing faint fractals in the pile.

Immediately after the break, I would get lots of numbness and tingling in my limbs. Lots of psychotic delusions that would warrant a thread of their own. Lots of paranoid thinking/mind reading. I had crazy emotional swings. I would get into a deep depressive rut like clockwork weekly. I would get a lot of falling/spinning sensation when I would lay in bed at night. Random occasional nystagmus. That happened pretty regularly for about three months.

Eventually things chilled out and I would just go back to the rare fractal pattern sighting here or there, watch clouds breath once every few weeks.

I still get the random bouts of nystagmus and the weird vertigo sensation accompanies it. Paranoid thinking will come if I'm particularly stressed or otherwise drained.


This soykaf makes me really scared of trying psychedelics, although I'm deeply interested in them.

Should I risk it?


If you lack self-control and coping mechanisms, it can be bad. Casual use (once every few months or so) likely wouldn't be an issue unless you're already at risk for schizophrenia.


I feel like I have some hppd, like others say its hard to categorize and its different for everyone

I started dropping acid at 19. Im 21 now. I have tripped somewhere around 100 plus times, mostly in the past year, varying doses from micros to 1000ug. Usually its 100-300ug tho. Alongside lots of other drugs, ketamine, mdma, weed, cocaine, 2-cb, a few others.
For me I visually can see things as if im trippin when I know Im not trippin (usually its a plethora of spaced out tiny dots in my vision that sparkle and move, subtle but noticable). I also tend to go into a thousand yard stare quite often and sometimes I have a hard time forcusing on any one thing for long periods of time.

I also have this feeling when I am not on some drug where I feel almost bored/depressed with my experience. I liken it to being high all the time and normal feels low. When I was a teen I never did drugs and I was super depressed all the time; now I have really high highs but medium lows that feel low just because I am high quite often

but honestly my hppd isnt all that bad, if it is hppd


I've been experimenting with hallucinogens for about 8 months, mostly with LSD. After my first LSD trip (which came after two mushroom trips, one with 25i, and two with DXM in about two months) I began to notice slight visual disturbances. They were benign: I saw patterns and "breathing" in textured surfaces like carpets, walls, and gravel; I experienced mild audio-visual synaesthesia, and could enter a trance-state not unlike the psychedelic state. I didn't experience any paranoia. To my delight, I had been lifted out of a very long depression as well.

Five days ago I dosed 220ug of LSD completely alone - my first trip using over 200ug of LSD, and my first trip without a sitter. The trip was not unpleasant and prompted an immediate change in behavior. That day I did laundry for the first time in months, changed my bed sheets, cleaned my room, and cooked myself dinner. Similar to the days after my previous trips, I find myself happier, more motivated, and with more energy.

Despite this, the visual disturbances are back and more pronounced than before. In addition to all the old symptoms, I now see a field of static when I close my eyes, and when I try to sleep, I see flashing strobes of gray. These strobes are similar to migraine auras, if anyone is familiar. For those who are not, a migraine aura is a visual disturbance characterized by the obstruction of vision by a flashing field, which can take a few forms AFAIK, which may or may not be followed by an actual migraine.

I get migraine auras infrequently, maybe once a year. One struck me yesterday. So now I'm wondering if there's any connection between my potential HPPD and the occurrence of the aura. Another odd thing that struck me. I dreamt about an encoded message and was awoken by fireworks. I was convinced the fireworks were some sort of signal and I got out of bed to investigate. This was, of course, nonsensical, and I realized it as I was walking to the door. I didn't think to mention it until I read that someone ITT was paranoid about messages. Don't know if it's relevant or not but I'll put it here for the record.

So, I'm quitting cannabis to help dissipate the disturbances. This really sucks because God knows I love the herb. Do I really have to quit? The last thing I want to do is stop when I don't have to. Lol.


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I used to have HPPD for 3-4 years, but it slowly went away and will only resurface if I'm under a huge amount of mental stress or haven't slept for a couple of days.

When it first appeared it was a pretty serious case, I used to do a lot of nbome's when they first started hitting the market and no one really knew what the long term effect were, maybe every other weekend for a few months in a row.

For the first year or so after I stopped, I'd get really intense visuals 24/7, and pretty heavy denationalization. Felt like I was seeing what was really happening from twenty feet back, almost like I was sitting on a couch looking into a small TV. That whole year seemed to fly by really fast, everything just sort of blurred into itself and from what I remember my perception of time was really fucked up.

After that though, I'd get less and less of it year by year until I got to where I am now. Haven't done any psychedelics since the last time I did nbome, and don't really plan on doing them again. The reason I stopped taking them (and other more traditional psy's) was due to my last trip being a huge fucking nightmare. Can't even smoke weed now without getting terrible panic attacks, I try every few months but it's not the same. Anything that makes you think or opens up your headspace trips me out too hard, so I mostly stick to alcohol / opis / benzes now.


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i've never had persistent visual snow, but my vision and perception is permanently changed. i've done shrooms several times and acid a few, as well as lots of ketamine
the way that i look at or even just notice things like shadows is totally different. things that wouldn't catch my eye so easily now do - like a reflection in a window, a shadow moving near the edge of my vision. i think it's the kind of thing that would catch my eye if i were tripping, and trigger some sort of realization like oh soykaf, i'm tripping. but then even when i'm not tripping, i still notice those same things and have some of the same perceptual response. it definitely isn't that i think i'm tripping, but it also definitely isn't the same response that i had before doing drugs. it's more that i associate - both consciously and subconsciously - seeing those things with an altered state of mind, and then that causes patterns of thought that would normally only occur in an altered state of mind. if that makes any sense :3
i've also had a few rather frightening auditory hallucinations, but not on a regular basis. those were also probably helped quite a bit by some strong weed cookies



The LSD helps my depression and other issues.


i mean if your asking that you probably shouldnt right? part of doing anything like this is accepting the negative consequences that might come with it , even if thats getting HPV or whatever.


holy soykaf, that sounds awful. this illuminates the importance of safe tripping


>I have tripped somewhere around 100 plus times, mostly in the past year
You're abusing