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Anyone have any experience with low dose LSD? Not microdosing, but like 50ug, half a tab or so.

I've been considering it since the stuff is cheap on dnm. I depression and anxiety issues, I'm not ready for a real trip, and I've heard the anxiety is actually worse with a low dose. But I've been thinkin about it.


I have experience with this! It is just a lighter trip that is easier to handle. Before I was comfortable taking bigger doses in public settings, I would frequently take 50ug when going to museums/concerts/etc.

honestly though, for your first time I would recommend 100ug. You might get more anxious on 50ug, as you wont really trip hard enough to get lost in the experience. When I am fully tripping, I can really step outside myself and transcend any anxiety around the trip, but on low doses I tend to just have a slightly weird head-space that might be very confusing for someone who hasnt tripped before at a larger dose. I too have had anxiety and depression issues for a long time that I effectively cured using psychedelics as a tool. I'm not saying it will work for you or anything, it might even make things worse.

If you are worried about freaking out, it might be better to have a benzo/opiate/antipsychotic/sedative on hand and take the full dose instead of just taking 50ug. Trazadone will cancel the effects of a psychedelic even, if you are that concerned about freaking out.

Something I suggest to anyone who wants to trip and hasnt before is to do DMT as your first psychedelic. It sounds crazy, but trust me on this. You cant freak out on DMT, it is over too quickly. by the time you can process it you are down. You dont have to breakthrough, low doses of dmt can be very calm and pleasant. If you do breakthrough it will give you much more of a feel for what psychedelics are all about than a low dose of lsd. if you find out you hate it you dont have to sit through a 12+ hour trip, and it will really prepare you for a longer lasting psychedelic. Seriously, as someone who has taken psychedelics around 200 times over the last 15 years, it is the best intro to psychedelic drugs.


I agree with >>4175
Go for 100 for your first time. I have known a few people irl who started with 50ug only to decide to up the dose mid trip, and later commenting they should have just done 100 to start.

If you are anxious/nervous about your reaction just know that is perfectly normal. I personally have found meditation for this, especially when i trip. It comes highly recommended, just 5-10 minutes every day can do you wonders.