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I get schizophrenic when I smoke weed.

I don't like it.

Will I get over it? Is it my environment? Should I just stop?


What strain is that? Because some strains fuarrrrk you up pretty bad. I heard indica is easier on you.


what do you mean by "schizophrenic"?

ive have similar episodes (if our definition is the same) when i get absurdly high. tr taking just a few tokes if you must. otherwise avoid it


I hear people and things in and around where I am. The most notable case was at a show, 3 dudes I met earlier in the night were joking with me/each other/egging me on/gossiping behind me, as I laughed at them and shook my head, jokingly, for about 15 minutes, until I realized they weren't there. They were earlier, we talked and then they went upstairs. I chalked it to being 'so high', but I've had similar experiences, more subtle, less audible words, often sounds like a dog barking or somebody moving around.

I'm not much of a hypochondriac, but I am neurotic, and I wouldn't reach out here or anywhere if I didn't have a genuine concern. According to my googlings, it's at least schizophrenic-like, and marijuana correlates with schizoids.


That night i had no idea. I try to stay close to sativa strains, as I like the upbeat, sociable high, and indica makes me paranoid and heady. It could have just been that, but often when I smoke I get anxiety with people close to me.

In crowds, on the other hand, all of that goes away. It's like a reverse claustrophobia. The anonymity suits me.


Have you tried using a hybrid? I usually smoke indicas but lately I've been really drawn to indica-dominant hybrids. If you live somewhere where marijuana is legal, don't hesitate to buy from a dispensary. Sure, it is more expensive, but it's so worth it to know exactly what you are getting and from where.


I def get auditory hallucinations. Nothing to the level that you describe tho.

But I go for a stroll and smoke a joint and every little sound I'll think is someone saying something to me and it was just wind or an animal or something. I kinda like it.


I've had a very bad time when smoking weed once (legit thought my lungs were going to implode)

This has happened after years of 420 SMOKE WEED ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

The paranoia started at some point and became worse and worse to the point where I still smoked but wasn't enjoying it at all.

After that experience I stopped for a year and it became fun again, I also consume way less now than I did before.

Being in a comfortable social situation really helps, I used to think otherwise until I realized that I didn't really enjoy my group of "friends".

Wait a second, I was always told that Sativa is more prone to cause paranoia/bad times?
I'm asking because of the following story was caused by vaped weed which is a lot more like Indica from what I understand.

I'm that guy:

Drinking this stuff was crazy for me the second time around after that post. I've probably had way too much since I'm new to that method.

I got that heavy feeling in my lungs again, saw a bunch of eyes looking at me, movement in my peripheral vision even though I was alone in a dark room.

That's when I decided I should probably just go to sleep, it was pretty comfortable until I realized there was a small shadowy figure in the corner of my room.

Once I focused on it it started running towards me, it reminded me of the movie Kairo.
If you've seen it you know which scene I'm talking about.

The weird thing is that I wasn't really scared throughout any of this even though it sounds like a nightmare.


I might just have the strains confused, but the only way I know to distinguish is 'indica' or 'in-da-couch', which says lazy to me, which means it can't make me energetic, but then again maybe I'm misconstruing.

regardless of their names, I like the stuff that makes me want to go outside and meet people. And in a crowd, that works for me, because I like being in other peoples heads rather then my own. If there are too little people though, their head gets in mine, and I think that's where the schizophrenia kicks in.


No, I think you are right and I was under a wrong impression for years.

You might really enjoy vaping then, since THC evaporates at lower temps than cannabinoids it gives you much more of a sativa high.
The vaped weed is obviously more like indica then.

In the name of science I will now drink some more of that stuff, wish me luck.


That is the creepiest thing that I have ever read in my whole life. Exact down to the last detail 10/10



If you have any schizophrenic cases in your family, you should not be playing with psychedelics, you are in a mental health risk situation.

If you have not, then maybe is just the way your brain interacts with the THC.

Try to make some experiments in a controlled and safe environment (your home) and see if you register estrange things, bonus if you have a sober friend to check your perceptions against.

Sometimes it is just the environment, your mental landscape, the company, or the usage with other drugs.

