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Anyone else vape here?

Switched to vaping after smoking for around 5-6 years, been vaping for about a year and a half now. The new restrictions on it really bum be out, we used to have a lot of great local juice that people would make themselves at home and then sell through the local vape shops and now that's all gone. Some of my favorite flavors used to be made by these small time guys, and that coupled with bigger tobacco companies buying out vape brands / flavors and changing the ingredients doesn't make it seem like the future will be too bright for us.

Also, what do you guys do with nicotine harshness? I've got an absurdly high tolerance to nicotine (as in, can chainsmoke unfiltered camels back to back and be fine) but for some reason anything over 3mg kills my throat and makes it really hard to keep vaping. I've been on 3mg for a while now and I don't feel it at all, it's more like blowing clouds is the actual habit at this point. Everytime I go up to a 6 I'm forced to drop back down because it physically hurts to vape it. I've got friends who vape 6s/12s with no problem but they cough from cigarettes, how the fuarrrk do I have the opposite problem? I've heard something about "nicotine salt" juices that use a different synthesis of nicotine that gets rid of the harshness on inhalation but the only juice I know that uses it is the proprietary Jule pods. Thoughts?


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The regulations are annoying but you could always make your own juice. Ive yet to try this but its a lot cheaper and seems fun.

I quit analogs a few months ago been using a coolfire IV plus with isub g tank.

I had some problems with throat hit like you.
I used to smoke a pack a day marlboros.
At first i could barely mouth to lung hit without choking. Now i can do straight lung hits.

Currently im using 6mg 65vg/35pg on a sub ohm coil @ 20w.
open airflow.

At first i was trying to do 2 Ohm coils, low-wattage, low airflow, high-nic, MTL. But have so far settled on the above.

Im not an expert but it could be a combination of factors like juice ratio, pg allergy, coil, etc. I had to try a bunch of soykaf in order to get a comfortable setup.



Huh, glad to know I'm not the only one then. I've never had a problem with 3mg throat / lung hits when I started, it's only been with nicotine levels above it. I found that it's better with anything above 70/30 vg/pg and with a dripper with fuarrrkhuge air flow like you mentioned it. Might play around with different coil types, right now I usually run with a 0.50 ohm coil @ 50 or so watts.

Also, making your own juice could be pretty fun, but wouldn't you have to know what combinations of ingredients make the right flavors?


50 watts seems a little warm.

my coils are sub ohm (0.50) and its rated up to 35 watts. I find it too harsh to vape it above 28 or so.
Might wanna mess around with wattage and find out your coils recommended range.

As for DIY juice. oh man it looks fun. I like tinkering which is part of the allure of vaping for me. I cant wait to get an RBA.

There are a lot of recipes online that cover flavors.
Better places probably exist but this is just what i remember off the top of my head from my own research.

Decent youtube channel this is a playlist of DIY juice videos:

A site with juice recipes by users:

Ive gotten a lot of my information on vaping from reddit unfortunately since its not really acceptable in other places to talk about but they have a whole sub for diy juice if you want to take a look.


i've been vaping for 4 years now, actually started without ever having smoked a real cig, i'm up to 24mg and still feel a good head-rush if i treat it like smoking and not like what a lot of the more ~unique~ flavors are targeted towards i.e. palate cleanser or dessert treat.

i treat nicotine as a nootropic, and it's great. i'd like to say i could quit at any time but i do notice i get irritated more easily without it, nothing a tolerance break won't fix. if you're using it as a tool to quit smoking nothing but respect for you.

i don't get the allure of cloud-chasing and have been fine with "cig-alikes" rather than box-mods. vape-culture is dumb and 9/10 times i just order online. stores can be hit or miss, some are chill and have sneaky ways of getting around regulations that prohibit testing flavors in stores (in my state), but i've had experiences where i got laughed at for never smoking analogs and asking for strong nicotine content.

vaping in public with excess vapor makes you look like a douche, when i started vaping it was nowhere near as wide-spread as it is these days and because i used a cig-alike no one gave me funny looks or anything, now i only vape in the privacy of my own home/car/the woods away from everyone else or when it's dark outside. i have a rechargable usb stick type deal and tanks with replaceable coils, usb pass-through is great.

regulation is bullsoykaf, depending on what state an online shop is located in you may get asked for id before they even send out your juice or have the postman check id on delivery. i'm above the required age which is now 21, but when i started i was only above the age then which was 18. regulating it like this will only lead to more teens trying it out recreationally, which i think is against the whole point of raising the limit in the first place not that i'm against teens trying out vaping rather than smoking.

also would like to say that vaping weed is amazing in terms of efficacy and economy (and smell)


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>also would like to say that vaping weed is amazing in terms of efficacy and economy (and smell)

I have considered this, could you maybe elaborate on how/what/why? Cause the idea seems amazing.

