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Hey lainons, I just tried my first cigar and really liked it, I have plans to sit down with some friends soon and smoke some. I just drank some ice tea last time, and will most likely stick to that.

What brands do you guys like

What do you drink with it

What else do you do to make it extra comfy?

Merry Christmas


Hmm- really depends. When you're starting out, I'd find a cheap brand with a wide range of wrappers and try a few until you find a style you like.

Personally, I'm a fan of Romeo y Julieta, CAO, and Gurkha.

As far as drink pairings go, easiest way to do it is match the drink color with the wrapper, like

Oscuro -> Sweet dark liqueurs like Kahlua or Irish Cream

Maduro -> Cognac/Scotch/Dark coffees

Connecticut -> Brandy/Bourbon/Light Coffees

Double Claro -> Rums/light liqueurs like schnapps/chai tea


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Don't start smoking man, please take my advice as a year old smoker.
At first you think "well soykaf, I can't see myself getting addicted to such a subtle thing like this" but you will.

There are better drugs out there, smoke a joint every now and then. You'll be better off.


I'm not smoking ciggarrets, just cigars.
It's not something I really could do to much, if that makes sense, it's seems like a fun thing to do, to sit around with friends and smoke a cigar. It's not like I can just start smoking a cigar every where, they are also expensive, I can't really afford to be smoking them every day, nor do I have friends to do it with every day.


That's fine, just remember my advice. I'm sure you'll be clever enough to handle it.


Not a huge cigar fan, but I love my pipe. I was self conscious about it at first because the whole neckbeard/nerd smoking a pipe, but I'm married now and couldn't give a fuarrrk about that if I wanted to.

Anyways, sort of like what >>4454 said you really should look into whiskey fandom. I personally sticket exclusively to bourbon, but I don't mind scotch or japanese whiskeys I just want to fully explore the bourbon palate.


What do you mean?


Meh, personally, I'm happy with my habit, which has been reduced to a single cig per day.
I feel like living is a city would be a lot more harmful.