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Let us discuss the most /cyb/ class of drugs, RCs. What have you tried recently? Personally I aim to try 4-HO-MET and 4-AcO-DMT soon. I've also been wanting to try 2C-B/2C-I as well.


I tripped on 4-aco-dmt twice, 25mg both times


4-aco-dmt is great. 10mg was enough to make a day a little magical without getting too intense.

10mg of 2C-I felt like the softest psychedelic possible, music sounded amazing any my body felt like it was wrapped in a warm blanket.

2C-B is also good, I've snorted 10mg a couple of times for parties and it was nice. Probably better for music events rather than social gatherings.

4-FA seemed just like amphetamine to me, maybe I didn't take enough but I never got a rolling like sensation from it.

5-MAPB was the same, pretty disappointing.

5-MEO-MIPT was nice, only took it once but the body high was nice and I got really into the chapter of PIHKAL I was reading.


4-aco-dmt was my first psy and it was fuarrrking great. Tippity top notch stuff. I wrote a trip report for the next Lainzine. We'll see if it ever gets published.

I don't think 2C-B really qualifies as a RC anymore. Erowid no longer classifies it as one. It's been around for a long time and it's been somewhat popular in Europe for years.


Erowid never classified it as a RC: https://erowid.org/ask/ask.php?ID=3188
I just included it because I'm sure most drug users would consider an RC just because of the name and because of how rare it is.


It's not rare across the pond though. It's quite common in the Netherlands.


Everything seems to be cheap and easy to get in the Netherlands.


I had a bit of a 4-AcO-DMT problem this past summer. There were days that I would dose upwards of 200mg at a time. Usually I'd be taking it every day or every other day. My first time, it really reminded me of shrooms, but towards the end of my use it was just something to bring color into the bleak gray world that I'd created for myself by overusing psychedelics. Some friends had to pull me away from it and now I'm clean off of the stuff. Worth a try, but don't go overboard. Something so dirt cheap can be way too easy to get and abuse.


MXE fuarrrking is like kicking dead whales down the beach. Don't let them fool you into thinking it's legal ketamine. Sure, it's a glutimate antagonist, but its lack of opiod activity makes it a pretty miserable experience. Just a heads up, lains.


>tfw I'm in the UK
I miss RCs so much
3-meo-pcp was my soykaf
IDK if ETH-LAD counts as an RC but pretty gr8


I found it to be the best dissociative for relaxed sessions alone, quite moreish though, could also have been the nasal ROA. The downer effect makes you calm and content, while dissociation provides a trip or a mirror in the existence. IMO it is on par with MXP, but the latter is more of an upper nature, so social events suit this one better. Diphenidine has stronger dissociation, maybe even stronger than MXE, but offers less emotional bliss. Trips on that stuff can suddenly become heavy after hours of manageable funkiness, especially if you have high levels of magnesium going.


Does anyone know anything about DXE? I want to try Ketamine (or something similar) but it seems to be rare in the US.


Has anyone ever used ethylphenidate?
I'm quite curious about how it differentiate from Ritalin


Recently ordered 2ct2 (one of the shulgin six) and got a sample of 4-aco-dpt thrown in there.

To clarify it is 4-aco-dpt and NOT 4-aco-dipt

Very little info on the interwebs i could find. Anyone done this rc?any info is appreciated.


Good stuff. It has a smooth intoxication, provides great focus and feels really dopaminergic. Euphoria is present, but IMO the focus is the best aspect. It has a mild crash and is really caustic.

You can obtain it in vivo by consuming Ritalin with alcohol.


I've read that the afterglow can be kinda unpleasant. I'm also considering trying some, though, and for the same reason.


Anyone have experience with 2C-E? I have enjoyed 2C-B and 2C-I when I tried them but I hear 2C-E has a more intense headspace.


Yea, I've read about its causticity, but can it be dangerous via oral consumption?
I mean, there are ppl who snort it.
I'm still curious regarding the pharmacology differences between Ritalin and pure ethylphenidate as well


>dangerous during oral consumption
I doubt it poses any serious threat. When you eat powders you usually parachute them (wrapped in a tiny amount of rolling paper) or quickly wash them down with liquid. It won't be hanging around in your upper digestive tract for long.
When you snort power it just sits in your sinus cavity until it is slowly absorbed. It has much more time to eat away at your tissue while this is happening.

