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I finally decided to close my Facebook account and I'm pretty happy because I won't be coming back to it any time from now!
I only wish that I could get all the time I wasted on it when I was depressed and kept deluding myself about friendships and stuff.
My situation as of now isn't any better, but I believe that this was a good decision to make.


Definitely a good move. Facebook is depressing and a waste of time. I always noticed when I was on facebook consecutively that my mood changed in a negative way. So now I just stick to messenger. Cut out some more time wasters and find yourself a rewarding hobby and things will turn around pretty quickly.


I have to use it for events, but come April I will be deleting mine. I envy you currently, and I hope you stick to it.


I do wish to start playing music again.
I used to play the violin, but I was, maybe, too childish at the time to understand how much I loved the instrument and focused too much on my low marks and lack of friends.

I'm pretty sad I lived most of my life surrounded by people who wouldn't recognize me as a normal person (even tho I have a lot of good traits that people can cater to), which brought me to my current state, where I can't even feel good about myself and I keep devaluing myself.

It has really become a huge issue when it comes to my daily life, and I really struggle with dealing with it.

(I apologize if I've written this walltext poorly, but it's a mix of me being tired and in a variable mood.)


Thank you, I hope you will be able to turn off from it asap too!


People still use facebook? I never really understood how to waste time on it but mayhe thats cause the only function I use on it is adding people.


If it felt like facebook is depressing, it was indeed a nice move. But don't think for a moment that a void left by a bad habit vacuums something better inside, no. Those voids stay voids and hurt you until you fill them with hard work.
Also, while I'm sure a lot of lainons would point out that facebook is an evil datamine and you just made a first, negligibly minor step towards freedom(tm), unless you can jerk off to your own rights and liberty (read: USA), this aspect will probably not help at all. Focus on filling the void, and be careful not to expand it too fast.


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I never saw the appeal of social networks like facebook and twiter instagram soykaf like that. I've never had one nor felt the need to have one. Maybe I'm just anti-social or some soykaf~


Social medias not going to help you unless you use it as a tool anyways. If you find that you're not getting anything out of it leaving it is for the best. I can't say I blame you. I left social media years and years ago. People would try and talk to me and I'd be gone, months and months between logins. Wasn't worth it for me, and sounds like it wasn't worth it for you.


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It's a waste of time. Full of normal people (i.e. Catholics) posting bullsoykaf miracle memes. Sooner you close it the sooner you can grow independent.


I've been using NSAbook just to talk to a friend lately. Yesterday I found a Flat Earther's group and joined for the lulz, it was even cringier than you may think it would be.
And yeah seemingly it was full of catholics/christians/whatever "mocking" astronomy. For example, they shared a nice article about how a computer in NASA was put to predict planetary movements for the future "to avoid collisions with satellites", and some mysterious error had the simulation stop at some point in the future. Someone pulled out a BIBLE and solved the mystery, something GOD something (capitalized as shown). Oh and the thumbnail picture of the article was NASA engineers celebrating (probably a successful launch or landing).
I share this because it honestly amazes me that that kind of stuff exists at all.


well dont use that to judge all christians but I had a similar thing happen. My fuarrrking geometry teacher had a flat earth society shirt and she was actually decently smart so it may have been ironic or she could have been one of those people who just like the appeal of being a quirky conspiracy nut. I was curious though so I googled it and read into it trying to see if there was maybe something actually to it. I used to hate discrediting an idea just because it sounded ridiculous

but there was not one good thing i could say about this group of peoples belief in flat earth. There was some obvious ass flaws a complete idiot could point out so I dont even know how they survive. I know some people would say the same about christianity, but id like to say christianity has the crutch of faith. At the end of the day, a christian is supposed to just have faith should reason fail them. But flat earth has no such crutch, and as someone who has read the bible I cant say it has really anything to say about a flat earth. Flat earthers also try to pass their idea off as a reason logical provable idea, while christianity doesnt (though some argue it can be, and it definitely can should you not take everything literally).


Closed mine some few weeks ago. Definitely a good move.
Take care Anon :)


I uninstalled facebook and stopped using it ages ago, but never deleted it. After seeing this thread it reminded me to actually delete it. Turns out I have forgotten my password, and my recovery email is also deleted, so I tried to set a new recovery email and my security question is some benign soykaf I set up when I was like 13 that I don't remember. So how can I delete my account? Do I have to report myself as dead?


Dear Bob!

Thank you for contacting Facebook Help Center. I am Samantha, and I'm here to help you solve any issues you might encounter while using Facebook.

Based on your ticket, it seems you forgot your password and cannot access your Account. Please refer to the Help Center page below, and follow the steps outlined within:

If you cannot recover your account, you should consider re-registering. By providing proof of your identity (by a state-issued ID) we could verify you, and you would be able to legally request removal of any impersonating accounts. To achieve this, please follow the steps outlined below:

Please feel free to ask if anything is unclear!

Facebook Help Center Specialist

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>kept deluding myself about friendships

It's like that box in the closet with all of your drawings and knicknacks and momentos, except you fill it with people you don't see any more.


and that never actually existed in your life*


I closed my account a few years ago and it's the best decision I've made. Facebook is a toxic cesspool, the further you distance yourself from the smell, the more apparent it is how badly it stinks.


I wouldn't be surprised if that FB group wasn't a bunch of 4chan autists trolling each other. Sounds entertaining.


Good to hear, OP. I also got rid of mine a few weeks ago. I had enough of all the soykaf in my feed. It was all re-posts of re-posts(articles, "meme" pictures, trending videos), parroting of others' opinions, or attention-whoring.

