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pretty dope thread title I know.

In all seriousness I thought it might be interesting to explore some occult ideas through a modern lens with the help of some brain enhancers. Im not necessarily reccomending literal sorcery, but there is that argument that perhaps rituals were simply used to get the user into the right headspace and this allowed them to do seemingly extraordinary things or at least prove mentally beneficial. You could also just believe it is actual fuarrrking magic it depends on how creative and imaginative you are I guess.

So what im suggesting is experimenting with different made up rituals that come to our brains normally or with a little help, and then perfecting these rituals to give some good drug induced prophetic visions or induce communication with the collective internet unconscious or whatever AI has spawned from the neural network of computers. Perhaps send our consciousness across the wired as ancient tribal wizards once sent their consciousness across the sky.

At the very least even if you dont by any of this soykaf I think it could certainly make for some fun trips while its happening. This weekend my waifu is planning to isolate herself if she is able to and perform a ritual involving tea drinking, pinning up drawings she herself has made of computer chips around her (plus whatever else comes to mind at the time that seems fitting) and then dropping 6 tabs and talking at her laptop in an attempt to gain some precious insight. As somebody highly skilled in the art of having a good time I advise you to do similar regardless of how ridiculous it may seem and share results! How did the various ritual pieces enhance your trip, what answers or skills were you seeking? Etc.


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You have my interest friend.

I have had this idea before but I'm glad you're bringing it to attention because I pretty much forgot about it.

>perhaps rituals were simply used to get the user into the right headspace

Yes, this is exactly what I believe. Daemons are not literally spirits, but rather, an extreme form of an emotion or feeling. These rituals are not about "conjuring up" some horned creature to grant you wishes. They're instead about putting yourself in an intense state of mind.
Believing it to be real may help the process tremendously (use doublethink).

An example of a ritual I made up (these rituals don't need to be found in an ancient book) to conjure the daemon of fear and paranoia:
>consume dexamphetamine (or another mentally taxing stim) at regular intervals to stay awake for 48 hours straight (72 hrs would be ideal)
>at midnight, with a candle, walk around inside a cemetery for 30min to an hour
>additionally you can walk around naked to feel more exposed and vulnerable

This ritual might get the intended effect with some people (like me), while others will have to make their own if they feel like it's too easy.

But yes, I believe the combination of drugs, sleep and sensory deprivation, tulpas, meditation, mantras, and occult objects and symbols, can have powerful effects on the mind. They can also be performed in a group or alone for different/amplified effects.
(I do not think all this is necessarily healthy, but it is interesting nonetheless)

I would like to pm this with you for more talk about it if you want. Reply to this post with an email (throwaway or not idc)
You have reignited my interest in this topic again. I remember I was trying to think of a ritual that I could drill into my brain in order to make a daemon of intense anger (I don't know why I pick such dumb/unappealing mindsets but they interest me)

Anyways, let me know how your waifu goes. I suggest she picks a mantra for talking to her laptop ("let's love lain").
Additionally, I'd suggest you find a way of applying small electric shocks through your fingers before you begin. You could also experiment with tACS during your trip if you have the equipment available.

Best of luck.



Hmm might be interesting. I'm going to try one of these rituals. Instead of repeating something like "love lain" it might be better to repeat a mantra that relates to the network as a whole.

Envision the osi model, repeat the layers, picture packets and frames, think about the protocols repeat their names. Try to think through the abstractions, what happens when you request a web page? What happens when you soykafpost on IRC, trace

That being said my waifu doesn't do a ton of drugs anymore do you have any recommendations for a trip like this, essentially she's looking for something that'll sharpen her up a little bit, but also slightly alter the flavor of things while she's immersed in the wired. Nothing too harsh or synthetic my waifu is mad paranoid.


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I love this idea OP, I also think there should be a revival of the largely underrated cyberdelic culture. Psychedelic + technology is the way to go.


