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Since the topic of a hermit i becoming common here I would like to tell you my situation right now for someone who would like to read it

I feel like I can make any new friends anymore. After some unfortunate events I enter to college for the second time.

I feel extremely lonely while I am at school. when I try to talk to other people I don't know why I feel like we do not connect at all there's the awkward silence and then people start to leave my side, so by the second semester I became like the trustful lonely dude who you can ask about programming if you didn't understand, but nothing else he is a guy with few friends.

While I am with friends who I know since a long time I feel so much better and comfortable. but as the time goes on I feel more distant with them after I move out far from where I previous lived, but I feel this is not me I used to be quite more social than before but after my father died I feel like i'll eventually end like a Hermit and that is something I don't want maybe I'm getting the wrong picture of a hermit but I still have that common thought from society that ending alone is the worst it can happen to you.

Should I get more close at least to my friends again or simply let life take me without struggling and focus in finishing college and getting a good job.

Thank you.

sorry for any bad English I am mexican.


Try to reach out to the friends you've known for a long time. People like that are sometimes very valuable and irreplaceable. It might not work, in that case I think you have to give up and accept the meaninglessness and futility of life. You're a lot more sociable than me, but I "maintain" (using the word loosely) 1-2 very distant long term friendships because it is better than nothing, although they probably barely even consider me a friend. I haven't made a friend since high school ~8 years ago so I don't know about that.

Since you say it's unlike you, you used to be social, perhaps you should just keep trying to break through with people, and not give up and become a hermit... I think that's usually for people who always had social problems


Where do you live? We can be friends?
If it's in La Sedemecs, we can be friends.