Pic related, my Nautilus Mini.


how: you have 2 options. either purchase a dry herb vaporizer, or use your existing vape with hash oil or wax.

what: thc/cannabinoids vaporize at about 285°F and start to combust at around 445°F, a vape heats up your herb between those temperatures so that the active chemicals come out but the plant matter doesn't burn so you get vapor instead of smoke. my guess as to why a regular vape won't work with dry herb is because it is designed to conduct heat through a liquid, whereas a weed vape will usually have a metal screen to spread out the heat.

why: because the vapor inhaled consists mostly of water and the psychoactive parts of the marijuana the high is stronger and more immediate. you're not burning it so the smell is different, doesn't set off fire alarms because there's no CO2, and due to the increased effect you need to consume less to get the same high (tho it is a different kind of high ime). also many of the health advantages of regular vaping over smoking exist since you're not burning plant matter, weed may not be as bad for your lungs as tobacco but you won't need to cough to get off :v)
the economics follow logically as follows: need less to get same high, same amount purchased will last you longer, eventually offsetting the up front cost of purchasing a vaporizer, plus if you have water pipes etc you can adapt them to use with your vape but the need for water filtration is lessened


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Nobody knows what's up!

to add to what this special friend is saying, if you live in place with good medical/legal weed or find someone selling this on the darknet, you can buy high potency, strain specific cannabanoid infused eliquid (I have seen this in both Oregon and California). It is by far the most discrete way I have seen to vaporize cannabis, and it comes in many tasty flavors. Lemon is my favorite.


my smpl clone from fasttech finally came in, time to see what all the buzz is all about with mech mods!

is like kicking dead whales down the beach that I only have prebuilt coils on hand though and they're all too high of a resistance for the smpl (just tried one) so I'm going to have to go to a store tomorrow and get a lower resistance coil. Does anyone else here run a mech mod? What resistance do you use with a single battery setup?


Basically what >>4317 says, but consider this: THC "burns" too: at high temperatures (temperatures reached by combustion but not by vaporization) THC degrades to non psychoactive substances.

Here's why people who prefer smoking do so: vaporizers, providing less heat overall than flame, do not heat up as much herb at once. While it's easy to smoke down a 1 gram bowl in a bong, with vaporizing it really isn't possible to "instantly vaporize" your herb, for the same reason as burning food taking an instant and cooking it taking time. (I will admit my (at this point obvious) bias towards vaping, but I am a longtime smoker and continue to do so on occasion.)

There are ways around this: one is the obvious route, powering up your vaporizer. Many desktop vaporizers are quite strong. The E-Nano can achieve 1 hit complete vaporization (though 2 is far more common) but it does so kind of by cheating: it only vapes a tiny amount at a time. However, it does vape it thoroughly and apparently from very small amounts can provide a lot of vapor. Another solution would be a third lung, as in the Volcano. From what everyone says about the Volcano, this solution is apparently pretty good. It helps that the Volcano's heat and fan provide ideal heat distribution over the herb, cooking it perfectly.

Also for what it's worth >>4317
>whereas a weed vape will usually have a metal screen to spread out the heat.
Vaporizers such as the E-Nano or Volcano actually use convection heating: they run hot air over your herb to heat it. Many vaporizers, especially cheaper portables like the MFLB or even some nice ones like the Pax 2, use conduction heating, which does use a heating element, mostly commonly stainless steel.


Also a minor point but
>doesn't set off fire alarms because there's no CO2
I'm guessing you meant CO, which some smoke detectors do detect. However, normal smoke detectors use light, and vaporizers can set them off-- if your hit is very strong and directly into the detector. I've vaped beneath a smoke detector with no problems for a long time now, I know people who smoke under them without issue.