>there are people who snort it

They must be idiots. I did it once and I'll never do it again. I felt like I had snorted lye.

Not him btw.


Has anyone got experiences with 4-EMC to share?


Just recently tried 2-ce for the first time. I loved it. In general its a more thought provoking L trip, it wasnt as mindfucky for me, i spent hours writing ideas and thoughts down.

Its very energetic. (Much like all of shulgins six). The visuals are there but they arent as intense as an L trip (at least for me). I did 10mg a few times, and then 20mg once. I found the 10mg to be a better dose- there is some nauseau (not eating before you take it and drinking water while you do it helps a ton) and the higher doses make this worse.

Its a great drug to do and think about something, do something creative. Write, draw, play music whatever, just be creative and it will be a blast


It could be just masochistic me, but the pain is a great part in itself. It underlines the rushing sensation and makes you remember that you are acid burning your body and mind.


I never felt that the pain from 2C-X was overwhelming enough to overcome the advantages from snorting it. My trick was to snort a fingertip of water before and after the 2C-X.


Finally my waifu found someone with that same weird taste, she had it lots of times during the last year after obtaining some of the last barely legal stuff from Ukraine. Feels bad for you


Alright, my waifu had very pleasant experiences with 4-HO-MET. The main aspect she found interesting was always the halluscinations as they're more colourful and vivid as with most other psychedelics (may be the reason it's called Colors by some). My waifu had three-dimensional worlds on the walls of her room and soykaf so you may get anything out of it. Although, you have to expect typical tryptamine like comeup effects and mind tripping in ways that might scare you or make you hate yourself. My waifu always likes to describe 4-HO as shrooms with a different set of optics. Duration is about 6 hours and you might want to take like 20mg of it for a proper trip, maybe redose. My waifu had a 20mg cap and then snorted another 20mg on her first one, be sure to try that snorting if you like to experiment.
Another thing that crosses my waifus mind is the crazy laugh attacks you can get, she used to laugh 2 hours straight on one trip which can be really annoying but also a funny way to scare your friends. Have fun, be safe


You really shouldn't snort that soykaf. You will blow out your septum if you keep it up. Ethylphenidate is way more caustic than cocaine etc.


4-ho-met is nice. A good monday-night-go-to psychedelic. Sort of in-between mushrooms and lsd. Puts a nice glow on things and fairly non-disruptive. Had ego-death once, blindfolded and with headphones on with around 40mg.

I would. however not advertise for any of the cannabinoids, I have tried. Both 5F-ADB and STS-135 were okay in small doses but psychotic in higher and dreadfully difficult to measure.

3-meo-pcp is great. Fun at parties in small doses, makes me relaxed and unafraid to come off as weird. Complete astral detachment in high dosages. I was floating through crystalline, colorful, alien landscapes. And the duration is the best part, some 10 hours :)


What is a low dose? Do you take it orally or nasally?


File: 1487472193555.png (64.6 KB, 200x183, 1484110765250.jpg)

It's been over a week since I tried 2c-b. I didn't even take much. Only about 15mg.
I've been experiencing random moments of derealization. Usually when I'm talking to someone. I just get slapped with this sudden "Wow, this is surreal." feeling out of nowhere.
I'm a little scared. I had wanted to try a larger dose, but now I'm holding off because I want the derealization to go away before I try more psys.


Have the same problem with all kinds of psychedelics. I guess this is what people call "flashbacks".


I never take psychedelics more frequently than every 2-3 months because of this sort of thing. I need that much time to integrate the experience.


My waifu said that it's pretty smooth sailing. Nothing spectacular but very pleasant with few side effects. Would recommend.


Not him, but 10mg or so (orally) is threshold for me. It adds a nice "sparkle" to everything, with colors popping and such.
Same here. I don't get the lasting derealization, but even a moderate trip on something like 4-HO-MET is mentally exhausting, and I typically wait 3 months before diving in again.


