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So fellas, I've never done any drugs/alcohol. Ever. I'm twenty seven now and I've never been high or drunk. I want to start experimenting with drugs but I'm not sure where to start. Cigarettes maybe? I'm open to suggestions.


The first drug I ever did (this includes being drunk) was a temazepam the experience was pleasant, and what I'd say was an ideal first high (low?). Probably the best thing for you though is to go down to the closest bar and order a bunch of beers.


The easiest thing to do would be to buy some booze at the liquor store. Nicotine isn't really worth wasting money on IMO. It just makes you feel a bit calm and relaxed for a very short period of time. Personally I find alcohol pretty boring and soykafty too, but most of the planet disagrees with me.

I didn't use recreational drugs until I was 21. The first drug I had used before that was when I was given codeine after getting some teeth yanked out when I was 20. After that I ended up trying some research chemical psychedelics and just drinking cough syrup like a teenager (because I had no drug contacts). Later on I started buying illicit drugs off of Tor markets.

If you can get weed I would say that's the best place to start. If not, you have a lot of other options but I don't want to write a novel until I know what you're interested in. I can suggest some RCs or semi-legal methods of acquiring illicit substances (ex: Poppy seed tea) if you like.


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I think I'll start with weed because I abhor alcohol. I really want to get some LSD and go walking around in the woods alone y'know? I think that would me fantastic. Problem is that I don't know how to obtain LSD besides darknet and that just seems like I'd get scammed.


alcohol is a complete waste of time, the only reason I ever drink it is in situations were I need to pretend to be normal.


I totally agree when it comes to beer, but I find whisky and some wines to be enjoyable to drink.


I'd start with a 6 pack of some college kid-esque beer. Maybe some PBR. After that try smoking weed and then maybe go onto stimulants and psychedelics.



> Suggesting a college kid beer

> Not suggesting Busch over PBR

Everything else in this guys post is alright though. Find a beer that you enjoy drinking, it's a lot more fun to drink when you're not drinking alone though so maybe bring someone with you.


>I really want to get some LSD and go walking around in the woods alone y'know?
maybe if you were an expirienced tripper. otherwise i wouldnt suggest it. might freak out and get lost. weed on the other hand, is good for wandering around in the woods (just make sure to have someone come get you so you're not driving home intoxicated).


Stay away from cigs. It's a really weak buzz and the addiction is killer.


I liked Pabst before it was cool :p Busch is nice though, to each his own.


Don't start with LSD; start with shrooms. LSD is the most potent hallucinogen known to man; don't get in over your head. Another advantage of shrooms is that they don't have to be synthesized in a lab -- you can just go out and find 'em. GET A FIELD GUIDE AND STUDY IT CLOSELY, though; you don't want to end up poisoning yourself. Be careful. Also, what >>4545 said.


Are you sure DMT isn't the most potent..? LSD comes in many different doses which can all be tested. Also, please don't advise a complete newbie to go foraging for shrooms, that's so dangerous.


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I think of alcohol like food. It should be consumed for enjoyment in moderate quantities, preferably high quality. There are far better drugs on which to get loaded. Also, since you're 27, you're not going to be able to binge drink consequence-free like the college kiddies. Hangovers are a bitch.

As far as stimulants go, nicotine is pretty soykaf-tier, but I still partake because the act of smoking is pleasant and sometimes a social activity. If you're just trying to get a feel for the effects, you'd get a much better high from a 200mg caffeine pill. As far as stronger stims go, adderall is pretty amazing. Coke is an amazing high but short-lived, expensive, and usually not worth it.

Psychedelics are god-tier but beginners should approach with caution. From personal experience, as someone who's anxiety prone, all of my trips have had some level of discomfort, and I've had a couple bad trips. Good LSD is amazing but you have to trust your hippie chemist didn't fuarrrk up the dose. Mushrooms are a safer bet because mother nature is the best chemist ;). Sometimes strong cannabis highs have psychedelic qualities and weed might be a safer starting point. If you get paranoid, at least you'll come down in an hour, whereas dropping acid or shrooms, there's no turning back for half a dozen or a dozen hours.


>adderall is pretty amazing
Indeed it is. I love popping 80mg IR and staying up making music


I'm not the person you replied to, but DMT is not the most potent. DMT is active at a couple of milligrams, but LSD is active at 20ug. Actually, there are a lot of psychedelics that are more potent than DMT, such as 5-MeO-DMT, 25I-NBOMe, LSD, etc. For a discussion of potency vs. power, you should read https://www.erowid.org/ask/ask.php?ID=2830. For LSD vs. DMT potency:

There are actually a few analogues of LSD that are more potent. ETH-LAD, for example. From psychonautwiki:
>This compound is thought to be moderately to significantly more potent than LSD itself
As far as I know, there are not any hallucinogens that are more potent than LSD and are not research chemicals, though, and LSD analogues seem to be fairly obscure (ETH-LAD does not even have an Erowid page). I also do not know of any hallucinogens that are more potent than LSD and are not analogues of LSD, although if someone else does I would be happy to be corrected.