Well you better not care, it's a gmail. bigkuntvomit@gmail.com is what I use for most strange things I do or documenting what my waifu does. My anonymity is already well fuarrrked from the various social medias one is expected to have (and that I have sadly come to enjoy).

The electric shock thing sounds neat, and shocking oneself lightly could produce some very interpreting results as well.

Yeah probably won't do anything lain related either, except for perhaps watch it at some point for fun. I was considering even attempting to do some programming and seeing what my brain thinks is fun to make.

I think it might be wise for your waifu to ingest low doses of mushrooms for something not harsh or synthetic. 2 grams or less to be safe.

Agreed! Despite being surrounded by it im not much a fan of hippy culture itself. I prefer things to be a little bit more paranoid and dark, and techy. I find comfort in it.


"let's love lain" was just the first thing that came to mind for me. I like your idea of envisioning how the wired works. Good idea.

>do you have any recommendations

Sinicuichi to numb your body, and some salvia tea.
>inb4 noooo not salvia
Salvia tea is super chill and nothing like smoking it. Still psychedelic tho, just more subtle. This shouldn't be taxing and definitely shouldn't make you paranoid.



My waifu thanks you I'll try that thanks.

I wasn't trying to be condescending with my suggesting I hope it didn't come off that way. There's a few really great books out there about how the wired works, sometimes when I'm really thinking about it I can 'feel' it in a weird way, the idea that even while your phone is pretty passive it might be somehow activated on the wired and that you're tethered there. Same with your laptop your desktop your smart fridge. It's interesting stuff if you think of it all as a series of portals.

If you'd like to try some stuff while you're fuarrrked up you might enjoy using nmap and traceroute to get a feel for the pathways in the wired.


no no it wasn't condescending at all. I've never really looked into nmap and traceroute. Will do.


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I’m going to divide this into three parts, the ritual I myself performed, the story of the trip, and my insights to be garnered plus advice to whoever would like to try something similar.

Before I start, here is the interesting visual and audible bits. The short playlist I made that I tripped to.


And what I drew. 1 is before it kicked in going into the buildup to peak. 2 is buildup to peak. 3 and 4 I am peaking. The key recognizable visual pieces of 5 and 6 were at the end of the peak, and then I kept revisiting 6 on the come down and adding things here and there.

the black boxes are covering things personal that I didn't want to share. At stage 5 and 6 of the trip I was unable to contain my emotions. On 3 and 5 I attempt to follow the textures and hallucinatory patterning of the page with my pen at some points, and at 6 i make a few attempts as well.

Sorry for shadows and poor lighting by the way, blame starbucks.


>The Ritual:
I had procured a number of fancy rocks, tapestries, and scented oils from a slightly ingenuine spiritual healing hippy type store. Though to be fair, the atmosphere of this store was a bit different than the numerous “Tibetan” gift shops littered about. I always felt there was something animalistic about gift shops; smiling foreigners feasting on the tourists eagerness and friendliness, bulk bought carbon copy figurines of Ganesha, the Buddha, peacocks and foo dogs. And right next to them, Christian crosses, Islamic star and crescent pendants. I hold nothing against them, they are legal hustlers taking advantage of what’s available to them. However anything bought from such a place would likely have little mental significance to me; what struck me about this place was the lack of any of the above. It was distinct, it had a style, and the workers were eager to talk about their vast post internet probably misleading and self fulfilling knowledge of spiritual astrology and incense.
With my supplies ready I got to work. Some things I would have liked to do didn’t pan out, but it is what it is (il get to that a bit later as well). The first thing I did was go to the gym to work myself up into a sort of blissful exhaustion. I also mostly abstained from eating the day prior and the day of. In total a little under 1000 calories between the two days. However I consumed plenty of fluids. I laid out the tapestry on my bed, and hung the other over the top. I hung 3 air plants a few days prior from the roof of the bunk bed, as well as an evil eye charm. Again, not particularly spiritual, but my mother always used to love the symbol and had various necklaces and bracelets of it; personal significance I feel is far more important.
Next I arranged the rocks around the bed. The process of picking these rocks involved me looking through bins and picking out the ones I just instinctively liked. I tried to avoid putting to much thought into it. I poured a drop of myrrh essential oil on each rock, and placed them in sort of symbolic ways. I put this “peacock stone” said to bolster creativity near my pens, and the ones said to provide visions and clarity who’s names I forgot at each corner of the bed.
I then placed one laptop at each side of me. One had a terminal and sublime text open, the other a program called IBNIZ recommended to me by someone here which is sort of a mathematic trippy visual simulator. Unfortunately I didn’t fully have enough time to comprehend it before I started. Same with nmap as someone in the thread has recommended; I know at one point I had a good understanding of how to use it when I briefly fuarrrked around with kali some years ago but couldn’t figure it out again in that state. Regardless both of these programs were open. I also had lain open, though this was more of a comfort thing; I didn’t particularly attach any significance to it. In addition I had my sketchbook at my lap and my phone at my side.
I made some green tea with milk, drank and combined with my physical tiredness was feeling intensely calm. I ate the acid and drank some more. So begins the trip