Do you have a diss tolerance? 10mg seems higher compared to some of what I have heard.


The 10mg dose there referred to 4-HO-MET. My mistake.

Not a regular disso user at all, but I have done 3-MeO-PCP a few times. Once at 3mg, twice at 5mg. 3mg didn't do much but I found the 5mg dose was a solid confidence booster. Not too disorienting either. I've never gone higher since I've heard it dramatically ramps up past that.


Did you take it orally or insufflated?


i tried 5-meo-dalt like some years back. i still have it, actually, though it's probably degraded heavily in potency.

i tried a small, unmeasured amount (which, of course, was a dumb and bad thing to do) and had an unpleasant experience. it was a very body heavy psychedelic without any apparent possible tryptamine effects - at least in that instance. if my memory serves me, it was a short trip wherein my body felt extremely heavy, and as if were composed of small, homogenous parts which were moving in a simultaneously in/interdependent way. hard to explain, but it was not a pleasant experience.

I never tried it again. maybe i should take another crack at it.
there were no ERs on erowid at the time, but it looks as though people have had much better experiences than I did (and i have a scale now.)

JWH: 0/10 would not recommend


I took it orally each time.


This guy knows what he's talking about, snorting rcs in general can be quite a bit more dangerous than snorting coke. Just stick to taking it orally, you won't be missing out much.


Snorting cocaine is still bad for your nose, throwing a vasoconstrictor at an area full of blood vessels won't do anything good. Cocaine just numbs you so you can't feel any damage.


been taking 4f-mph almost daily for months now tbh
2c-b too if it counts, i'm in burgerland, so it's not really very popular here
2/4-fa are great too


How much 4f-mph are you taking? have you noticed a tolerance building up?


I've been using the same lately, you've gotta be careful on the dosage.
Please do yourself the favor and make some breaks, you liver will thank you.

When I first used it I did not really care about the amount and just took what I usually start with when I'm having speed, I'm quite lucky I did not get a heart attack.


i once did MXE for a month

feels good, man


>2c-b too if it counts
Would LSD count, you fuarrrking retard?


We already had a discussion about 2c-b at the top of the thread. it's really a grey area. Where would you consider 2c-i to fall?


If something's been around for 30 fuarrrking years and its use and effects have been well documented it's not an RC. 2CB is nothing near an RC, and neither are most of the 2C's.


Ethylphenidate is most definitely not smooth. Methylphenidate is wayyy smoother, whether taken orally or by insufflation.

EPH is fun as hell though. 25-40mg lines, 45-75 minutes high, then back down. It is indeed caustic as hell, and for me the pain added to the rush of it.

Combining ritalin with alcohol does produce ethylphenidate, but in order to get enough to feel something different than


I think I experienced the edge of ego death on 30mg, but the trip still was not very headspace heavy. Did you find that to be the case as well?


Guys, I'm still worried. I am not getting slapped hard with derealization, but much of the time things just don't feel right when I'm interacting with people. I get this slight but uncomfortable feeling that I'm disconnected from my surroundings. It's like watching a movie from behind my eyes.
I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, but it hasn't gone away and it's been a while.


>about a month ago
damn, that's scary. I've had drugs come back in subtle waves before, but i think that was just because I forgot to wash it out of my nose.
I guess you just have to wait it out. sorry, anon.


It's not just you. I had the same feeling past 7 or so days. You know, as if you are asleep but you cannot awake, that sort of thing. I never did drugs though, just saw your post on /mega/ and thought I should share.
I hope you get to real reality, because this one is phoney af.


Got any opinions about 2-oxo-pce? Internet says that its pretty good dyssociative, how is it compared to dxm?


I am just hoping it isn't permanent. It's freaking me out because it never happened like this before with other drugs. I've experienced some mild derealization or just random brief periods of it after using 4-aco-dmt and other stuff.
My psy use was never even heavy. I've tripped about 15~ times total.
For now I am just abstaining from anything mind altering. I was going to go to a concert and roll, but I decided not to.