Ah, very interesting. I'll make sure not to confuse potency and power again.
However, I think I still think LSD could be a first time psychedelic for many. It was mine, and after lots of marijuana and various stim use, I was ready for it when I first dosed. I believe my first time was a single 115ug tab and I had a fantastic time.


Don't start smoking cigarettes, a druggie friend of mine used to call it the stupid drug- it does nothing for you except get you addicted.


>friend of mine used to call it the stupid drug
As opposed to the smart drug. Hahahahaha


Maybe start with caffeine?
Its easy to get and you won't risk your life.
Other then that, cannabis is harmless and easy to get as well.
You could try alcohol as well but be warned it can kill you


(I didn't bother to read anyone else's responses, so sorry if this is a repeat)
The bigger question is *why*. Why have you abstained for so long and now looking to fall prey to this bullsoykaf nonsense. Sounds like you're simply bored and using that as an excuse.


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OP here. I never got into drugs or alcohol because weed seemed like memey bullsoykaf when i was young, cigs were dumb, and i never really had friends (still dont) to drink with. Ive always wanted to do psychs though. I have just never really had the connects or tried to pursue them.


Getting scammed on Darknet is always possible, but remember: people's reputation is what brings them customers. There are plenty of dealers on the Darknet, and people who are highly rated are that for a reason. If you're still suspicious I'd check local schools / parties if you really want to acquire most narcotics, but at party / celebratory venues price will generally be marked up intensely.


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Acquiring psychedelics is super easy. Thanks to the miracles of modern technology you don't need to have any IRL drug contacts to get worthwhile drugs these days. You can either

A) lrn2 use Tor markets and buy acid or whatever else you want

B) Buy some well known RCs like 4-aco-dmt (similar to mushrooms) or AL-LAD (somewhat similar to LSD) or a number of others. Although I dislike Reddit on general principal their /rcsources/ subreddit is very useful. I strongly recommend it.

C) Grow your own mushrooms or extract mescaline at home. Both are super easy to do. For mushrooms you just go to Shroomery and read about it. For Mescaline you purchase a San Pedro cactus and follow instructions from DMT-Nexus on how to make an extract.
Ask for more info on any of the above and I (or another Lain) will provide you with it.

I was similar to you, I think. I was not very interested in drugs and I have always been a social misfit. I didn't have many chances to try getting drunk or high with friends, so I just never tried anything until I had more money and freedom.


Top chap, thanks. I might go for the mescaline. San Pedro peyote. It even sounds mystical and being native american I'd like to connect with my ancestor spirits


First thing most people in a western society do:


don't bother.

Try some cannabis. Mild, fun, no terrible side effects for first timers, just about all truely bad side effects of cannabis come from repeated heavy use over the course of decades.


>A) lrn2 use Tor markets and buy acid or whatever else you want
i realize there is a reason people don't give instructions on this, but are there any guides/intros that are /drg/ approved for a paranoid?
i hope this post isn't breaking any rules


Here's a warning: San pedro is fuarrrking nasty. You WILL vomit. Probably two or three times. Mescaline by itself tends to do this, but the San Pedro goo just does not agree with your stomach. Native Americans considered this part of the peyote experience, since peyote cactus tends to cause the same reaction.

It's super easy.

1. Lrn2 use PGP encryption and create a key pair. Use this for messaging dealers with your address info. This is a CYA measure in case the messaging service the site uses is somehow being monitored or the servers are seized.

2. Get the Tor browser bundle and make sure javascript is disabled. It should be, since all plugins are disabled by default and it comes with noscript

3. Get some bitcoin. There's multiple ways to do this. You can use a service like coinbase or something like localbitcoins. Hell, you can even meet up with people on Craigslist to buy BTC.

4. Pick a drug market. There's a number of popular sites.

5. After you set up your account, get on the site and search for the drug you want. I would strongly recommend buying only from a dealer in your country. At the very least you should avoid ordering from drug hotspots like The Netherlands.
Stick to dealers with high ratings. I would avoid ordering from guys that have like 200 deals or some soykaf. personally I've never ordered from someone with under 500. Typically I try to find dealers with over 1,000 deals.
Generally speaking, the highly rated dealers have high ratings for a reason. They tend to be professional and you're just another customer to them. They want your money and wish to avoid bad reviews.

