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Anyone ever take adderall/amphetamines for an extended period of time (1 year or more everyday)? Did you notice that you started to experience more "speedy" effects and become more forgetful/dumber over time? Am I ruining my brain by taking this soykaf even though I supposedly have ADHD?

Should I switch to methylphenidate?

Pic unrelated.



I'm kinda noticing a similar effect with methylphenidate (Concerta and Ritalin) actually. The longer the period I take it over the speedier things get, but I also get more scatterbrained. It's not a like a reduction in intelligence, it's more like things are less organized. I take mine for ADD too, but at this point it's looking like it's mainly a work aid. As long as I'm not taking insane doses, methylphenidate seems to build tolerance very slowly over time, which can be reset within a week if you're prudent. Note that I'm only taking 1-3x the prescribed dose by my doc at a time, and only taking it orally.

If you're taking the amphs by oral ingestion only, tolerance and some withdrawals can occur but I don't think it's as bad you see here >>4048 . My guess is that methylphenidate would be easier on your brain and is less addicting, but I don't know what swittching from addy to ritalin is like.


I used to take focalin for my ADHD but like a few years ago just kinda stopped talking, It kinda fuarrrked up my appetite and made me sorta forgetful..


less than a year but i get panic attacks now and used to never have them.


About 6 months in to vyvanase 50mg

Horrible mood swings, feeling emotionless, and constantly dehydrated.

There are almost no positive effects anymore.


Snorting focalin was my drug of choice in high school.

I was on Vyvanse for about two years, and yeah, you get a tolerance and eventually it just plain stops working. The best way I've found to use uppers/adderall Is to take no more than 3 a week, never take them on weekends or inactive days and use them on a situational basis when you need to get soykaf REALLY done.

Now I just carry around some crushed up ritalin and when I know I'll need a ton of energy for a little bit just take intermittent bumps. It's helped my career and school life a lot.


Its legal meth. Many of my friends take it or similar drugs for adhd and just became very flat and monotonous in speech. They dont look like meth heads but they kind of can act like it sometimes.


Took it for 6 years. 10 years since, it gets better mostly. Always figured a fair amount of my mood problems stemmed from the everyday prescription, but now I have better drugs so it's all good.

Methylphenidate and basically all dopaminergic stims with a phenethylamine skeleton are going to share a lot of things, the edginess with tolerance and burnouts from excessive use included.

Occasional low-medium use isn't terrible, but the way tolerance works makes taking it daily an ordeal after a while. If it does really ruin your brain, it must do so pretty slowly under normal scripted doses I'd guess.


I had been taking addy for 3 years recreationally. I don't have ADHD or any focus problems. I took it for the feelings of euphoria and it gave me the ability to stay up for longer periods to work on my projects.

Unfortunately, I got addicted. I started at 5gms per day which later progressed to 60gms. I did find that I become more forgetful. I would start looking for something and then during the search I would forget what I was searching for. I had trouble remembering things and reading became difficult. I needed to read much slow to retain information. I stopped taking addy because I could no longer afford it at the higher doses to maintain my high.

I quit cold turkey last October and, luckily, I'm back to normal. No more memory problems.


I'm on my 5th month of addy xr, 15mg. I've experimented quite a bit with it trying to find a good medium between staying productive, riding a small high off it, and not allowing my tolerance to grow too quickly.


Self diagnosed adhd retard here. Where can i get some adderall?


ADHD is bullsoykaf in the first place, self-diagnosing it is completely nonsense.



adhd is a scam but if you want to get high buy online and drink lots of water.

be warned most people on these drugs don't get any more done than sleepy peeps. just lots of wasted heat energy and noise.


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>adhd is a scam
So you don't understand the research behind ADHD?

There's genetic and anthropological evidence supporting the hunter/farmer theory:

What the causes negative and positive symptoms of the condition is a reduced availability of free dopamine in the brain. There are different contributing factors, but the 7R allele of the DRD4 gene and the 10R allele of the DAT1 gene are thought to have an impact:

It affects an estimated 4% of the human population of the developed world, yet it's been a genetic factor of human development throughout 90% of human history. This is thought to be due to the hyperfocus ability, which is a highly adaptable trait used for survival by nomadic populations and high-intensity tasks in modern populations.

Stimulants provide a source of dopamine, allowing the dopamine-deficient user to perform tasks that would otherwise fail to meet their chemical reward threshold. Individuals without ADHD have a much lower threshold for reward due to the increased availability of free dopamine.