Well I have considerable experience with RCs I guess, so here's some rough generalizations:

These tend to be the nicest and safest usually.

These are usually more physical, lots of care required with the DOx and I'd say the nBOME's are best left alone but at least do trash any BDFly you come across

Steer the fuarrrk clear from them, if you must try then at least absorb the powder into some benign plant matter. Not called stoner crack for no reason, short insanely intense cannabinoid highs that disorient you and leave you looping taking hits until you run out (of the drug or through the window).

-MDMA like
Usually these have pretty awful comedowns and I would advise against trying to combine with psychedelics as you can get brainzaps or even some serotonin syndrome kind of issues. Wide variety around tho, some better than others.

-'bath salts'
Insane. If you want to empathize with crackheads do try them, nothing in this world has ever caused such craving for me as vaping a-PVP.

I guess these are the cash crop if you're into that, dangerous for obvious reasons. Don't vape unless you want to black out.

Very interesting trips and useful for ignoring pain in both the good and bad I guess.

Thankfully not many of these around, of course plenty of potential for lethality.


4ho-dpt, It's like mushrooms but less spiritual and more emotionally-stimulating like an amphetamine


File: 1490826290070.png (717.61 KB, 200x151, research chemicals.jpeg)

Time for some stimulants. Anyone tried these ones before?


I don't know if it counts as an RC, but I've never really heard people mention BMPEA before.


A few years back there was a story on the news about how a company had been selling workout supplement pills laced with the stuff. I immediately located some that hadn't been pulled off the shelves and bought it, of course.

I had never tried amphetamines before, so I had nothing to compare it to. I only tried it twice but I still have the bottle.
The pills did not specify what the actual dosage was, since BMPEA was not on the ingredient list in the first place. I popped one and it was pretty fun. I had a soykafload of energy and generally felt very talkative and upbeat. Unsurprisingly I had difficulty sleeping later and my hands would shake whenever I was trying to sit still.

The second time I tried the stuff it fuarrrking sucked. I took one pill and started feeling it some time later (this was like a week after the first time). Instead of feeling energized and upbeat, I just felt awful. I felt incredibly hot and shaky. My heart was pounding in my chest so hard that I started to think that I needed to go to the hospital. I had never experienced heart palpitations like that, and I haven't since. There was some mild diarrhea, but that may have been from the stress. This went on for hours. I just felt feverish and sick the entire time. I was very thankful when the heart palpitations finally subsided.

That second experience scared the hell out of me, and although I have tried some other stims, I have yet to use anything more than a light dose.


ha, I got that all time even before I got into drugs, welcome to the club.


I wasn't very descriptive, but the feeling is not just a simple" this is weird" kind of thing. I'd say it's like the mental equivalent of being doused with cold water. All the sudden my surroundings just seem very strange. I suddenly start seeing the person in front of me and the things around me as if I've never seen them before.

Anyway, if anyone cares for an update: I'm feeling much better lately. The derealization seems to have gone away almost entirely. It doesn't happen nearly as often and when it does it's not as strong.


I've only been using etizolam for a couple of weeks, so I may be speaking too soon, but I think the drug has changed my life for the better so far! I feel so much more confident and comfortable on the drug. it essentially cures most of my AvPD symptoms. I can talk to people, I can walk outside comfortably, I can drive, I can go to the store, I can go to a restaurant, I can do anything! Furthermore, it technically only lasts a few hours, but I still feel some effects on the next day and even a bit on the day after that. I took some on Thursday and still felt an afterglow of sorts on Friday and Saturday. I still got stressed, but I had the power to calm myself down during the afterglow. Normally I just keep freaking out until I break down and cry or smash something.

However, I will say that my memory has been soykaftier than usual thanks to the drug. I keep a diary, and I already kinda forgot about most of the stuff I wrote about yesterday, for example. It makes you sleepy, too. Yesterday I redosed a lot (I took like 6mg in total) because I was alone in public for the whole day. When I got home at 8 or 9, I laid down on the cold bathroom floor and actually fell asleep... the sedation is definitely what I hate the most. I already have a normal sleeping schedule! I don't need something to be sedating me.

it's definitely not a drug for someone looking for a high, which is honestly disappointing to me. I've tried it twice and I just ended up blacking out or going to bed both times. There seems to be no gap between a therapeutic dose and a blackout dose. Maybe that'll change when my tolerance goes up. Still, the feeling of losing the anxiety I've felt consistently for years is a high in it of itself.

