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Lain has court coming up soon for possession charges and wants to make sure her first drop is clean, lain went to a local supermarket and picked up "michael's ultimate detox cleanse and rebuild 7 day program" (pic related) does anon think that this in combination with lots of water consumption and exercise will be effective for a piss test? Lain was smoking a blunt a day before this for about a year.


Lain is fuarrrked. When (or if) the hammer asks if lain has smoked, lain should tell the truth.


>living in a state that prosecutes for weed possession
My condolences.

>smoking every day for a year

You are fuarrrked big time. When are you due for court? Could your lawyer stall the case? There's no definitive answer on how soon you will be clean, but the longer you've been smoking the longer that soykaf will stay in your system.
I have no idea if those detox kits even do anything. I kinda doubt it.


There's no miracle when it comes to pot.
THC is stored in fat cells, so start lifting weights.


Also, your might want to shave your hair, considering they look like your browsing history of smoked blunts.
Same for body hair. And eyebrows. Dude just pretend you have cancer and shave everything.


Just thought I'd update on Lain's situation: her court date is Feb 22nd now(thank god for good cheap lawyers) and she's stopped smoking since Jan 23rd, she's been working out and went through the 7 day detox program in OP, drinking a fuarrrkload of water and pissing like a race horse. Lain is going to buy another detox kit from her local smoke shop that is meant to be taken two days before the test, just to be extra safe, she's also going to buy a test to see if she fails it the week before she has to go to court to see how effective her routine has been. I'll keep you updated on Lain's progress in this as sort of a review for the OP product. It won't be the end of Lain's world if she drops dirty, in fact the court expects her too, but if she drops clean then her probation officer will make her drop less often which would be nice, since every time you have to drop you have to pay money (fuarrrking system is made to keep poor people poor.) thanks for your input and help anons, Lain is going to get her haircut soon and also buy some of that thc-shampoo stuff as well.


As >>4582 mentioned, you should probably do something about your hair, should they decide to do a hair follicle test. Detox shampoos are a thing.