>kept deluding myself about friendships and stuff

I did the same thing. If those people actually want to contact you, they'll find a way.


one person closing their facebook does absolutely nothing to change anything. but way to go patting yourself on the back for it.


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Well, thank you for your effort at making a point, be sure to pat yourself plenty enough for it!


I've been seriously considering opening a new Facebook page. I had one years ago that, like you, I stopped using because every one on it was a soykaf cunt I never spoke to IRL or at all.

Now that I've been trying to get back into the normal person game and I really feel like I'm at a disadvantage for not having one. It fills the gap between meeting someone and getting to their inner circle. It allows you to be intrusive without appearing so. Also it's a pain in the tits explaining why you don't have one with out sounding like a raging nutter.


I think the most effective way would be "I find it useless"
If they insist over it, then they're either being cunts or have already embedded their brain to the site


it's not like any one gives you a hard time over it but there can only be two assumptions they are making
1-you have no friends (true)
2-you are a tinfoil hat wearer (partially true)

Obviously not every one is like that but people who already understand why you might not want to use FB are not the type of people I struggle and want to get to know.


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You did the right thing.
It's been over a year for me and my mood has improved tremendously since the spree of throwing away social media accounts.
Sort of trying to eliminate any evidence I have of my presence.


While I definitely don't regret my decision to leave Facebook, the one thing I did kinda miss was the weird parts of it. However, the further I get from the time I left, the more I feel like I did the right thing. I've reclaimed so much time and attention span this way.

Good on you, OP. Never look back. c:


Facebook is basically an imageboard/reddit for people who feel good with their public image and who aren't too controversial.
As far as my experience goes : I'm part of a group mocking anarcho-capitalists there, and it's pretty cool, it's like a /leftypol/ with nice political memes but more diverse opinions and random stuff, and, I don't know, it's kinda like a funny political board except everything get processed by the secret services I guess. At least, my real name isn't there.
Otherwise, I just keep that account to be able to stay in contact with some of my friends who live elsewhere... but I must admit the best friends I have who are far away from me all have my phone number, and conversations between us are way better that way. Most of the interactions I have with old friends I didn't see for more than a couple of years on FB is awkward and end quickly.
At the same time, I don't want to delete my account because I follow some pretty interesting people who do some weird music or art stuff and like to take advantage of the platform, but I kinda hate posting things on my profile. I often get drunk alone and those are the moments when I end up wanting to lurk and post something there. Most of the time, I cringe 20 minutes or the next morning after I've posted something, and change the """privacy""" mode to "only me can see that stuff" option. I guess I have some kind of agoraphobia and self-medicate with alcohol, and Facebook doesn't really help me, except when I gather some likes with a witty remark or a song I post (I actually want to post something from XTC's Skylarking right now).


I had a lot of friends on there but deleted mine a little while ago because I started getting very awkward friend recommendations.

Just been using signal and sms. Don't really feel bad about it, but i'm not super social.

I never hear about facebook anymore from anyone though, only instagram. I realize that facebook has the largest userbase by far but I think the hype is finally starting to fade.


>I have to use it for events
this is what i hate most about facebook and social media in general: if you're not "on it", you miss out about release or event dates because they all now post it there and some don't even bother having a own homepage anymore, let alone a good old mailing list.

i want my pre 2006 internet back.


I haven't closed mine, but I'm definitely starting to pry myself away from it. I pretty much have to keep mine in order to balance events, but other than that it seems to be a source of frustration rather than relaxation. I end up seeing more and more clickbait every time I check. At first social media was fun and actually helped me connect to people, but now it just wastes my time.

By any chance, would it happen to be one of those "sounds like..." groups? I joined a few of them but there were a lot of people I couldn't stand watching either.


great move man. as someone who has sweared to never go on facebook. i have seen its effects on people. how it destroys them and effects their personality, always in a bad way.
the structure of facebook promotes meaningless friendship based on a like system that always promotes positivety and an disconect with real emotions such as sadness.
it also eats at you're time like a dog with a steak. hours, days spend liking and reading stupid soykaf and bad memes send to you by meaningless friends who just want you're likes to make them feel better about them self.

this is what i have seen from people who use facebook and similair social media.
these effects on peoples personality making them narcasistic while hiding their sadness as they try seeking approval of their friends and peers.

so i can only say that i wanna thank you from escaping this cirkeljerk i have seen people been involved with for years.

so good luck with you're life and always remember that this was the right choice


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>Flat earthers also try to pass their idea off as a reason logical provable idea,
>while christianity doesnt
> (though some argue it can be, and it definitely can should you not take everything literally).

>and it definitely can

>a logically provable idea

Whew lad, you strike me as someone who never read the opposing arguments from a non-Christian, while not deliberately ignoring evidence. You have to deliberately ignore everything you learn in science class, history, about circular reasoning fallacy, and about the other "false" religions. It's 2017 AD, go read Richard Dawkins or watch an atheist argue on youtube already.


I have, I was an atheist until recently. perhaps read some opposing opposing arguments?


I know for a fact you cannot study logic and convert to Christianity today for rational reasons, it always boils down to faith, emotion, and feels.


I didn't convert for rational reasons that is true. Faith is most definitely the most powerful tool of christianity. I also didn't mean to say Christianity is logically provable sorry I just meant if you don't take everything literally it can be passed off as rational or logical. At the very least not in contradiction with current scientific knowledge. If you think that entails a lot of grasping at straws, reaching, and twisting the bible I wouldn't disagree with you.


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I just left Facebook circa two minutes ago. Time to love lain more fully.