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Whos tried it + experiences? How is it compared to other psychedelics such as LSD? Ever managed to find it on the streets (my waifu can only find it online)?

All I really know is you almost always throw up. Ive also heard its not unpleasant though or even that it feels good to throw up.


>on the streets
You can get it at home depot.
Go buy a San Pedro or Peruvian Torch cactus and do an extraction. Both are legal in the US and many other countries, but the extraction itself is illegal.


Difficult to do from a dorm room.


I heard that cacti trips have a slower and longer onset time, and the trip is longer too. Not sure if this helps op.


I knew people who took it legally as part of religious ceremonies. There are some Native American organizations who became licensed to administer it after a lengthy (decades long) struggle on the grounds that it was religious discrimination to ban it entirely.


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In my experience, mescaline is one of the kinder, gentler psychs. Sure, you have stomach distress, but mentally I consider it to be babby's first psychedelic. It's fun and worth trying, but don't expect it to be a mindfuck.

If you want to get into mescaline analouges, try hunting for the TMA-*'s. Stuff like TMA-2 was easy to come by in the early 2000's, but not so much now unless you synth it yourself or know a chemist who's interested in phenethylamines. Maybe you can find some at a DNM, I dunno.

In terms of the ones currently on the market like methallylescaline/allylescaline, I can say both are a waste of time. They not only lack the corpus of mescaline, but there's a ceiling where taking more doesn't do much.


check out this documentary, I thought it did a good job showing what the trip was like. This guy can chat a bit of hippy nonsense sometimes but in general it's pretty cool


Nah this is cool though I like the guy. Seems like a real genuine person. Thanks for the link.