Overall, I love this drug. I hope I don't get addicted, though... I'm super scared of that.


Stop while you are ahead, I was dosing etizolam anywhere between 2mg and 6mg a day for 2-3 weeks and I felt pretty intense withdrawals when stopping cold turkey, and had to taper myself off for the next 2 weeks. I was shaking / shivering and felt a sense of impending doom, even got mild weird hallucinatory effects. I haven't felt completely normal since (its been ~4 years). It fuarrrks up your stomach too, in the mornings id wake up horribly nauseus. I really cant recommend against it enough, even alprazolam (xanax) would be a better option.

I don't use drugs anymore and have been sober for the better part of a year or so, so take all this as you will.


ugh, that's the problem with rcs. no research. we just don't know the full effects of these drugs. thanks for the heads up, anon. I'll strongly consider quitting.

I certainly don't want to, though. My life is so much better when I'm not constantly preoccupied with the fear of ridicule or embarrassment the point of tears. My mental issues are for another thread, though.


File: 1491377674577.png (90.4 KB, 200x113, ohshit.jpg)

this is a very common experience after taking psychedelics, especially if the experience was of profound import to the user. it tends to subsist.
>>4744 here.
i'm taking a big break from psychedelics right now, but am thinking that a good tyrptamine experience might be a much needed therapy, soon. once i cross that hurdle, i will probably see if i can find the 5meoDALT and wade into it.

Oh I forgot, I once brought some MDMC.
I actually really, really enjoyed the stuff. It was very much like MDMA, good stimulation, good euphoria, lots of potential for psychotherapeutic or enjoyable recreational use. i got very drunk with friends once while on it and ended up taking to much (ie, sticking pinky in bag) and spewed all over the place. my homie who was also thoroughly enjoying the drug swept it up without hesitation and we resumed as normal. i gave it to him and he's since disposed of it, but if it's still out there (which presumably it isn't) i'd recommend. as expected, hangover was terrible. can't attest to comedown.

is this still available? as much as i enjoy the spiritual side of mushrooms, the emotional stimulation aspect of many of the tryptamines is the real payload for me.

thoughts? are you died?

the poster below you is offering very good advice. benzos are really, really bad news as a habit. they can turn you into a horrible person (uncharacteristic behavior + no memory thereof), the addiction potential is high, and the withdrawals can easily be lethal.

i'd say, figure out what dose you need for stressful situations of high importance (key point) then banish that soykaf to a drawer and only use it for that. or whatever works for you (i don't mean to preach or moralize.) but don't do it as a habit, there's no goodness to be found going down that road.

(t. former opiate addict, lifelong addict)


quick update: i just looked into MDMC and realized that it's since been labeled as methylone, and has been derezzed in many countries. for any countries that still have this available, would highly recommend if MDMA is not available.


actually, one last final addition, after a quick rulecheck:

what RC venders on the clearnet are reputable and trusted by lainons? what about darknet?


Dr. Susna is my go-to. They're US based, so I always get my package in two or three days. I think they're more expensive than others, though.


>the poster below you is offering very good advice. benzos are really, really bad news as a habit. they can turn you into a horrible person (uncharacteristic behavior + no memory thereof), the addiction potential is high, and the withdrawals can easily be lethal.

yeah, that post scared me from using it as often as I was. unfortunately, I already used it again yesterday because I was extremely stressed to the point not being able to sleep because I caused a terrible car crash. I'm gonna do what you said, though: only reserve it for when I really really want it.


You just gave yourself some mild brain miswiring.
Nothing to worry about, I was fuarrrking born with that. It fades with time and binge drinking.


I used to get deja vu so bad that I literally had to brain-damage that soykaf away (moonshine). Still get it, occasionally, super annoying,