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Hey, /drg/. I can't say I ever planned on using this board, but I suppose I need your help. I told a 50-odd year old woman that I have difficulty sleeping. Today she gave me some Gabapentine. I have no intent on taking it, especially after learning that it should only be used for controlling seizures, and the reason she has it is because it was marketed as a cure-all. I guess as an aside, she called me a pussy when I said I didn't want to take it. I've also been on edge since she gave them me.

Anyway, I suppose I'm asking how can dispose of them safely and anonymously. I'm based in the United Kingdom if it means anything.


give them to me ;^)
gabapentin is actually a really great under rated recreational drug imo, it's like a stim mixed with a benzo.
just throw them out man no one's going through your rubbish, throw them in a public bin if you're super paranoid.


Hey lainon, if you're anywhere near Essex I'll come and take them off your hands for you


Just flush it down the toilet. It's not VX nerve gas. It won't do any more damage that the toilet bowl cleaner and god knows what else people flush.
Why not try it though? A couple pills won't kill you.


Lain, you can simply put them in an empty pill bottle and drop them off at a chemist's to dispose of safely on your behalf anonymously.
As an aside, gabapentin is great medication, I used to be on it for migraine prevention, but for the first few weeks, they gave me intense euphoria and stim-like feelings. They aren't a panacea, but they work well for nerve pain and a host of other issues. (Especially eating a bunch spaced apart after a meal!! Check out the gabapentin thread on 420chan)


This. Barring that, mix with kitty litter and put in trash.


> like a stim mixed with a benzo.
That sounds like a nightmare. Mixing stimulants and depressants is a good way of getting a heart attack, it's not safe at all.

Side question - there was a word for mixing stims and depressants, but I can't remember it, and searching around doesn't help at all. Anyone know?


But this is not mixing stims and benzos.

It's been tested and proven to work in those cases, however a single dose wouldn't help you, you'd need regular dosing.
My fiance actually uses them for neurological pain and they helped her more with her anxiety than her sertralin did.


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Thanks for the help, Lainons. I ended up just giving them back to her.
I guess you can use this thread to discuss Gabapentine if you want.


>Side question - there was a word for mixing stims and depressants, but I can't remember it, and searching around doesn't help at all. Anyone know?
synergy? that's what they called it in middle school, I think


Speedball. At least that's what they call it when you do coke and heroin at the same time.