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any other lainons like to partake in some tasty tasty stims?

I normally am not much of a stim person but my gf and I jst split up so I purchased some top quality meth amphetamine and just IVed 100mg (first time ever doing meth). I have no intention of making a habit of this but holy soykaf this is feels so good. im going to clean up the mess all the movers made and then get some code done. I love you guys! I hope I am not hated for partaking in such taboo substances in such dangerous ways.

stim general!


How can you be certain you won't be addicted when you come off it? Not making it a habit etc


Why did you choose meth? It scares the soykaf out of me.

Also never heard of anyone doing it intravenously.


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Been doing small amounts of speed every other day now for the past two weeks, feels really good to get soykaf done for once :)


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I guess I can't be certain, but honestly I've never been into stims despite having the means and money to get whatever I want drug wise. I just crash so hard from everything and it ruins the whole experience for me. I have had the 200mg of meth for ~6 months, and have had 4g of quality mdma, ~60 20mg adderal xr, a good amount of ritalin, 70mg of vyvanse, 3.5g of really good coke, and 1g of mephedrone all just sitting in my fridge for the last 1-4 years untouched.

I used to love mdma, but the crashes got too bad by the 6th or so time (even when spacing 4-12 months apart and not dosing higher than 200mg total). Now I havent given it up for good, but it's been a solid 3 years since I rolled last and the idea of having to go through 3 days of misery for a 6 hour high doesnt sound fun to me any time in the near future. maybe if I meet a girl I like I would do it again with her.

I got it for free a while ago. Gotta love free samples from new vendors on the dark net! I've gotten all sorts of stuff, some really good and others never showed at all, where I only had to pay shipping. Basically, after getting out of this relationship I wanted to do something hopefully hedonistic, crazy, and maybe even a little productive. So I just decided "fuarrrk it, might as well see what the hype is about". I choose IV for the same reason. I have some training doing blood draws and have IV/IMed a decent amount of DMT/DPT/K/MXE/etc and I take sterilization super seriously. Anyways, I know that IV meth is not healthy. Im not trying to rationalize it as safe, just that I think I do a better job being sterile than your average tweaker. However, I honestly don't see myself doing this again (or taking meth any other way) as I can already tell im going to crash super hard starting in the next couple hours and regret this whole thing.

Downers on the other hand I have to watch myself around. I used to have a little problem with benzos a few years ago. I wasnt addicted or anything, but I would frequently take some, decide to take more, and then black out and do the most batsoykaf crazy things you can imagine. Like filling up a bunch of balloons with paint in order to pop them all over the carpet for "art." Luckily I grew out of that and just keep 4 1mg klonopin around in case I or a friend freaks out on a psychedelic.

I also had a little problem with Tramadol and Kratom for a few months about a year ago. After going though Tramadol WD I never want to let myself go down that road again. I know Tramadol is kind of a baby opioid too, and I was only taking 400mg a day. Im glad that I have such bad allergies to everything, so that every time I take a classic opiate/oid I spend literally the entire high super uncomfortable scratching at my face and body. The few times I've done poppy seed tea I ended up with big cuts and bruises from scratching so hard for 12 hours straight.

honestly, I'm much more of a psychedelics, weed, and sometimes dissociatives sort of guy. I like to experiment and see what else is out there, but nothing really sticks with me like those three. I don't even drink. It's funny, I can sit quietly, feel great, and just chill on 400ug of LSD despite being nearly blind with visuals, but I will guaranteed vomit everywhere, feel like soykaf, and possibly make a fool out of myself if I drink 3 beers.

wow I really am still feeling the meth. Sorry for the wall of text, I hope it is at least mildly entertaining to someone. I didnt even clean like I intended too. I just wrote code and listened to music all night.

much love <3


Has anyone here tried khat?
Is there a way to get it in murrica?
If it's risky to get then is it worth it?


Has anyone tried oral meth? I'm considering buying some, acetone washing it a couple of times and then making some 5mg gel tabs as a ultra cheap Adderall replacement.


Never tried it, but it's illegal in the US and I doubt there's much of a market for it. I have heard it's like caffeine but much stronger. Nothing to write home about really.

>Also never heard of anyone doing it intravenously.
You must be living under a rock my man. IV and smoking are the most efficient ways of getting drugs into your system. People have been IVing crystal for decades.


tried 4-fa today. it was a good uni drug from what i found. on an ssri so that probs fuarrrked with it.
50mg oral, and ~50 mg snorted over the course of the day.
ihp is probs next on my order list.
any rcs you found helped with focus and all that jazz?


I have heard isopropylphenidate is as effective as Ritalin, since they're pretty much the same drug.

I haven't tried it myself though, I might get some over break and see how it is


don't mean to be the buzzkill, but negative experiences don't seem like a good stimulus to get high. If I may suggest, you should go through it with clear mind. Negative emotions are a natural part of human condition and experiencing horrible states of mind is necessary for proper functioning later. Also, it allows you to learn on your mistakes without repeating them too many times.
Please, consider spending some time pondering on what you've gone through when you'll be able to get unproductive and introspective for a couple of days.

