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Hey Lain,
I'm planning to buy drugs from the Darkwebs and wondered if I should use my real address or a mailbox.
It's a bit confusing with all that encryption, hiding behind seven proxies etc. but still giving some stranger on the Internet your address.
I will buy from an trusted vendor on a reputable site but still it's a bit careless IMO.
What are your opinions and how did you handle that?


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dead drops. have them wrap it some way (e.g. cigarette box) and put it in a public place like a trashcan. hawk out the scene and wait for the drop. make sure no one else is hawking before you grab it.


I always use my real address and name. Provided you use PGP to give your address to the vendor you are just at more risk if you use a fake name and someone else's address (more suspicion, risk getting caught stealing mail, etc). If you want to use a PO box you can but the vendor will still have your real name and general location and could likely find your address given 20 minutes on facebook and other sites.


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This. Using a rented mailbox or something makes no real difference. If the police set up a sting (which is unlikely since nailing smalltime buyers is a waste of time when they can't possibly rat on the dealer) they will simply camp out at the mailbox and arrest you when you open it.

>PGP etc.

The PGP is there to ensure that the only person who sees your address is the dealer. If it wasn't for PGP then there could be someone intercepting the messages and fuarrrking over all the buyers on the site.

OP, your paranoia is both expected and healthy.
Look at it this way: It's safer than buying in person. In an F2F transaction it's very easy for law enforcement to prove that you were involved with the dealer and subsequently force you to act as an informant. With Tor deals they have a much harder time and they know that you don't know soykaf about the dealer, so arresting you for a misdemeanor charge would be a huge waste of time.
I wish to point out that the Silk Road bust (at the time the largest market on Tor) only resulted in the arrests of 18~ people.

Nobody is going to do that sort of thing in the US. Fortunately US mail is protected by the fourth amendment (if you live in a country without similar laws then I guess you're out of luck) . They don't have dogs sniffing your mail or x-ray machines scanning packages. The only time that sort of thing is brought into the equation would be if they have reasonable suspicion that the package contains something prohibited.
It's FAR easier to deny knowledge if a package shows up on your doorstep. Anyone could send you anything in the mail without your consent. In the event of a sting you can play dumb and pretend you dindu nuffin. After all, your PC (with the incriminating data) is encrypted, right?
If you get caught picking up a dead drop it's pretty difficult to get anyone to believe that you were feeling around under the park bench for some tasty (used) chewing gum and not a package of drugs.
I hear that people in Russia and some other countries use a dead drop system because their postal service isn't safe. I suppose it's workable, but not ideal.



jesus fuarrrking christ...you dont have any plausable deniability. Then if it came to it you just say thats not me I have no idea who it is...and that all you fuarrrking say


Also buying online and being smart is the easy part of not getting busted

going out and getting soykaffaced is when you get in trouble


Bad idea alert.

Priority mail packages with the name of a person who doesn't live there are more suspicious, and there is a chance a package with the wrong name will be returned before you get it.


>jesus fuarrrking christ...you dont have any plausable deniability.

That's...not how plausible deniability works with danknet droogs. Plausible deniability is being able to say "I don't know who would send me that package because I didn't order it" considering that anyone can mail anyone anything, basically. If you read into recommendations on using the markets you'll see that people overwhelming agree that using a fake name or dead-drop address is a bad idea. Think about it: if you were a mailman and had a package to deliver to a house that you _know_ has no one living there would you start seeing red flags? Or if you know "Farmer John" doesn't live at "John Doe's" house wouldn't that be suspicious?

In short, use your real name and address. Don't bother with a P.O. box unless there's a risk of someone else at home opening your mail. If you do get a P.O. box though, make sure that you order something non-illicit to it first to make sure the post office has filed your paperwork correctly and knows that it's your box. Also, don't close your P.O. box out of paranoia right after you get your package or soon after setting it up since that's a major red flag to the post office personnel. Godspeed, anon.


Use your real name and real address. However, if you ever get a package seized and get a letter about it, you may want to reconsider using your address and switch to a PO box.


suspicion isnt evidence though

besides if you live in a block with tons of names it doesnt matter. I think putting your real name on the deepweb is just a crazy thing to do


>suspicion isn't evidence
The point is that you might not get your package. They might contact you and say "Who da fuk is [your pseudonym] ?"
And then you have to either

A) Say "Yeah that's mine give it here"
B) Say "I dunno. Send it back."

> I think putting your real name on the deepweb is just a crazy thing to do

You're already giving them your address. If they have that they can easily learn your real name.


>become famous streamer / YouTuber
>Set up PO box for fanmail
> Order drugs to it
This is the only situation where it is viable.


This guy is an idiot.

Fake names are a dead giveaway that something fishy is going on. Even if nobody contacts the police, a neighbor or postal worker may guess what's in there and steal it, knowing you won't do soykaf about it. It's always better to have it blend in. Having your name on it is not going to make you any more or less culpable; you can't stop people from sending you things in the mail. Accepting mail with somebody else's name on it or a fake name is probably illegal to begin with, and will definitely look like stronger evidence to any jury or policeman.