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Any lainons have experience with Nutmeg as a hallucinogenic substance? I just ground three whole nuts (a recommended beginning dose from what I've read) and made some tea with it, putting some honey in it to offset the taste. What am I in for?


Nothing enjoyable.

I used to take DPH for research purposes during my 420chan days. Deliriants don't really have an enjoyment factor. You're in for dehydration, confusion, potential difficulties and resultant harm, and a hell of a hangover.

If you haven't gulped it down yet, quit while you're ahead and just do DXM if you're looking for a legal high with merit.

Other lainons may disagree with my prognosis, YMMV.


I definitely agree with you on deliriants. DPH isn't fun, it just gets you high when you don't wanna be sober.


OP here

The experience want horrible. After 30 min I started to feel my face tighten up and I started to feel warm. My vision was not 100 percent, but it wasnt blurry. More like a bit unfocused. The whole experience made me sleepy more than anything. I actually went to bed feeling some pretty good vibes. Music would have probably made the experience better, but I felt super lazy.

Next morning I had a very small bit of stomach pain, but that when away after I took a soykaf. I pretty much felt the way I felt the previous night for the entire day. It made me act a bit lazy at work. It all wore off later that night, where I just had some small bits of euphoria 7.5/10

Would rather just have weed, but this wasn't the worst experience for me.


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>What am I in for?
Probably in for a mild headache with some flu-like delirium minus the typical flu symptoms.

Not something most people do more than once, though it's unlikely to cause any long-term harm.

Drink a lot of water before/during/after.


I've taken nutmeg essential oil around four times, trying to find the threshold dose. The first three times gave no effects other than the terrible aftertaste. That soykaf sticks around. Milk helps slightly but not much.

The last time I took about 30 drops (~5ml?) in the early afternoon. Didn't feel anything all day. Went to bed. Woke up around 3am with nausea and slightly altered sense of space. Vomited. Lay in bed staring at ceiling. By around 6am I was able to get up, but things continued to feel a little off for most of the day.

Most reports I'd read suggested that the essential oil was more potent and with less body load than powder. I've never taken the powder so I can't compare directly, but none of this was particularly impressive. Maybe my oil was low quality or maybe I didn't take enough. Not motivated to try again.