With a really strong box mod or whatever you might want to be careful, but even then it's probably fine.


I always wanted to get a vape for smkoing my own thc oils and such. I have a friend who works for a vape shop and could set me up soon and has a low cost rig to set me up with to start me up with.

I don't really smoke much but I always liked the ides of saving a little extra cash when it comes to getting high for less so I am all for that.


> doesn't set off fire alarms because there's no CO2

Yep, second guy is right. I used to think that fire alarms didn't set off from vapes either because in my old apartment when I'd have 3-4 other friends over with box mods we'd vape out the whole room to the point where you can't see anything past your outstretched hand and the alarm wouldn't set off. When I moved into my new place a few months ago I was up late playing vidya and vaping and the fire detector set off when the room was far from cloudy. All depends on the method it uses to test for smoke.


Soooo is vaping even the same since there's no MAOI involved? I always feel mega disappointed when I vape even after 3 months of only using it.


You're right, it'll never be as good as smoking tobacco due to the lack of MAOIs. However, I've found I still get a pretty good headrush my first vape of the morning / my last vape before bed just like with analogs if I either vape something with higher nicotine concentration than I'm used to or I chain vape a couple of big hits together. Not exactly sure why but if I'm on an empty stomach or extremely tired I'll get very nice nicotine headrushes even at 3mg (what I've been vaping daily for a year and a half now.)

What nicotine concentration are you vaping at right now? Try going up one, but either way you're probably going to end up "peaking" on it and having your tolerance catch up within a few months.


>>4317 I don't mean to turn this thread into an infomercia but does anyone recommend any models for cannabis vaping? I have very little experience with a vape, only used a friend's a few times.



I just picked one of these up recently. It's a pretty decent all-in-one setup.



Errr, that's for concentrates, sorry. Here's their model for flower:

Haven't used that one personally. If you've already got a mod you can find atomizers that should be able to fit what you already have.

Sorry, I was operating under the assumption that your needs mirrored mine. >__<


NP, bud. I appreciate the link. I actually discovered that model myself yesterday. Currently doing some price comparison before I make a purchase.


My vape won't read my tc atomizers correctly (too low) what do?
I tried cleaning it and tightening the screws. I tried more than one atomizer.


I've switched from smoking weed and nicotine to vaping both.

For juice, I go with unflavored. There's some studies about carcinogens in vape juice but they all come from the flavorings. Unflavored is cheaper in bulk anyway.

Learn to build your own coils on an RDA deck, or buy prebuilt ones on fasttech. Saves a lot of money too.

For nicotine harshness, it comes from dehydration for me. Just make sure you drink a lot of water while you're a vaper.


I started vaping about three years ago because I didn't want to go outside to get my nicotine fix. I started with 12mg, then went down to 6, now I'm at 3. Like OP, anything higher than 3 now wrecks my throat.
I'm currently using a Sigelei Fuchai, Alliance v2 Big Boy, and staggered fused claptons from Mad Rabbit.



Your mod probably doesn't support temperature control, or is not in temperature control mode. Contact the manufacturer and they will give you the info you need.


I personally think vaping period makes you look like a user. Im sorry and its not personal to anyone who does but thats just what I think.

I will say though that a girl I know uses one to vape weed and you dont even notice the smell bitch uses that soykaf under the desk in class. fuarrrking wild.


Wow user? I thought the language enhancer turned it into glitterboy. Or is that only for glitterboy


What does "makes you look like a user" mean?


Based on the context, I assume it's the filtered version of a word starting with 'f' and ending with 'g.'


damn how did you go from pack a day to 6mg @ 20W?

Picked up vaping without ever smoking and I'm at 6mg @ 40W, getting a new 80W tomorrow to run at 60W as that is the perfect wattage for me.


Patch master race reporting in. But seriously, I loved vaping, but keeping those things clean and functioning optimally sucked. I vaped for around 3 years I think, then went back to smoking, finally decided to quit it all. It's been a rough ride with these damn patches. They don't satisfy you for soykaf, but they do keep me from killing people, so I guess that's good...


I messed around with various vg/pg ratios and wattages to get a feel for it. The wonders of sub ohm i guess.

I got a new tank (uwell crown v2) currently using a .25 coil @ 60w. Still 6mg nic with a 65/35 vg/pg. Im enjoying it.