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how does someone become famous. i want to be famous.


You have to be a slut/whore with no respect. You have to have the right look and be willing to do anything, ANYTHING. Sell your soul to the highest bidder.


I wouldn't say that's completely true, I've met lots of famous musicians after they perform live that are genuinely good people and never went down that road. They simply had the talent and creativity to make quality art and spread it around effectively. No soul selling, just networking and marketing one's talent.


you have to draw pretty pictures like Trevor Brown, too bad CC stole the artwork from him


a) have a talent that's relevant to today's culture

b) be very very good at it

c) luck


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what a coincidence, I am wearing a cc tshirt with that exact picture on it right now
also, fame will probably not make you feel fulfilled like you think it will, at least that's what most famous people say. But if you really want to, try streaming on twitch or making youtube videos. Or try hanging out with famous people and working your way in


im surprised people gave legitimate replies to this, it was a legitimate question though. +1 2 the trevor brown fans too.

i have a knack for cs and art. drawing too not the music kind of art, i could probably get decent at music or singing or something but its a bit late to switch up my mode of expression. i dont think either of these things are very esteemed or fame earning skills. i think i got the right look because people have told me i do. im not sure yet if id be willing to do absolutely anything. im pretty lucky, sometimes im so lucky im unlucky. careful what you wish for sort of thing.

this is pretty immature and childish but i want to be famous so i can disown and talk trash publicly about all the people who screwed me over or looked down on me. or achieve this without saying anything would be better, just having my achievements speak for themselves. its sadly one of the few things keeping me alive. on a brighter note i also want to show people they can be themselves if that makes any sense. like even if i have to compromise, i want something to shine through in whatever im doing thats uniquely me and that makes other people want to shine as well. even if they are hated for it.


today? nepotism.

"hard work" doesn't make famous.
neither does "smart work" anymore.

Even if you go do something bad, you actually need to be someone to get famous for it. Otherwise, you will rot into obscurity either in a cell or underground.


How famous you want to be exactly?

I might be kinda wrong, but to get famous, you have to not want to be famous. Take vomir for example, he does Harsh Noise Wall and never striven for fame, yet he's a biggest name in HNW.

Your last bit sounds like something Sleazy and Jhonn from Coil would say.
>on a brighter note i also want to show people they can be themselves if that makes any sense. like even if i have to compromise, i want something to shine through in whatever im doing thats uniquely me and that makes other people want to shine as well. even if they are hated for it.
If you don't know them, look them up. Sasha Gray was their fan precisely because they made her understand to not be ashamed of what she does, no matter what.


Write a manifesto, kill some people, guaranteed to work.


well i never wanted to be famous before. its just something i recently thought of. before if anything i just wanted maybe one or two people to see whatever it is i end up doing and like it, but now im thinking about real huge fame. certainly not the point where im the most mainstream but definitely like mass media attention.

my extent of coil knowledge is i see their albums when flipping through cds at amoeba sometimes. il look into them for sure now though, i've heard a lot of good things about their music.

yeah, unfortunately i feel like this is what most people I know expect of me which is why i want to do something different.


1) Be a minority
2) Get killed


The one thing that people are missing out on is the difference between fame and infamy. Now infamy is technically a form of fame, but you don't want it. The ideal of being famous that people envision is being praised by others liked for something you do. Even if its just your family name (you'll see people like a celebrities kid for example cause hey he seems cool).

I'm not sure that being famous is worth it unless its fame or validation on your work. Everyone wants to be rich, but there are famous people who aren't rich. Which doesn't carry the same privileges for sure.

If you really want to be famous and the lack of privacy that comes with that? Then pour yourself into something creatively. There's no guarantee that you'll make it, and that's okay. The labor itself should be something you enjoy. I think almost all the quick and easy routes to getting famous result in infamy and who really wants that?


do you think art is something i could get famous for? like drawing and painting and what not? it seems like not too many people aside from snobby rich elites care about artists, most people just care about the art itself (as they should maybe).


Artists are generally famous after they die.


oh no.

fuarrrk im screwed. unless something comes out ie changes big in the next 10 years that gives me an advantage .


I think you should do it you might get famous you might not. But its something that you can pour yourself into. And that's the important thing. Finding a labor that's not really work for you.

Read up on marketing, follow trends. Maybe you have to make a piece or two of modern art to get yourself recognized. Once you have the name brand recognition you'll be able to do whatever you want really. Shock value can be helpful. Also make a webpage use social networking. Put work into exposing yourself.
Not necessarily. This was more true in the past when it was easier for someones work to stay more isolated to the area they live (maybe people in your country hate it but maybe people in japan love it). There are an awful lot of people making money off of everything from erotic art to commissions to more serious work. And who the fuarrrk am I to say somethings art or not?

The tools are available for anyone who is persistent enough to at the very least get some attention now. Its up to the individual to use them.


Infamy is a bitch. I still have posters telling me to off myself and putting me down years later after brewing soykaf in an MMO thread on a chan. Them freaks never forget.


just talk about jews and how they ruin everything, etc. etc. you'll get famous pretty quickly. Especially nowadays with the burger king in power.