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I have always smoked blunts but people rolled them for me, and I honestly don't want to deal with it.

I want to get a glass piece (Or a couple if I really have to) for flower mostly, but I occasionally want to mess with some dabs. I also don't have the most money honestly for a bunch of pieces or expensive ones.

What do you guys recommend? I was thinking maybe a pipe for flower and a bubbler for dabs but I don't know. I also don't want a big bong, mostly for storage and cleaning reasons.


you can use those 1$ gas station meth pipes to dab if you wanna go real cheap. Im just saying though a glass piece isn't the same as a blunt, unless im being offered i'd rather go without weed than smoke something besides a blunt. i would deal with it its worth it imo.


Blunt isn't all that special to be honest, it won't get you any higher. Those that also want the effects of nicotine can do a spliff.

Doesn't have to be as cheap as a $1 meth pipe. Just not a $40-50 piece.


The fuarrrk are images like this? I mean soykaf, I'm as much on the side of legalization as anyone else but what is with stoners and trying to portray alcohol as evil and cannabis as pure? I've had a soykaf ton of fun drinking and been fine to deal with hangovers, but I've also gotten super horny and made terrible decisions while high on weed.

No normal person who drinks occasional and sees an image like the one you've included is going to believe you, or even hold back laughter. Every single person is going to look at that list under alcohol and then see that conveniently the cannabis side has no issues and just laugh and keep thinking that weed is for weirdos.

Try to actually change people's minds.


If you're in need of something quick and cheap just to smoke from it's super easy to make a gravity bong from a water bottle, there's plenty of tutorials on youtube. Otherwise get a minibong or something
as for dabs I've never tried them, they're not popular over here so I don't know about them.
There is literally nothing special about smoking techniques vs others. Bongs are better IMO because it cools down the smoke so you can take bigger hits without coughing your lungs up. Also it's more efficient to smoke with a price than a spliff or blunt
The point isn't to portray alcohol as evil, rather to show the hypocrisy of having alcohol be legal while weed stays illegal. Not sure it's the best strategy but that's the reasoning behind it


A bong wouldn't be bad but it would have to be *fairly* small and easy to clean. A somewhat small bong would be nice because it would work well for dabs also.
I would like it to be small in case I need to take it somewhere in a backpack or for easy storage.

I guess a bong, and pipe combo could be very nice.


Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, but in terms of how high you get it's always been joints<pipes<bongs for me. A glass pipe will get me sufficiently high but I've had nights with bongs where I get become one with the sofa high. If you're looking for a fun upgrade, go get a cheap bong and take huge hits off it.


>Not sure it's the best strategy but that's the reasoning behind it

I get the purpose behind it, but we want to actually change people's opinions right? This is a dumbass way to try that. Weed got legalized in the States it did because people who DON'T smoke went "yeah okay makes sense". That won't happen if you keep trying to tell people it has literally no downsides.

The proper approach is to point out that the DOWNSIDES of weed are EQUIVALENT to alcohol, not that they don't exist, or that alcohol doesn't have upsides.


Get a steam roller for your normal piece (Or just make a gravity bong out of a 2 litter, socket head, and 5 dollar poor peoples giant tubs of ice cream)

For wax just get a glass dick (crack smoking pipe with the bulb and small hole on top), once you get past the stigma you'll thank me for not needing a retarded torch/rig setup that can easily be destroyed and replaced on a whim


Gonna get a bong I guess. What would be a good one? I want something simple, and not huge.

Hmm could you post a picture of what your talking about? Also how would I heat up the pipe to a high enough heat?


Just get a stealthy dugout my dude. One that looks like an unfinished cigarette. Pack your herbs in, take a decent hit. Looks like any other smoker taking a drag from a stoge.


I don't like those. I really don't, I don't care about trying to blend in.


You need it to be concealable? I'd just go to some local headshop or anywhere that sells weird stuff and take a look at what they have. Just go downtown and look for any shop with a goofy spelling or tarot cards :P

And make sure to always call it a tobacco pipe when you're there. Everyone who runs the place knows what you're going to smoke with it, but they need to keep up appearances.