I use stims only to get soykaf done and only when deadlines get oh so tight that washing dishes bogs me down and time spent sleeping approaches closer to zero with each day.
A week or so of that is followed by a day of sleeping and drinking lemon balm tea.
Usually it's OTC pseudoephedrine, PO, obviously. You might find it funny, but for the last couple of years my tolerance for most of the drugs is ridiculously low and anything not suitable for preschool children gets me too euphoric to be productive.
Not only that, but I use it at doses lower than recommended for runny nose, rarely exceeding 60mg a day (yes, I have to cut the pills in portions and then I take those puny pieces every few hours). It's enough to make it impossible for me to sleep before 5 a.m.
An entire 60mg pill at once gets me in the I-have-to-dance-this-very-moment mood, and I hate dancing.


Took an XR20 after not touching addy or meth for like 6 months. Terrible comedown and now I'm super sick, but I got a bunch of physics done.


Took 60mg of Vyvanse yesterday because I had to drive 9 hours in traffic to get home from my relatives house. I was crashing when I got home, took 3g of GHB, and then passed out on my couch watching tv.


What would a lainon who has experience with stims suggest for someone who has basically no experience with drugs in general but is interested in stims for their utilitarian benefits?


3-fpm is a very functional stim, honestly it is the best for work in my experience. If RCs scare you, then vyvanse is a good option (I prefer it to adderal/Dexedrine/amphetamine due to feeling identical but lasting longer with a more gradual come down)

I personally dont like methlyphenidate (ritalin) or most of its analogues, I crash way too hard on non recreational low doses to make it worth while compared to amphetamine.

I find meth to be the best work drug of all when taken orally and in low doses. It is no more neurotoxic than amphetamine when taken in non recreational doses, despite what the media has led many to believe. You just need to acquire high quality or pharmaceutical grade meth. My heart rate sits at around 65-75 bpm on low doses of oral meth (on amps it is usually around 80-100) and it feels much, much cleaner than amphetamine to me. I even crash less hard on equivalent doses.

I only stim once a week at most, usually more like twice a month, and have never had any problems arise from non recreational stim usage.


Just microdose LSD.

Most other drugs embarrass yourself.


why not just do the embarrassing drugs alone or with other drug users who understand?

I understand not doing meth because it is addictive and terrible for your body and mind, but not doing it because you might do something embarrassing? Sounds silly to me. Maybe just don't go to work or judgmental social events on hard drugs?


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Jesus christ you people need to be smarter about this soykaf. If your having a bad time you do a soykaf load of pre-workout and go lift something. Punch a punching bag till your fuarrrking hands bleed. Feel no god damn pain.

Then once you feel good you do some coke. Coke is so much safer and less addictive than meth. Honestly meth and heroin are the type of drugs where you take em once and can get addicted. Just be smart about this soykaf.


>le doing heroin once will get you addicted meme
did it twice then never again, no wd, no cravings nothing, That was 2 years ago


>Honestly meth and heroin are the type of drugs where you take em once and can get addicted. Just be smart about this soykaf.

Gotta go fast man.


I am OP. I have yet to do meth again, have no cravings, and dont really see myself ever wanting to do meth in the future. I have also IVed heroin a couple times. Same thing as the meth. Sure it feels great but if you have control you wont end up with a problem. Maybe it is just because DMT/LSD/weed is my doc, but I am way too mindful of my drug use to ever unintentionally get addicted to hard drugs.

I wasn't doing the meth because I was upset about my ex, I was doing the meth because I was finally free.


Then you're not genetically predisposed to addiction. You, sir, will have a very fun life.


Did you shoot it? I was in your exact situation but once it was in front of me again and someone offered me a shot thats when the cravings kicked in full gear next thing I knew I was shooting speedballs before work. Ended up ODing and getting off that soykaf but be careful. Once you know what it's like banging dope its hard to resist being offered it again. Whole different story if you just smoked or snorted it, if thats the case don't ever shoot it and try not to do it again and you'll be straight


Just snorted some 4f-mph. Never gotten any real euphoria from it but it can really lock you into a task.


whenever i do it, i end up getting the euphoria from doing the task until whenever i stop doing the task....
plugging it has been best for me i found. then again, me and my sep dad have almost gone thru 11g in a month....being able t use it in a nasal spray anywhere, esp during winter i sso nice, since ou don't have to be sus when yr. in public.all but living in my library for the bpast month


Hey guys, question for those of you that have done Meth. What are the effects like?


Here's my lame ass answer. I've only done small amounts (20mg~) snorted because I'm afraid of the side effects at higher dosages (brain overheating and toxicity).
As expected I felt energetic and upbeat, but there was a bit of anxiety too. I had a desire to do something. Anything that would allow me to expend energy in some way. I felt kinda good, but I didn't feel the intense euphoria that I've heard comes with injecting or smoking higher doses.
There was a slightly "dirty" edge to it as well. It's hard to describe, but it was this feeling in my head that almost reminded me of MDMA. I suppose that's not surprising since the two drugs are closely related chemically.
Despite snorting the stuff in the morning I still needed Xanax to fall asleep at night.

