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How do I function like a normal person? my mind is always somewhere else, on the outside of reality. i'm losing my mind. I can't take care of myself or my friends, i'm losing in life because all i do is hallucinate and contemplate existence. It feels like i'll never return to normal. am i permafried? is there hope?


You could try quitting drugs?


Stop taking drugs for a month, go for a run twice a week


yeah, that's easier said than done.

i've already lost my chances of passing this semester. so what's the point? i have an eighth of dank and nothing left to do, so what's the point....


Life is a difference engine. Or something akin to a deterministic feedback loop. Your local quanta are informed by your decision, this your "rendering stage" for your particular animation.. that is to say your life. Each element has a vector attached, and it requires force to set them spinning and crossing this canvas. to do nothing, well... is to lose at creating at the art that is your life. Your life then, useless or not (and useless to whom?) is YOUR canvas. Now draw. Anything. Set things in motion.


How do i draw when i'm frozen? How can i break myself loose?

i don't even think like "me" anymore. it just *is*, do you get it? what was once my ego has shattered and reformed as something else. something that exists above my behaviors and thoughts and feelings. it's like a force that's persistently present and nothing more. i don't care that this life is being wasted. im just not here.



Ego requires subjectivity. It requires seperation from the all. Seperation, although abundant in our society, is often lacking with psychonauts. What you need is to feel seperation. Not by being alone, but by being with others. It takes another to affirm to yourself your own selfhood. Now go out. And do anything. Go grab a drink of coffee. Walk down to the corner.


Go to whatever counseling service your school provides. They can help you with what you have going on (possibly depersonalization) and might also be able to work out a deal with the school (late withdrawal from classes due to stress or something similar).


>I can't look after myself and can't stop hallucinating, please help!
>...I won't stop taking drugs though

You can only get help if you want to be helped.


so im going to abstain from weed. i recognize that im helpless so long as i believe it.

i plan on withdrawing from courses. the last four days have been spent in bed, either asleep or simply staring. there's no chance i can complete the semester in this state.

so...it seems that existing is far stranger than i could have ever imagined. i don't even know what else to say.


Do what >>4365 said. Just do something simple. Take a walk, go fishing, idk. It doesn't have to be an excursion or anything. But you should change your environment some.

That's how I got rid of long-term dissociation from DXM use. But if you just sit in your room things probably won't improve. You can't easily think yourself out if derealization.


yeah, it's easier to ignore when im doing something. to some extend i feel ill never truly be the same. but not necessarily for the worse.