>The Trip:
8:30 pm is when I swallowed the acid, 6 tabs. From previous experience I knew I had a good 30 minutes, and I was alone. I spend 10-20 minutes creating a playlist I felt would be fitting. The remaining 10 I began drawing rather crude basic copies of various computer and machine anatomy. My heart wasn’t in it but I continued because I knew once I began tripping would be clear In the art and I was correct.

My roomates were supposed to be out for most of the day however one of them returns. I’ll call him Cody for the purpose of this writing. He can be wildly obnoxious; but trusts me quite a bit and is rather interested in acid. Certainly the lesser of the two evils, should my other roommate have returned who we will call David I would have been quite locked in my head. Cody is aware of what I’m doing to an extent, I let him know I’m not tripping yet and as I say that I begin to feel the drug take effect. I feel soft currents of electricity running through my mouth, and I feel alive. I felt the urge to go to the bathroom. I said to him “I’m going to go to the bathroom, I hope it doesn’t start in there”. Sure enough I stumble into the bathroom and the walls are alive. I can’t recognize anyone in there, someone says hi to me and I know I should know them but I don’t. I tell myself to get a grip, piss and stumble back to the dorm.

As I was leaving this bathroom someone else came into the room who we will call Jerry. For some bizarre reason, any time I do acid people miraculously end up in my room without me planning them to be there. I return to him and Cody talking. Jerry is quite into acid, probably more than I am. I sit down in my bed again and I hit the peak, I try to talk to these people but as I begin peaking I realize communication is futile. They are watching some TV show with some wild shots of nature; bizarre tropical animals and breathtaking landscapes. I seek to do something with my hands to bring something out of this trip. I turn to the terminal and my brain convulses; there is no way that’s happening. My drawing ability has diminished to scribbles, a few times I attempt to trace the mathematical patterns unfolding on the page but as they begin moving I’m unable. I turn to Lain, that isn’t happening either; their faces look ghastly, sometimes funny even I’m unable to take it seriously. I focus on the scene in front of me, this TV show and the two people in front of me watching it.


