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Im in a brand new city, have no connections and no nobody. Weeds legal and there is dispensaries but lets just say I cant get in them for now, how would one go about finding a dealer? If one were to just ask someone smoking on the street what would you even ask?


Just say you're new to the city and ask them if they can hook you up with some bud. In the past when i've asked random people smoking they've given me their dealers numbers or had me follow them to their dealer's house.


Only difficulty is because its legal jere I feel like most people will just point me to dispensaries, which I cant get into. Any knowledge on that?


search 420 on craigslist


The guy in this picture looks weirdly familiar, where is it from?


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It's nearly the 17th year of the 21st century. Buy your drugs online.


was thinking about it. felt like kind of a pussy doing that because my friend gets hers from a dealer and said i should find one, but honestly its more my style i to do that anyways. never been much of a STREET FREAK.

thanks for that. i tried craigslist but kept searching soykaf like weed which wasnt getting me many results.


why not just use the same dealer as your friend?


they dont live here. I just moved.


oh whoops sorry


"Party favors" is usually the parlance.


I gotta know


OP's next weedman.


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Clearly this calls for drastic measures.


This. It's your best option man, less risky then getting it from someone in the street. It's pretty fuarrrking easy to set up also.