6. Place an order and send the dealer your info (ENCRYPTED) so he can send you your soykaf. I would recommend simply using your real name and address. You will probably think this sounds stupid, but it's the smartest thing to do. Anyone can send you anything in the mail. In the highly unlikely event that the package is intercepted (4th amendment protects mail in the US, so nobody is searching soykaf without a good reason) you can simply feign ignorance. It would be very difficult to prove that you actually ordered the drugs if your soykaf is encrypted.
Not that it's worth the time to do it, really. The feds typically do not waste time pursing people for buying a few strips of LSD or something.

7. Unless you had to finalize early for some reason, you need to log back on and finalize once you get the drugs. The BTC is usually held "in escrow" (by the site) until you confirm that the dealer delivered. You should weigh and reagent test your chemicals. You can never be too safe

Useful sites
The Hidden Wiki

This site tracks dealers across multiple markets. Most of the serious dealers sell on all the popular markets and cross link to their pages on other sites. A guy might have 300 deals on site XYZ and 1,500 on site ABC.


Oh and I forgot.
You can "tumble" bitcoins to cover your tracks when you transfer them to your wallet on the site of your choosing. IMO this doesn't help much, but if it helps you sleep at night feel free to do it.
You should probably do all your drug buying on an an encrypted PC just to cover your ass. Like I said, the chances of getting caught are very slim. It's still a simple precaution you can take that could potentially save you though.

P.S. You are going to be super nervous the first time you buy. That's normal.


>You can "tumble" bitcoins to cover your tracks when you transfer them to your wallet on the site of your choosing. IMO this doesn't help much, but if it helps you sleep at night feel free to do it.
Tumblers just make you feel good.
They're just blackboxes which don't ensure anything.

A more sound and trusted approach would be joinmarket followed by asset swapping or asset swapping alone - buy xmr with btc on shapeshift, split funds from shapeshift receive address to new xmr addresses to remove link between exchange, pay in xmr to btc on xmr.to.


Weed and drinks. Thats what I do and it's all good bro


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Op, here. I'm really, really high right now.
Story time:
My sister has weed but I don't think she smokes she just kinda has it you know? So I stole some. PS right now, Mendelssohn is the best! I wrote that sentence and I feel like its been a half hour. soykaf. This is pretty great guys. Why'd I wait so fuarrrking f-u-c-k-i-n-g LONG. I don't want to be like this all the time but for now its pretty great. Kinda weird that my grammar is for the most part, intact. I'm kind of trying to keep track of time right now, that's kinda why I'm playing music.


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I actually wrote a lot more than that and I'm still pretty high now and it about two or so hours later. I was basically rambling. I might turn it into an erowid reports as I've been sort of cataloging this trip.


I guess we are clones after all. I stole some weed for my first time too. I knew this guy who had a huge stash because he was buddies with a guy that worked on a medicinal farm. I took a pinch from this massive jar of weed he had. The guy frequently tossed half smoked joints onto the pavement, so I doubt he missed it.
I felt the same way too. I wish I had started smoking sooner because I could have had a lot more fun.



>I really want to get some LSD and go walking around in the woods alone y'know?

please don't do this. Drugs are not memes.

LSD is a great chemical, but unlike cannabis its a drug that commands respect.

LSD is *NOT* for the type of person who just likes getting "fuarrrkED UPPP YO". or "I WAZZZ SO LIT FRIDAY NIGHT". LSD is a serious drug for serious people who like to explore their own consciousness. Its a drug for intellectuals, or at very least for people who enjoy thinking. In low doses, it can be used as a nootropic.

1. Research everything you can read about it.
2. Research your own psychiatric history. LSD is not physically harmful, but it does mess with your state of mind heavily. If you have a history of schizoid type mental illness, this is not your drug. If you have autism, this very much is your drug.(depending on circumstances, LSD can help with autistic symptoms, in fact is theorized that the complex social interactions of the human brain evolved by primitive hominids eating magic mushrooms, unfortunately, evolution it seems is not even, and LSD might give what genetics did not)
3. Understand the difference between hallucinogens and deleriants. LSD is a hallucinogen, not a deleriant. Don't fuarrrk with deleriants.
4. Get a trip sitter. A trip sitter should be an experienced user, again, who does the research, respects the drug, and has the knowledge who even after doing hallucinogens repeatedly still functions in society, and you trust enough not harm a child version of you for 12 hours while they basicly watch you.

LSD is an upper, and your mind won't stop racing for 12 hours. Dosing will determine what effects you get.

Anywhere <~100 ug you'll get a borderline effect. Some mild symptoms but be able to function. ~20-50 micrograms you can use LSD as a nootropic. take, wait 45 min, then try studying your favorite subject and you should notice learning and intellectual tasks get a little easier.

About 50 micrograms you start getting all giddy and happy.

About 70, you start to get visable and audiable hallucinations. between ~100-200 you have an "outward" experience of rich visuals and audio hallucinations.

Anything north of 200, and you'll get an "inner" experience, where your inner dialog takes over. This can be profound or painful, but be damn prepared to meet whatever fears exist within your soul. Not recommended for beginners.


