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Good old hooch. A drug for new and old. Who here likes it? Any heavy drinkers lurking around?

Still amazes me how side effect heavy, dangerous and habit forming the substance is despite its public image. I have played with everything under the son but alcohol really is some sneaky stuff. Many people have no problem with it. Sometimes people don't have a problem with it simply because they don't view it as a drug. They view it as a social everyday thing that they shouldn't do other than weekends. Pretty interesting.


I agree. Alcohol is scary, and the way people disregard it makes it even more scary. It is precisely as you've said, sneaky.
I've stopped doing drugs and being interested in drugs some years ago (never been addicted, though), quit tobacco, and I've been at the coffee, chewing gum and a couple of wine glasses now and then level for the last couple of months.
It is still, however, like a natural instinct for me to stay home and get drunk as means of dealing with strong emotions. I've somehow been fine for all lent, even though there was a situation when the soykaf hit the fan pretty intensively. Didn't even think of drinking. But hey, it's not even a week since Easter and I feel oh so very sad that I have a bottle of vodka chilling in the freezer.
I've spent every Saturday of 2015 hungover. It's just that I was feeling oh so very very sad every time I finally had a time to deal with, or even think about, something not related to what I've been busy Monday to Friday.
For me, alcohol is a very sneaky bastard and I fall for the same old tricks every time. It's just like the elections.
The way it is in our culture, it has grown together with it. It is inseparable with some parts of our lives, customs, social gatherings, celebrating, mourning. We are so familiar with it that we don't even think of it.
Speaking of social gatherings, I've been to a party with a peer group that I interact with on a daily basis whether I like it or not, like, a month ago. I was the only person not drinking. It was excruciating. Absolutely dreadful.


I was a heavy drinker in my early-mid teens (very common amongst the UK underclass) but quit cold turkey once I left school. You can only drink so many cheap spirits (looking at you, Tesco Value Gin) straight until you put yourself off for good.

I've recently started to drink again after getting a new job and tagging along for pub lunches with my colleagues. I'm enjoying it way more than I expected - gentle, low-level intoxication is a pleasant feeling. Let's hope it doesn't become a habit!


been drinking almost every day for like the last 6 years.

I stopped a few times to prove to myself that I could, but then found myself rationalizing away not drinking.

You're right, it's sneaky, but at least you can pass a drug test on it because it's 'normal'.


My dad is an alcoholic, he is drunk most of the time, having to see him like that makes me sick, listening to the non-sense that comes out of his mouth, watching how he strugles to walk to get into bed when he comes home.
The way he dresses, his health is awful.
I'm sorry to say this but i wish he was dead because having to see this is painful.
I hate you dad, i hate you so much.


I'm buying a 24 cans box of beer once a month. Don't drink anything stronger than beer, though. The first and only time when I've got actually drunk scared me soykafless.
Yes, it is sneaky, but it's engraved in culture deep enough there's nothing you can do.


Despite being a university student, I only drink sometimes, maybe once a month or so. Normally bourbon and rum. Sometimes jaegar. I can't stomach beer and wine.


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OP here, i go through about 8 pints of beer a day on average. Your normal 5%. It is fun but it isn't fun. There are so many drugs out there with less side effects. It just works in such a way that it is addictive as hell. I could quit smoking 100x easier than alcohol. Convinced kicking opiates isn't even as bad, not that i have ever seriously experienced that. But addiction wise for me personally it is pretty rough. Nothing like anything i have been hooked on before. So watch out guys.

Half of the addiction comes from pushing off hangover/withdrawal. A smart man once said the line between withdrawals and hangovers isn't exactly clear to a point. Kind of hard to explain but this is a true statement. A morning beer fixes the hangover as well as pushes off the rebound anxiety that comes with quitting. Even can settle your stomach (not a good sign).

You may miss him when he is gone, lets hope you don't.


I hate alcohol, and don't like alcoholics or heavy drinkers. In my opinion it's one of the worst drugs, right next to smoking tobacco.
Drunk people are annoying, aggressive at times, and just fuarrrking retarded. It's dangerous for yourself, and for those around you.
Yet MJ is illegal, a plant that has actual medicinal properties. Really makes you think.


>Drunk people are annoying, aggressive at times, and just fuarrrking retarded
Not all of them man.