Overall I'd do it again and I am curious about the "real" effects that come with a higher dose, but I'm probably too much of a little bitch to go through with it.


I have done meth twice, both times were high doses of very good quality meth. IVing a large dose of meth feels very good. I feel almost calm, just amazing, and just lay there for an hour or two enjoying it. then I start to want to do things, and it feels like a cleaner amphetamine for me. way less jittery. eventually I crash, and it is like kicking dead whales down the beach. I had after effects for a full 7 days after doing a ton of IV meth over 6ish hours


Throw all your money, cards, whatever down a storm drain. Take your most valued possessions and burn them in a fire out back. Call up all your friends and loved ones and tell them to go f*ck themselves. Start flossing with a low E guitar string.


Wow seems pretty useless unless you really that jolt.
I would honestly try it if I would experience some type of euphoria at least.


I snorted first time, shot the second time and threw up a bunch. Honestly I didn't enjoy it that much so I doubt I'll do it again even if presented with the opportunity


nothing serious. mostly the legal soykaf

caffeine, b-vitamins. diet pills and energy shots. All the soykaf that replaced speed when they made speed illegal.


Anyone have experience using meth for productive purposes? I'm planning to start dosing at 5mg (the pharmaceutical dose) and titrate up as necessary. Once I find the right dose I'll make a bunch of gel tabs. Most of the horror stories seem to be about people compulsively snorting or smoking it so abuse proofing it should stop that.


It's really useful if you're going on a pan-European road trip in a Panzer tank.



What? I take enough vitamin B Complex that I pee green, but I wouldnt say it has anything to do with stimulants.


Wow, slamming meth first thing! Hardcore stuff man. Be careful.

I haven't tried my Adderall I've gotten yet. I hope to use it to help me study for math.


OP here~

I actually just did stims today for the first time since doing that meth in the OP. This time I did a lot of high quality dark net cocaine with two friends.

I am about to go to Patagonia for 3 months to climb mountains and sea kayak, and I will be with a small group and sober the whole time. That is why I decided to do cocaine with my friends, blow a bunch glass, and grow bismuth crystals (mostly onto the bongs/pipes/pendants, but some just individual crystals). I also did some morphine and just now took a xanax to try to get to sleep soon. I just wanted to celebrate with my friends this time.

I am actually really looking forward to being totally sober in Patagonia for months. I think I will really get to know myself (and the group) and hopefully come back a better person. I am contemplating bringing ~4 micro doses of LSD for special days, but I am not sure if I want that.

I definitely like cocaine more than methamphetamine or amphetamine. It is a lot more mild and I dont crash nearly as hard. I dont like snorting things, so I just plugged it instead. It is not worth how expensive good cocaine is, though. It was fun for a night but I dont really like it enough to buy any more.

Thank you for your concern, friend~

I did it because I wanted to know what it was like. I dont regret doing it, and it was awesome while I wasnt crashing, I dont think I'll ever do it again. The crash was just too long and I didnt like not being able to sleep for so long.

I am sorry for the wall of coke babble, I am obviously still high. I hope you all are doing well!


B's make you pee yellow. Peeing green means you don't drink enough water, are a Vulcan or at the very least are colour blind and actually peeing some other colour.


You should see a doctor.
If you haven't been living off asparagus and licorice, you may have a urinary tract infection, or porphiria or something.
Have you been taking antibiotics, or drinking Listerine or something? Green urine is very rare.


i like how no ones answering how the fuarrrk vitamin b is s stim which im actually really genuinely curious about why the person he replied to said that and instead everyones flipping out about his fuarrrking pee color.

ive literally been watching this thread waiting for weeks now to see the answer and i still dont fuarrrking have it im about to just google it like a normal human.


Jeez. Yea, maybe not green, but... is neon/fluo yellow any better?
I find the difference really subtle (at least compared to a light green).

I really appreciate your concern, I was just trying to emphasize the concept.
I'm pretty sure I'm in good condition and drink enough water... just mis-described the color.


neon yellow is appropriate for B's, yes. I also understand that if you are seeing this, you didn't absorb them. Always take them with a meal.

A girl I was intimate with to the extent that she'd seen my urine a few times asked me if I was taking them once. "Your piss is the color of a highlighter".


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my waifu used stimulants maybe 15 or 20 times across a two-year span. most of the time she used benzedrex because she was a dumb kid, but she was occasionally able to get some coke or addy.

it had been over a calendar year since she had done any stim, but she was feeling down so she went out and got 4 inhalers. she soaked two of them in some pepsi for a bit then downed it. mentally she felt very speedy, but the super intense body she remembered so vividly was 100% absent.

maybe she just didn't let them soak for long enough, so she let the other two sit for a full day in some lime juice. it still felt the same, though - mind racing but 0 euphoria.

there's no way whatever tiny tolerance she had built up a year ago has carried over like this, right? the only other things she was into during the interim period were a bit of oxy/codeine and some rc benzos.

please help this cute girl