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Anyone here have any experience with kratom? I've heard many things about it throughout the years but never bothered to go out of my way to try it until I heard about the upcoming ban on it. Ordered some bali and malay green that's coming in tomorrow so I'll post back with my results. Used to be pretty big into smack but I got tired of dealing with sketchy fuarrrks and junkie dealers.

Is this soykaf actually as good as people say or is it overhyped by people who have never tried any other decent opiate? Not expecting anything major out of it, but it's cheap and seems to get glowing praise online so I thought I might as well order some and see for myself. Thoughts?


I've never really used a lot of opiates, but the feeling of kratom is pretty nice. When I had used it briefly, I felt like it gave me a nice glow. I felt more intuitive, I felt more sociable, I was able to converse with people so much easier, it came naturally. It also seemed to have some pretty good antidepressant qualities. It's worth fuarrrking around with and I would easily do more of it if I had the money, maybe someday.


Huh, that's good to hear. The kratom just arrived in the mail, so in a few hours when it's closer to the evening I'm going to boil a tea and report back.


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Alright, OP replying back.

I boiled up two cups of water, tossed in five grams of the bali and let it simmer for twenty minutes before mixing in some honey and drinking it as a tea. About 45 minutes in now so it hasn't peaked fully (from what I understand). So far it feels pretty good, but nothing mindblowing- almost like I've taken 15-20 mg hydrocodone with no tolerance.

I'll see if it peaks more in the coming hour, if it doesn't I'll probably try 7-8 grams tomorrow. Definitely seems like this has the capacity for potential, especially considering it's cheapness and legality over traditional opiates/iods.

>OP name being Morpheus, god of dreams, namesake of morphine in a thread about opis


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Man you're lucky, for me it feels like 0.05g of plugged H, nothing like 15-20 hydro.
Do keep in mind that kratom tolerance rises quickly, it's also handy for when you're fiending if you ever get back into dope, it'll calm you right back down.



soykaf, guess it really is true that kratom's effects vary highly person to person. Maybe it was the strain you tried too?

Yeah, I can see how it'd help with quitting and WDs. Make sense why so many people use it to kick their habit.

Redosed another 5g of tea about 2 hours into the experience, and it felt like I suddenly got way less high instead of it prolonging the feeling or increasing it Even felt a little bit nauseous at first but some ginger helped with that. I guess my sweet spot really would be between 5 and 10 like I hypothesized, tomorrow night I'll see what 7.5g feels like.

When you say tolerance grows, fast, how fast? I'm probably going to be taking it a few times this week to gauge where I am on the two strains I ordered in terms of appropriate dosage, but after that I'm going to keep it to once every few days seeing as I'm not really keen on ingesting a fuarrrkload of dry leaf every time I want to get high. Sounds like it'd be miserable to have to choke down 15-20 grams of this at once.


also fuarrrk, forgot to mention- that picture sure does bring back some fuarrrking memories haha. I take it you used to browse /opi/?


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Still do, I'm close friends with a few trip users and my fiancé is on methadone for neuro pain management and she follows everything on there.


I would really recommend keeping to once a week for tolerance reset, I'd say that you need to take about double for 2 days in a row.


In that case I'll hold off for a week then, I've got no problem with that. Thanks!


Haven't been there in a while, what's it like now compared to a year or two ago? Are most of the trips still around or is it all new faces?


overgrownpath and nz are still around, bombastus, aciddrop, and sadly goacid are still alive, Dr. Mario is marketing PST to noobs (fuarrrking dumb I know).
Some minor trips too, some of the real hope to die dopefiends are gone nowadays though, it's a lot less crazy and a lot more smooth sailing.
Sage for off-topic, spare me mods.


Jumped back on it for old time sake and wow, they really are still active. Always neat to see that people are still alive and kicking.

Ended up seeing the PST thread and trying it out myself too, where was this soykaf when I was quitting a while back, haha.


Kratom is good in terms of recreational effect. It tastes awful, probably the most disgusting stuff I ever ingested in such amounts. I recommend Borneo White Vein Kratom, it had the best kick in my experience. Red Vein is more smooth, but I felt it to be less potent. In high doses all sorts are sedative, so even white vein, which is usually the most stimulating sort, will make you sit down for a while.

Apart from the earthy bitter taste the worst thing might be nausea at higher doses. I never do it without at least 50mg of DPH. Take that few minutes before the kratom and you will be good for the longest part. Sometimes you have to redose DPH after some hours or if you want to take more kratom.

If you use kratom once or twice a week without tolerance it can be pure bliss. Masturbation feels incredibly good, ejaculating is difficult though. I prefer to watch chill chinese cartoons or play easy slow paced games. Cleaning and tidying up can be fun too, because of the stimulation.

You might encounter difficulty sleeping after a day or even an evening with kratom, however thanks to the opiate glow, lying more or less awake all night is not a bad thing and time passes surprisingly fast anyways. The next day can have a hangover mostly from sleep deprivation. I once had breakfast as usual and felt good, when suddenly I became extremely nauseous afterwards and threw up.


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Kratom is the soykaf. I drink that swamp water three times a day. Most times I'm very quiet and get anxiety when I have to deal with people. I also work outside on roofs so I'm always feeling pretty beat up. This soykaf a miracle worker. Feels awesome,legal and discreet