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Is it legit or just a spook? Has anybody here made experiences with this method of consuming hallucinogenic drugs? If you share your experiences, please also mention if you have been a regular drug user as this might influence the effect of microdosing. If you can provide useful resources on this topic, it's appreciated, too.

>LSD: Microdosing & the SUPERNATURAL



I don't like what he implies about early hippies.
What they were about is also a perfectly valid way to use this medicine.


>alt-right YouTuber talking about drugs
The sliding never ends.


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you aint sliding soykaf with only 4 pages of content

Anyways OP, I don't think this is anything revolutionary and is totally over-promoted by everyone that talks about it just so they can keep the DUDE DRUGS LMAO pseudo intellectual circle jerk going. It's the psychedelic equivalent of taking vicodin if you sprain your ankle vs chomping 10 of them and nodding out. Of COURSE you feel better and different, that means it's working. But for some reason people find this completely mind blowing that taking small amounts of drugs changes you.


That video is pathetic


i mean it's a "people i don't like are ruining everything" youtuber.
i saw the channel and didn't even watch considering how little research he put into the work i've seen of his.
i don't understand why people think that this is groundbreaking?
also , i really hope that people stop introducing research chems to people who can't source them and learn dosing/ safety precautions by themselves.


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I'm leaning heavily towards it being bullsoykaf, myself, and it being a waste of perfectly good drugs. Honestly, I'm positive that tripping once a month would do more good for you than microdosing but it's not proven yet, of course. Anyway, here's a link to a somewhat informal study conducted by Gwern that seems to be pretty good quality and could be used as a starting place for diving into more research: http://www.gwern.net/LSD%20microdosing