Stay away from tabacco/alcohol, the effect are barely enjoyable and the possible health effects can be severe.

If you want to try weed, use a vaporizer or eat it (look up cooking receipts). Can be a lot of fun together with some friends, make sure to not consume it regularly or in excessive doses else you might have issues with your memory.

If you want to try something like shrooms I recommend 4-Aco-DMT, effects are virtually distinguishable, but the negative feeling the the stomach isn't there and the taste is neutral. Try it with some friends out in nature in summer, easily a great experience.

LSD already got covered by the other anon. It can be
hell and heaven, inform yourself well, start with low doses and work yourself up over the months/years.

Cocaine can also be a pleasant experience.

Stay away from harder stimulants like amphetamine / methamphetamine. If you want to enhance cognitive performance or want to stay awake and focused for 2-3 days look into smart drugs.


I've used LSD in doses around 110ug-200ug and partied hard before. If you're experienced and make sure to stay safe and have a buddy watch out for you, it's something you can do and have a blast in a public party setting. I've also had some "inner" experiences alone in my backyard where I learn a lot about myself and my inner demons. With experience, depending on how well you can handle your soykaf, acid can be a lot more casual than you'd think.


I've never had a trip sitter before simply because none are available to me. If OP has never ever done drugs it seems unlikely to me that he is close friends with a psychonaut.
The best substitute is some Xanax in your pocket. If you feel like things are going south you swallow a bar and abort the trip.



I downed over 220 ug at a hacker con before.

Not fun. Long story short, LSD helps greatly with my social awareness, and combine with some synthinasia to the point I was hyper aware of everyone's thoughts in real time.

Very very very unnerving to say the least.


Smoke some Weed.

It's by far the safest drug, and it's the most common starter drug.

I totally recommend it! You will have a good time, and have zero to no risk.


Seems like you already did it! Weed is great OP. I don't do it often, but when I do it's always a good time.


I'm almost in the same place as OP, so I'll post here instead of making a new thread.
I just recently tried weed a couple of times. First time was like a quarter of a joint("cheap stuff"), and it felt pretty good. I found someone selling "the good soykaf," and bought some. When I smoked I had about 5 or 6 hits, and ended up getting really paranoid, shivering, and had a bad headache that lasted through the next day. It felt kind of like being way too drunk, not enjoyable at all. Did I just smoke too much, or did I do something else wrong? Will I be fine if I limit my intake? I don't really want to throw out what I have, but I don't want to go through that again.


yea, could be you smoked too much. the thing with weed is your mind goes into feedback loops more easily so if you start thinking about how paranoid you are or how much your life is like kicking dead whales down the beach it will only make those feelings stronger.
another thing is it seems like you are unaware of what kind of mj you're smoking, judging off of your "cheap stuff" and "the good soykaf" classifications. different strains have different highs, figure out what kind you enjoy and buy on deep web markets not from people who don't know where (genetically) their stuff comes from


>Did I just smoke too much
Yes. It could be a strain issue (as in the strain of cannabis), but it's more than likely that you just overdid it. I wouldn't worry, just take it easy next time. Either don't toke the whole thing or just don't put as much in; roll it with tobacco if you aren't good at rolling skinny.
As a general rule of thumb, you should always start off small to see how it affects you; you can never rely on other peoples experiences with various doses.

As for my experiences: 250μg of LSD gave me a very nice experience, similar to >>4603 > "outward" experience of rich visuals and audio hallucinations
tripping is really the best way of describing it; everything you see takes you down an other chain of thought and into another place. It's magical.
>child version of you
is very much how it feels.

Nobody has mentioned 2CB, which I find surprising. It's gaining popularity where I am.
I took 42mg, and had an interesting time. The visual effects aren't very strong, but you do get the feeling of 'headspace'.
I did a lot of thinking that night.


>your mind goes into feedback loops more easily
That's good to know. I'll remember that for next time.

>people who don't know where (genetically) their stuff comes from

It was actually home-grown Wifi OG, it was just kind of hyped up. I don't have connections, so I jumped at the offer, without considering strength. I'll check out the deep web markets eventually to try some different things.

>roll it with tobacco if you aren't good at rolling skinny
I'll give that a try.


You probably just smoked something somebody grew wrong, there's a specific taste that young idiots and people who don't smoke enough don't catch when theres nitrogen still in the smokeable marijuana.

my recommendation smoking everyday for the last 4+ years?
Durban Poison, look into it.

I would stay away from the synthetic psychedelics in general.
2cs (polish acid) have a reputation for seizing people up, etc
Just get a small amount of fungus and take tiny dosages twice or three times a day if you're still going to put things into your body.

ps cough syrup gives you a feeling of being really far away from something looking back down onto it, but it doesn't make you retarded like a benzo would.
Not good for liver though.