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Last night I went to a party with my HS schoolmates. Binge drinking, smoking cigarettes, some local food to deal with the alcohol. Most important though, one of them offered me weed and we smoked some outside before going back

I have smoked weed before, some months ago one friend offered me and it didn't really feel good because it was just before going into class. I couldn't concentrate at all and felt paranoid, was having some slight hallucinations while there, so I left class and sat around until my next class, which was far better since I was coming down and could now concentrate.

Now, yesterday, after some hours we left the place we were at to go to a friend's house, where my group started drinking rum again (this is where the heavy drinking began). After a few minutes I was totaled. I woke up on my bed around 6 hours later. I slept around 5 more hours and here I am.

I feel fuarrrking awful, both embarrassed and depressed. Really fuarrrking depressed, I have never felt this bad after drinking. It might have something to do with the fact I didn't really enjoy that much the party, but it is a feeling of overwhelming sadness where you just want to crawl into fetal position and cry for help. I don't even want to eat.

I remember some months ago, days after confessing to a girl I that I was obsessed with (to this day I still dream about her, even after "forgetting") I felt so sick I spent an entire day on my bed, was having some sort of hallucinations which made me feel haunted. It was an horrible experience.

Has something similar happened to any of you before when using several drugs together?


I don't intend to step over what you're feeling, or say it doesn't matter but
> I don't even want to eat.
Is where very very likely this thing is coming from. Your body exhausted a lot of resources to deal with all the pollution of your system, and now you feel bad emotionally pretty much the same way you would if you'd taken a beating or something.
I usually go to a breakfast with a lot of eggs, and, unless it's too hot for that, eat a very hearty chicken soup, full of vegetables, and noodles, a lot of fat preferably, for both lunch and dinner, the day after drinking heavily.

You need to put minerals back inside your body, energy, and chicken has some chemical properties that help your body with the cleansing. Just go ahead for that and I bet all my experience as a heavy drinker you'll feel somewhat, if not completely, better.
If you don't, then at least you'll find yourself in a state where it's possible to deal with the inner workins to sort this soykaf out. Right now, with a fuarrrked metabolism, it's just not the moment for that.



Thanks, at this point it's been more than 12 hours since I was there, my appetite is normal now and feel like usual.

Don't think I'll touch alcohol that hard for a long time, much less do weed at the same time.

Happy new year guys.