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What's the best idea you've ever had while being high?
I'd say that mine was remaking the whole TES vidyas saga in form of several turn-based 8bit RPGs.


fuarrrk knows. What I do know is that I only seem to be capable of fuarrrking thinking when I'm high.


When I was dungeon mastering a lot I couldn't get a lot of my players to really feel like their characters or play them. We'd have great backstories, and a great world, but the characters still felt like just that.

So I decided what I'd do is have really scant maybe five/six word backstories that were basically:
-A strongly held belief
-A secret of theirs
-A fear
-Something they enjoy
-I want for the future
-A motivator

So you'd fill those out, then come up with a scant backstory, then the first few sessions I'd do a lot of NPC interactions, and make characters roll for innocuous things, then ask the player WHY the character failed this or succeeded it and how AFTER the roll, not before it. Making the player describe their characters own social successes and failures really brought the players into the characters and it totally killed any dissonance between player and character.


i figure out so much soykaf when i get high
i can almost feel the static of my brain making leaps to solidly logical connections
i commonly feel like an evil genius rn
2 bad it wud take years for me to actually prove that all the ideas i come up with would work


i have no coding knowledge and i dont intend to learn code anytime soon, but an app that remebers your private navigation pages would be cool
whenever you start your browser, a simple prompt will ask for a password (that you have introduced before closing the private session), without saying why
that way, you wont be exposed and only you will be able to know what this is for, another user will just close the prompt and use the navigator as if nothing happened


Ive had seemingly endless ideas powered by 100s of trips with all kinds of psychedelics at this point. To pick the favorites is too difficult...

One thing i learned from a ketamine/acid session was just how much i love meditation. It is the most freeing feeling. Just sitting, feeling, observing.


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I want to create an album. A very labor-intensive album. It consists of seven songs. Each song has a conlang associated with it. Each song will have music specific to that conlang. The song will teach you the conlang if you're really paying attention. The album cover has the scripts for the conlangs.

Each individual conlang-song is cyclical and starts at the original language, develops into a more modern type, then goes back to the original. Think someone speaking Old Latin, transitioning to Vulgar Latin, beginning to speak Italian, then going back down through time back to Latin. Each song speaks about different things pertaining to the world through the viewpoint of that specific conlang and has a musical tradition associated with it. Different modes for different songs et cetera.

I was thinking about doing "Latin, Vulgar Latin, Italian", "Attic Greek, Greek, Modern Russian", "Old Chinese, Middle Japanese, Modern Korean" among others.*

Note: I'm blending cultures and language aesthetics for each conlang. It's pretty fun.


I always get very depressing introspective thoughts when I'm high. The thing is that they're all accurate. It's like weed strips away the tiny amount of ego that I have and it makes me see myself the way others might.
As a result I started making a conscious effort to improve my personal appearance. I used to just walk around unshaven and wearing ratty clothes. Now I shave every day before work and I replaced a bunch of my hobo clothes.
Thanks, weed!

Oh, also I thought of Uber for prostitutes. You'd just pull up the app to find hookers near you. Pick one at your leisure.
Someone else has probably thought of that too, but I thought it was amusing.


That's fuarrrking awesome.

I always wanted to create a way of communication that uses words, sounds, music, body signals and everything that can be used in a conversation. To me, it would feel more complete than just talking.
Sometimes I ask people to describe how chocolate tastes like with more than words. It's fascinating.


> What's the best idea you've ever had while being high?

To never get high again.


To add to this i also experienced my first serious ego death on weed and 1 tab.

Took the tab. About an hour in i started doing bong rips. If it had not been for the tab i wouldve just been incredibly stoned.

But at this point i sat down in my chair. I remember it quite clearly, ironically. I had this disturbing feeling that something was happening to me, but i didnt know what. I started sweating, getting incredibly anxious.

I was all alone. It was late. I stared at the wall. Nothing came to mind. I just perceived everything. The previous 19 years of my life were nothing, or at least they seemed to be gone, washed down the drain.

At some point i started crying, sobbing, almost yelling in my cry. This was too much. Im glad no one was there to watch me go through this. It would have been quite disturbing.

I had to do something with this feeling. I got up, and looked at a picture of myself and my brother and father on the wall. I stared at myself for what seemed to be eternity. I didnt recognize him. I knew nothing about him, me, the former me. Logically i knew that was me but emotionally i had no clue what he was. It started to seriously frighten me, i had lost my ordinary sense of being, my comfortable mental nest that my mind laid for me.

At this point i had the single most profound feeling of my life. Recently i had been reading about quantum theory, and the implications of it. It popped into my mind, and instantly i mechanically rewrote my definition of who or what i was. I had this feeling that i was a complex organization of minute, planck level changes, all organized through space, a mini being, caught in the infinite web of cosmos

Reading/writing this makes me feel psychotic. But to me it was one of the most profound spiritual moments of my life (i am agnostic btw). I cried the most happy cry in my life. My life was the chance to be a creative line in the universal play. A series of minute level changes all working together to create what i call me, my body, and not only me, but the universe as a whole...

I cried for hours that night. I grabbed a full size towel to blow snot in it. I was hyperventilating, it was overwhelming and i lost control of myself for an hour. These sensations rushed through me.

It was an experience only for me. As much as i try to describe it to others i cannot show them the profundity of it. It taught me that "i" am ever changing. I have always been here. And the hippy notion that "we are all one" burned into my mind permanently that night. It was one of the most spiritual moments of my life, and forever changed my perception of the world.


butter cream ham cheese chili onion mustard sandwiches


Plenty of neat stories but I always forget them.


did you make one? Did it taste good?


I'm sure it was moving for you, but as someone with anxiety who can't even handle having a mild panic attack, that legitimately sounds like a really awful thing to imagine, regardless of positive outcome.