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Right now I'm sitting in my campus cafeteria, alone. I had dropped of and this is the first time I've been here after five years. I want to resume my studies and will fight for it. At the same time I feel so alone. Also my whole body is shivering from my need of heroin. Yes I am a junky trying to give up on heroin. So I'm shivering and feeling cold and alone and wishing someone notices me and comes and talks to me and gives me the connection to the outer world I need so much right now. So I reach out to you guys, since noone is going to talk to me right now the weird junky who sits alone over there. Thanks all for being here for me, I promise I will be there for you


yo what you good at?
Skills etc


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Hey man, even if most of us aren't junkies, we can all sympathize with your loneliness. Why don't you come chill with us on the IRC or something. You'll feel much better than just posting on here.


I have some programming skills and I also used to be good at martial arts. Things have gone downhill the recent years but I'm trying to get my soykaf together the last months, getting rid of my addictions, socializing again and stuff. I'm studying math


thanks man, I cant access irc now but I lurk there some times, maybe we'll talk sometime


Im sorry to hear OP, but remember feels like those are "normal" and not due to your heroin addiction, altough it might have an effect.


things arent gonna get easier but please dont give up. Someday you will meet someone or do something that never would have happened had you still been on heroin. You cant see the doors opening but they are. Good luck.


nah things get easier


How's it all going man? is like kicking dead whales down the beach to be lonely.


BTW I hate that they changed what I put. fuarrrk.
I meant. I-t f-u-c-k-i-n-g s-u-c-k-s to be lonely.


OP here, things have been going better lately. Still hard but I feel more determined. Thanks everyone for being there for me that hard moment. I even made some friends from my uni.


That's nice to hear man, I'm glad you're doing better.

We all have our bad moments, and when it hits it is like kicking dead whales down the beach bad. But if you stop thinking about the present and just keep focusing on improving yourself, I assure you it will pass eventually.


>five years
how does that work? Were you allowed to postpone because of your addiction or did you drop out then sign up again?


Good that you're reaching out and good luck on getting soykaf together.


Well I leave in a country where universities are free and national and you aren't "deleted" if you don't want. So I was able to continue from where I left it. That was lucky for me I guess.