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My recent experiences with weed along with my history of depression have come together in a bad way. I feel "addicted", in the way that I urge to smoke when I am faced with my own true feelings again. I feel like ultimately being high feels like the literal opposite of being high, instead of being numb your feelings - they are enhanced, sunlight feels lovely and warm on your skin (dopamine's+other chemical's trigger release). Things become more exciting, more interesting, etc.

So what do I do? What do you do to avoid this kind of situation? Should I try to now focus on bringing these happy emotions or a brighter point of view back with me? Cave in and let my excessive habits take me where they please?


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>instead of being numb
Weed is a powerful hardcore psychedelic - It's maybe different for everyone I guess, but my waifu has only ever been unnervingly stimulated intensely by it, sensorally and emotionally.
If it's not causing actual problems in your life, and it sounds like it's doing the opposite, shut up and enjoy it.
If you're actually worried and have legit depression and/or dependence issues, seek professional help.
If nothing is working and you feel you really need to jostle yourself out and into a new you, my waifu says there's nothing better than a high dose of psilocin or lsd to help break you out of negative or harmful cycles/patterns.


I was addicted to weed for a year or so, smoked bong rips daily because the withdrawals were terrible and "smoke weed erryday"

I have never met someone with as bad withdrawals from weed as myself. I was fuarrrked for at least a week: incredibly irritable, restless, couldnt sleep, when i could sleep i had incredibly vivid dreams (nightmares too) which would wake me up, absolutely no motivation to do anything, and in general really fuarrrking depressed

I hated weed mainly because i felt i had to smoke it. There is no other drug i have been addicted to other than ketamine, but that was after i quit smoking weed

I cant tell you whether you should stop or not, or what your relationship with weed should be. But if you want to quit it helps to exercise, drink a lot of water, get rid of/sell your smoking gear, dont hang out with your pothead friends until you can say no without being tempted, and dont go off and on. Decide how often you want to smoke and dont be a lazy pothead and give in to what you really want in the long term.


Weed never numbed my feelings, i think most people think it makes things more interesting etc. I think you should just keep using it if you're enjoying it. Personally I don't enjoy being high on weed frequently, it is like kicking dead whales down the beach. Basically I agree with >>4628
Unless you have a tangible reason to think that your usage is harmful to your life, you may as well continue.

If you have an urge to smoke when you're faced with certain feelings, but weed doesn't numb your feelings, then it's probably not even preventing you from facing difficult feelings and may actually bring them into the light like a psychedelic. If you're afraid of addiction maybe having a break to prove to yourself that you can live without it could help -- although being unhappy (or less happy) without it doesn't necessarily signal that you 'can't live without it', drugs can simply enhance your life.