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Any markets ship to Japan? My dog wants to be a psychonaut, but psychedelics are hard to come by here, aside from cannabis.


>login to market
>set country to filter


Really? I always thought in Japan you only get the hard stuff because everything else is not worth the risk importing due to strict laws.

The RC market might be your thing. There are plenty of interesting chemicals that should not be illegal even in Japan.



yea i thought this, main reason i'm reluctant to move there if I can't get the dank.


aren't weed laws in japan extremely strict?


Yes. Well, according to everyone I know who ever visited there anyway.


Japan should take a leaf from us Portuguese.
We have no problems since decriminalization took effect.
Get it together!


OP here.

Weed laws are extremely strict here yes, but if you have a connect that isn't a nigerian, then you can get weed pretty regularly here though, but quality and price varies. Hash is also available here.


I don't think it's hard to find people that will ship anywhere, it's just that most people stick to domestic to avoid some risk. You probably won't have Japanese domestic sellers.

LSD is odorless paper, you'll have no problem getting that buying internationally. Australia supposedly has the worst (most effective) customs but I got shroom powder through internationally, risky though. You could get spore prints for shrooms and grow your own.


Gotta be careful my man. I hear that they railroad gaijin straight into prison if they catch them doing anything illegal.


Do you have a Japanese friend you can ship to? (assuming you are a visitor)
I think that foreign looking names on mail get much greater scrutiny. Aside from that LSD should be very safe, as long as you order from the US and not somewhere stupid like the Netherlands.


The laws are really strict but there to the point where growing/smoking are basically the same thing. At least this is what I was told in the early 2000s. Lots of regular posters on overgrow were from Japan. They had an entire forum dedicated to the county and those guys had some amazing stealth grows doing high yields. I imagine most cannabis you can buy in country was grown on the island indoors. Probably why price and quality vary so much.


Forgot to mention: OP shrooms are grown pretty regularly in Japan as well. That'll probably be your best bet for sourcing something domestic.


Not to mention that if dog is determined, growing shrooms from spore print ain't hard at all