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Help yourself feel better by letting everyone know about the stuff that royally fuarrrked up your day.

I'll start:

Today, I was supporting a customer through a procedure to make a change to their account. ou have to sign out of the account everywhere initially, then once the change is made you sign back in. So I've got the documentation up explaining exactly how to go through the process, and everything seems to be going fine. Customer is taking direction well, everything is working fine. Then we get to the part where we need to sign back into everything. At this point, everything goes sideways because there are extra steps required if the user has certain security settings enabled (specifically, that you need to switch the security settings on the account before beginning the process) that aren't listed in the documentation. So I get to explain to the user that
soykaf is fuarrrked until the automated system can give them back access to their account because there was something that should have been in the documentation that wasn't.



That was funny!
Hopefully the user will not swear blood vengeance against you, and thus this meaningless little glitch in the day-to-day routine will slip away.
Polite sage for not posting OC myself.


Not today, but I learned the hard way that the a and q keys in some European countries are switched. We had a good laugh after a couple of hours trying to log into the system. Then we almost lynched our resident French guy.


My sort of frenemy who I dont talk to much these days started contacting me asking for help again today, just small favors. Shes not the type to ever ask for emotional support especially not from me so she usually just asks for help with errands etc to ease her load. I think shes losing one of her only good role models in her family, to something really terrible too. If not that shes going through some real rough times regardless.

She kind of screwed me over but I still love her and look up to her. I hope she fights through, cause while shes losing her idol I dont want to lose mine.