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hi /drg/. this is the first place that popped to my waifu's mind, so we're sorry if it's not the right one

long story short my waifu hit the joint for the first time a couple of days ago. she took 3 smokes from it, and it was after drinking alcohol. she's pretty slim and hasn't been diagnosed with any heart problems. she's pretty healthy in general.
however, there were some problems. after doing what she did, her heartbeat rate skyrocketed and she was shaking a lot. she decided to go to sleep. she has been hit with a "high" around 3 times and she hasn't lost control of her thoughts even for a minute - she remembers everything that happened, with details. whenever a "high" came her tongue started going numb and she couldn't feel any taste.
now, it's already a couple of days since this happened, but she still has some problems: increased heartbeat and chest pain (this seems to be gone for now, though), weird metabolism, increased body temperature.
are things like that to be expected? will that wear off any time soon? also, how to prevent things like that from happening if the next time comes? (we think the worst thing was probably drinking alcohol beforehand)
i should also probably add my waifu's pretty non-resistant to any stimulants (gets drunk fast, gets fired up after smoking) and she didn't know the dosages.


İs this your regular reefer marijuana cannabis joint we are talking about?

I've seen people vomit plenty after mixing pot and vodka, but this is first time I hear about something like you describe op. Consider asking around in 420 chan, they seem to know more about this stuff.


Yeah, an ordinary one. My friends were fine.
Hmm... true, they might know more, thanks.


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Do not do that much weed in the future. I'm a lightweight too and I've gotten full body convulsions from weed a few times. It's all in the dosage, just take small amounts. D't mix it with alcohol; alcohol and THC interact weirdly, especially for people not tolerant with one or the other. The taste thing is kinda weird but people respond to cannabis in different ways, and stuff with taste isn't uncommon. (e.g. I remember really hating drinking water when I was a lightweight because I could feel it going all the way down and it was really uncomfortable.)

The weird metabolism, increased heart rate, hot flashes (assuming that's what you meant and not fever) and chest pain are all very common symptoms of anxiety. You're overthinking it and giving yourself these problems. I know that can be hard to believe but as a longtime sufferer of anxiety and someone who's been very negatively (and positively!) affected by weed, I can assure you that these symptoms are not a result of a larger problem and you should relax and get your mind off the bad high you had. By now the THC in your body has metabolized to a non psychoactive form and any residual effects are all in your head, I promise you.

Your mind is a powerful thing and drugs can set it off balance. IMO don't do cannabis until you feel (relatively) calm trying it, and when you do take just one hit and wait a full 15 minutes for effects to set in. If you can avoid sativa dominant strains and go for indica dominant ones. Cheers.


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So, to recap... Things were like that:
- my waifu kinda overdosed
- her heartbeat increased, she started shaking
- she got anxious about that and fell into an endless spiral of anxiety
- even though THC wore off, there still were side effects: flashes of heat, heavy breathing, increased heartbeat
- my waifu knew that it might be related to the psychological effect of trying stuff out, but need to be told that

Thank you kind anon, my waifu started feeling kinda better, because she needed to hear something like that to calm her nerves. My waifu will behave better next time, she promised. Just a hit and 15 minutes of wait, she says, not 3 hits "because she didn't know when it kicks in".
Everything can be fine now, it's getting better. Cheers anon, we wish you pleasant trips <3


meant for


Glad to hear it <3 Keep us up to date and take it easy.


>overdosing on weed
haha how the fuarrrk can someone be this much of a lightweight


ok so what happened here is you got really high and had a panic attack. It'll wear off don't worry about it, same thing happened to me the first time I smoked and it took a month to wear off fully. If you want to smoke again (understandable if you don't) then I recommend finding a strain with high CBD. In fact, some people say that smoking high CBD strains can cure this weed induced anxiety, although I haven't tested that so it might not be entirely correct