In my case, I get really bad when I mix with alcohol, kind of I-Dont-remember-soykaf-WTF-intermitent-contiousness kind of experiences.


I have social anxiety which is intensified by weed, so I just take it only when i'm alone and then it's fine. I can relate to the hallucinations etc (while in social situations) but I never thought it was a big deal at all


One of the rare edge cases.

Cannabis is not for you my friend.

Stop before you hurt yourself.


One advice that I don't see being repeated enough is to stay very much hydrated. And I don't mean just any liquids, I mean plain water. It may sound dull and the kind of thing your aunt would say, but, man it can save a life. As much as I liked to smoke it, I used to associate highs with physical and psychological discomfort, until this one time I started drinking plenty of water because there wasn't much to eat, for days, besides some small portions of bananas and popcorn (staying with a friend, we both had no money, this was what his mother gave us so we wouldn't starve), and the water helped with the hunger. Turned out it also helped with any bad side-effects I used to have with weed, and I've been doing and suggesting others to do it ever since. It's a pain in the ass when you're too high to easily find your way to the bathroom though, but it's worth it.


Nigga, thats army procedure.

You know someone around you that doesn't like your weed habit?

Some cop or military personnel?

They have a fuarrrking rehab program, they gaslight the subject until he belive the problem is the drug, and then he stops and everybody gets happy.

Its funny, because it always end up in mass murder.


Are the people you smoke with people you feel safe around, people that you truly trust? What sort of thoughts do you think, be honest.

always remember if you feel like soykaf just go to sleep. the ability to do this should also calm you a bit. finally if you don't feel like youl be good to smoke just don't.


bumping cause kind of similar issue to OP. im alone on break right now and i have a ton of weed to smoke but when i do these unconscious feelings of loneliness pop up. like it turns into this weird thing where i imagine life without the people around me and how bleak it would be and devoid of meaning. even though i only met a lot of my friends last semester over college and know i could always meet new people. and then i really want to be with my friends but of course i cant at the moment. i realized its like a weird thing where i overanalyze the situation and stop focusing on myself and instead think of everything as this weird place, i dont need weed to get in this mindset it just brings it out often times. i just wanna enjoy myself and i used to be able to .


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Why does everyone make the assumption that OP *must* continue smoking and then proceed with suggestions to try make their experiences less horribly psychotic. Maybe they can't. Maybe none of your suggestions will work.

Maybe OP is like me and despite wanting to be able to enjoy something that most of her friends do, she has not and probably will not ever have a positive experience with the drug. My body is permanently disfigured from the self-mutilation I engaged in while under its influence. I don't think I will ever smoke again.

Just because it's great for you doesn't mean it's great for someone else. Why can't the advice ever be, "if it causes distress, maybe you should cease using it?"

You can live without it! Jesus Christ.


Totally agree.

I've had the exact same experiences as you. Some were so bad that I wasn't right for days or even a week. This was when I was 16 or 17. One of these instances got me into trouble and I quit for a few years. Tried again and similarly bad stuff would happen. I think I was just not comfortable in my own body, and I was not comfortable with my life and I had a lot of social anxiety. Weed amplified my anxiety and to move past the anxiety I would work myself into a sort of manic state where I was talking very fast, mostly nonsense, and thought every idea was true and lost touch with reality. It fixed the anxiety at least! I would also have auditory hallucinations, especially when it was quiet at night, and I had a lot of paranoia. It was bad man. I think this isn't the best thing for you to be experimenting with right now. If it makes you feel better, I'm now 30 and in the last few years I've learned to enjoy weed. Mostly this is because I am comfortable in my own skin, I am a much happier person, and I don't have to worry about getting into trouble because I live on my own and I know that I could handle any legal problems easily. A trip to Colorado also helped me sort out which strains were good for me and which were bad. It turns out that pure Indica give me almost no anxiety. Also I recognize that weed is really strong now and so I don't smoke more than one hit. So my point is that you're not doomed to never enjoy pot, but you need to be in a good setting, reasonably happy with your life, comfortable in your own skin, safe, secure, in control of your environment, and stick with tiny doses and know what strain you're smoking. Good luck and maybe take a break for a few years, it was definitely the right thing for me when I did that.