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I recently purchased (what is supposed to be) 2C-B from a very well rated Tor dealer. I was immediately a little concerned when I got the drug though.Instead of being pure white, the powder is a light tan color. I took out my Mandelin reagent and tested it. Bizarrely it turned a green color, but I left it for some time and it slowly faded to yellow and then went clear. According to my research, 2C-B is supposed to go straight yellow and then clear.
The only drug that turns green with a Mandelin test (that I know of) is Meth, and this does not look like meth, nor does the dealer sell meth. I do not have another reagent kit at my disposal right now, so I can't test it with something else. I believe this reagent is still good because testing MDMA results in a purple -> black reaction as it should.
Like an idiot I finalized before testing the drug, so confronting the dealer is out of the question at this point.

Has anyone here had a similar experience? What should I do?


Where did you get the requirement of a yellow reaction for Mandelin? Looking at ecstasydata.org (a great resource for stuff like this) 2C-B has shown as green a number of times. It has also shown as yellow so I'm not sure how reliable a test it is.



I had found several threads on Bluelight and Drugs-forum claiming it was supposed to go straight yellow to clear. I had not thought to check Ecstasy data.
Thank you. The pictures of the Mandelin test there look almost exactly like what I got. Guess I should have Googled harder.