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Does anyone elses Waifu get really spacey and really quiet when they smoke pot?

My waifu recently started trying it and she get really spacey to the point where others start to worry.


Weed can get very introspective on high doses. Add on the anxiety it gives some people and it is very easy to go quiet. If your waifu has just started smoking, she shouldn't try to match people who have been smoking for a while. She should take a small hit and wait to see how it affects her before taking any more.


Yeah, i've sworn off getting high with other people at all. It triggers my social anxiety really badly. But by myself, it's fine and enjoyable.


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Depends entirely on the strain. Consider getting your cannabis from a dispensary that tests their products.

Oh and smoking anything is bad for your health no matter what you're smoking. Try vaping or edibles for a different experience.