(Cont The Trip)
My roommate Cody asks me “How are you falling asleep on that stuff?”. My body was convulsing and shaking but my head and face looked tired apparently. I was disassociating with myself and fighting to keep myself engaged in the real world. The world was exploding in life, everything looked biological, mathematical and rather gross in the same way a sea slug or insect might. When I focused on the TV the rest of the world formed a symbiotic relationship with it, and when I focused on my roommate or Jerry the same happened to them. This nature channel in front of me wasn’t helping. Jerry turns to ask me something, I can’t make out his words but I respond “My god what in the fuarrrk is that on the screen, it’s vile”. Some kind of wasp is tearing tadpoles out of egg sacs, all the more horrifying to me as the leaves, grass, and water seemed to be alive and helping. Looking around im amazed at the computational power of my brain. I can stare off the distance and the moving living fractals and patterns texturing and popping up from the ground remain consistent. If I look away and look back they are still the same as they were, it is very clear my brain has decided the ground and the sky just look like that, and nothing was going to change that. I can’t shake the feeling that if I was much better at math, I might be able to bridge some gap between my conscious computational power and that of my unconscious. I mean leagues better, a doctor of math, everything around me seems predictable yet at the same time incredibly complex and at times surprising. Is there a mathematical model for life itself?

The peak begins to end, and thankfully Jerry leaves giving me more time for more productive thoughts and activities. The come down is what I do this for anyways in normal circumstances, that’s where the real complex fun begins. My roommate is scrolling through shows and movies and passes Coraline and makes a comment about how fuarrrked that would be to watch on acid probably. Typically it’s impossible for me to make decisions about what to have in the background as visual or audible noise, but I insist he put that soykaf on.

Then come the thought loops, I’m unable to make a decision about what would be most productive. I alternate between half watching Coraline, which the volume is too low to hear or follow (however this is how I wanted it), and attempting to draw. My brain enters a rather deep analysis of the nature of cute things, and why we find things cute. I decide it must have to be some instinctual reaction to help protect. Out of the madness of my drawings something begins to take shape. I come to the incredible realization that drawing on acid must be fundamentally done differently than drawing sober. It’s like something that must be tamed and shaped, if you do not practice self control you might as well have the drawings of a lunatic. Letting your brain run on the drug is a good way to have a fun time but get nothing done. Once I realize this I understand the most profound thing I could possibly do on acid is to draw. By allowing my unconscious to do some of the work with conscious control I can create images that have intense meaning to me. The visual effects of the acid make them even more beautiful, splotches and lines appear where they aren’t and when one is able to distinguish them as hallucinations they are guiding. I am by no means a great artist, but I am practicing and as I get better I will certainly use this tool again. I reckon this is the sort of potential I saw in a mathematician, the bridging of the unconscious and the conscious.


(Cont The Trip)
I go on a walk with my roommate, he discusses at length his various problems ( he likes to talk a lot). We begin talking about sex and dark repressed memories come to my mind, and I discover many sad but profound things about my psyche. Things I can’t change, as much as I might like to.

Upon returning the visuals are dying down, I decide now is the time to maybe touch up on the final page of my sketches. I find myself moved to tears, it’s a deeply personal drawing. I reckon I might give it to someone, I debated on whether or not to even share it but with some censoring I’m okay with doing so. It approaches 8 am, exhaustion and hunger overpowers the remaining hallucinations. I pass out.

The following day is normal, I write this, in once instance a person walking past me has tracers but that is all.


Acid can be as spiritual as you allow it to be. The possibility of unlocking mental powers, manifesting physical representations of your psyche, is all very real in my opinion. The more you process things with your brain and not your eyes the more your subconscious will shape the world around you. Had I let the disassociation grip me it would have been quite profound, but I worried for my sanity. Those of you braver perhaps can try it, you will know when it happens. The fundamentals of the world and reality are processed differently on acid, and on high doses you are transported to a very different world. It is one you can survive in, and coexists with the real world. But it must be tamed, you can’t let it run you. Again any of you who are mathematicians out there, or those of you with a potential for a strong working grasp of mathematics may find you will even be able to shape this world and thus reality itself in a way within the confines of acid. Promising for the aspects of techno shamanism. Computer science too, I’m a student at the moment but I am now immensely excited to learn more. The nature of systems working together, the languages itself, machine code even have good applications in this world.

