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Hey /drg/, any advice you can give to a salvia newbie?


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My advice: don't do it. Get some weed and grow up. Pic related, me after only one syringe of saliva.


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>"me after only one syringe of salvia"
>tells others to grow up
Wew laddie Present Day, Present Time! AHAHAHAHAHA!


> any advice you can give to a salvia newbie?
Smoke DMT instead.


so, like a decade ago during my shroomery & 420chan days, I set out to find if salvia had any use akin to other psychedelics, ie, psychotherapeutic effects.

I posted a thread on the shroomery eliciting other's opinions before trying a reasonably large dose of salvia.

the takeaway from the data offered in that thread, and my experience, is that it does not. or at least, not in the terms that it's a general quality of the salvia experience.

it's interesting and can be mindbending - many times I have experienced some sort of compratmentalizing effect (see trip reports below) but nothing that was potentially profound or personally useful in terms of growth or healing.
i have also heard some people have had genuinely terrifying results. I haven't checked the erowid on the page for a long, long time, but I recall reading a report about someone who "lived" through another lifetime.)

your mileage may vary. in terms of genuinely filling your request:
don't do any psychedelic, bunk or otherwise, with people you don't like/are going to get enjoyment out of toying with you in that state.
be in a comfortable, non-threatening environment.
bring water, eat, make sure your body is comfortable and taken care of.
start off small. salvia is generally better done as a one-hitter-quiter; try to smoke whatever dosage you select in one hit and hold the hit in as long as you can. when your reality starts to vibrate, that's when you know you're feeling it.

safe travels. report back.



three small case reports:

i once babysat for a group of three friends as they smoked salvia on the beach. it was interesting, particularly as each user's objective reaction fit pretty neatly with who they were, as i knew them.
first guy smoked it, and just laughed as hard as he could for a few minutes.
second guy smoked it, went into his mind, muttered some incomprehensible stuff, then tried to get up, saying 'mom.' when I asked him about it, he said that he went to a pretty dark and hard to articulate place, and that at one point he saw his mom and was greatly concerned about her. they're close, and he never met his father.
third guy, who's a soykaf of an everything-addict (stole a guitar from above friend, stole drugs from me, all sorts of reprehensible addict behavior), immediatelly ran to the side then starting doing somersaults on the beach, while muttering incomprehensibly. when asked about it, he said he needed to use his head to push the world back into place.


i once did it and had an otherwise unremarkable/nothing-stuck experience, other than i felt the edges of my body as a myriad of blocklike molecules that exchanged blocks with the environment, namely, the blanket and the bed i had crawled into. i don't recall anything else from this trip, no psychological takeaway.


for the aforementioned shroomery thread, I had 15x extract (which is comparatively weak by extract terms). I also had a wonderful zong (z-shaped bong; RIP), which had an already large bowl, the concave line of which had broken, to make a very, very large bowl. i filled it to the brim and took it in one toke to the best of my ability (which was far greater then than now.)

i was hoping to break through and meet the green goddess i'd read about.

the first moments of the trip are a blur to me, but the rest of it stuck with me. I saw an infiinite expanse of tendrils radiating from a single central point, like dendrites around a neuron. each of these snaking rays was made up of individual blocks (not sure why that's a recurrent motif in my salvia experience) and each of these would, in turn, put forth one of these blocks to the central node.

i was one of the blocks on one of the tendrils. i could not perceive what happened to a block that reached the central node, but i was aware that it was happening, and that it would be my turn shortly.

when it was my turn, as soon as i was slotted into the central node, i immediately expanded to what i perceived to be an infinite size. there was a shift in consciousness that felt infinitely euphoric and completely beyond the scope of my ability to explain; it seemed to me to be the entirety of holisitc experience. i then immediately shrunk to what seemed to be an opposite, infinitely tiny size - ie, a singularity - while still retaining the qualities above. it was a very similar feeling, but not quite the same. presumably, inverted (though I'm sure being able to mine that experience would reveal far greater complexity than experessed here.)

I was then returned to normal size, and slotted along (presumably to another tendril, implying that there were some sort of anti-tendril).

the kicker: as this experience ended i began to slowly recede back to my surroundings, awash in an incomprehensible multisensory noise. when i had sobered up enough to be able to somewhat recognize who, what, and where i was, i realized that the image that was, in my minds eye, a very dense view of disneyland. very specifically printed on a postcard, with the title of the park printed on it. i have no idea why; i've been once as a kind and it really didn't appeal to me.


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thanks lain, there are some reasons for me to choose salvia, and maybe I should talk about these reasons.

Like some of the anonymous population on imageboards, I am a very anxious person. I get anxiety from anything, and to quantify this, I don't enjoy smoking pot. Pot makes me think about what a disgusting person I am, and makes me very depressed and ridden with anxiety in general, so I thought rather than going with a psychedelic which may or may not destroy whatever that's left of my personality, I will go with a dis, and take a visual trip instead. I know I won't get much personal growth out of it, but I am simply afraid to lose it with psychedelics, so I will start with salvia and maybe try psychedelics in future. One other thing that made me go with the sage is that the trip duration is short, and if the trip takes a wrong turn I won't have to scream my brains out for hours. Thanks for your sincere input tough.

Do you, by chance, know if Salvia causes any resistance buildup like shrooms and LSD? Do I need to smoke more if I were to smoke again after a short while?

I have no idea where to get smoke-ready DMT and I don't want to try an extraction in my dorm room. Thanks for the idea tough. If someone had DMT, I would do DMT rather than salvia.


thanks for clarifying. those are reasonable desires to try this substance, and it may well be that you do have some recreational enjoyment out of salvia. it generally does not strike me as something that most people enjoy doing on a somewhat regular basis, and i'd argue that salvia's in a class of its own in terms of it's effects - it produces hallucinations, but isn't really a psychedelic in terms of otherwise having a similar profile to psychedelics.

afaik, which the wiki page seems to back up - although the data is insufficient to state certainly - there seems to be a very low addiction profile with salvia. in the experience of myself and of those i know, it's a seldomly returned to. i don't know of anyone using it regularly enough to develop a tolerance. an erowid trip report states that a user subjectively experience tolerance with constant redosing, although the quality of their trips got better. the erowid Q&A on salvia states that the compound does not have a tolerance. ymmv.

as someone who also experiences anxiety, as well as other mental malaises, i might suggest looking into some sort of nootropic or herbal supplement for managing anxiety. phenibut is lovely - if taken wisely, since it builds a tolerance and withdrawals can be very bad for you, and there's heaps more (there is a thread floating round here on nootropics; i'm also happy to share positive benefits i've had from my nootropics stack.) ashwaghanda is a wonderful herbal suppliment for anxiety - it works extremely well if you take it long term. I picked up 10 bottles of it for $20 on Swanson's website a few years back. I don't take it anymore since my anxiety is largely under control, but it was very helpful for me when i was around your age, and two friends that i suggested it to reported positive effects.

kratom is also a good, legal (for now) compound for occasional anxiety relief - among other things - but it should be treated like an opiod; not necessarily a good path to go down unless you're disciplined about it, or want to manage an opiate habit.

best of luck. would be interested in hearing how it works out for you once you've gotten your feet wet.


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My sincerest thanks for your advice lain. I just got my 20x, I will start with 0.1 gr and I will bump this thread to tell you how it went.