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I took them for months. Years. Now I have to stop. It is really hard.
I have my problems back. One moment I feel like I shouldn't exist. As nobody cares if I kill myself. Sometimes I want to jump. It s not true – I have somebody who loves me, who I love. I'm one of those fuarrrking happy bastards. I do not want to hurt my love. She is important. She care.

I have to stop taking SSRI. I have so much fear then I'll kill myself if I stop.
And if I continue taking them I'll die.

Now I'm taking half of the dose, I have to stop taking anything in week.

How? Can I found help here?


Why do you have to stop taking them? How long have you been working your dose down? If your doctor is taking you off them let them know that SSRI withdrawal is real and ask to be tapered off.