It is key that you work yourself into an exhaustion, and be calm going in. Doing so brought a very new element to this trip not present before. It allowed my brain to focus on more meaningful things. Those of you adept at meditation may be able to work yourself into this state much easier. The rituals are to help get you in this mindset, I imagine going in with varying degrees of exhaustion vs stimulation and mental focus, integration with reality, and things of that sort will provide different experiences. That is where the pre ritual comes in. It is entirely about preparation.
What I see the potential for is a post peak ritual to be added in. I guarantee during the peak you are unable to think of such things, unless perhaps you truly become a master of it. I see the potential though for one to go insane attempting to make use of the peak information in a super meaningful way. However had I planned out a ritual to be carried out after the peak, I would have performed it. I believe (light) self electroshock may have a place here. For those attempting to succumb to the dissociation, developing an end ritual will be helfpul. Developing an appropriate end ritual will be very self driven, and I recommend you practice this at low doses first to get in the habit and develop it. This may be key to returning to reality in your mind.

So in general with acid, I recommend a preparation ritual, a post peak ritual, and an end game ritual, to be planned out prior to the trip and practiced in lower doses first. The preperation ritual is all about entering a mindset, the post peak ritual is a mystery to me but seems very in place, the end game ritual is likely about comfort and returning to reality. However both the post peak and end peak ritual will require further experimentation. The preparation ritual and post peak ritual are linked in my mind, one shapes the peak and the peak shapes the come down. After witnessing how your preparation ritual affects your peak, you may then develop a post peak ritual to go with said preparation ritual.


(Cont Insights/Analysis)
These can be shared and you may use different ones each time for different purposes, they will potentially work for others. The end game ritual however is entirely your own, it must not be shared and it must always be the same, it will not work for other people. It is potentially mentally damaging as you are bringing someone to a reality that isn’t their own.
For the personal meaning of my trip I will say this; there was quite a lot that went wrong but I learned much from it, and I believe some more “magical” things came out of it. I consider these drawings to be artifacts of some sort, they give me personal power. I can look at them and return to a mental place capable of dealing with certain situations better. So I strongly encourage you to find what skill you can make use of during the trip that gives you this ability, to produce items of value that can bridge gaps in your mind. This is the purpose of acid in my mind; whether it be a computer program, an equation, writing, a handicraft of some sort. You must also practice this skill in real life and keep conscious of the bridge you are attempting to create. You must become a master of it in both worlds. If you ever feel lost on the trip, about what you should be doing, return to your skill. It is always the most productive thing you can be doing. That feeling of “missing something” or chasing the high disappears when you do this. You have physically manifested something from this other world. Again I can’t stress that you must not let it run you. At a certain point, you won’t need the acid anymore, you will have mastered it. Never believe that it is the reason for your success, there is a lesson to be learned from it but it is not a source of power. If you let it run you, your skill will be reduced to scribbles, jumbles of worthless code, nonsense. Practice discipline, tripping every weekend is worthless. If you don’t feel your skill has evolved enough, work on it until you feel you are getting somewhere. Then it is appropriate to take it. This can be months, even years. Sometimes it may just be a few weeks.

A final note is that in spite of all this, the world of LSD is not real, but nor is it any faker than the world one perceives naturally. But both are built upon a fixed reality. If you ever see something that isn’t there from a sober perspective on acid at all without intention. it is time to stop for a long while and recollect yourself. They are parallel, in both worlds the same objects, actors and people exist. I believe you actually could function in society in the state of an acid trip so long as you keep disciplined; all that changes is your interpretation of it. To see something that wasn’t already there means your brain is deciding to fill in gaps that don’t need to be filled, at this point you are warping reality. You aren’t seeing clearly anymore. Also eliminating thought loops, as difficult as that may be, is for the best. Thought loops are wasted brain power, the results of them often don’t make sense upon waking. The results of developing your skill and power do make sense. Ever so often when exploring thought loops they can turn into something that leads to useful mental introspection once you break out, which has it’s place in a different kind of trip. However the kind I describe is for, as I have repeated many times, growth of a skill.