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I don't know what to do anymore lain. I feel like despite all the opportunites in my life right now, all of them still feel static and empty, like I can't handle living in a society and constantly conforming to rules I never agreed to. I feel like I will never amount to anything anymore and I just need to burn harder and brighter than anybody else even for an instant before I go out. I don't want to hurt anyone, but I need something that will remind me I'm still alive somewhere in here.


What would you like to do? Burning brighter has no value if it doesn't give light to those that need it.


I know how you feel.
All advice i can give you is to hang in there and you might find something that gives you purpose, i found it but this is a different thing for everyone.


Then burn brighter and harder than anyone else. Destroy the distractions and leeches and restraints sapping your talent and holding you back. Sometimes these things are innocent even beneficial sometimes they are obviously bad. A nature walk can be a sap on your talent even, feelings of intensity not channeled into meaningful expression are ultimately wasted if your goal is to burn bright. If every time you feel that burning from within you scream or run or dance alone you wasted it.

But also be patient and kind and humble. No one ever has to be cruel even when they are self serving and letting no one get in their way. If to take action is to yell and to speak is to talk, then to think is to be silent.

thats my take on it at least.


What this anon said but don't just sit there waiting for it to come because it never will. Go and find it, try stuff.
Try things, find stuff you like, develop yourself in those things that you like (only through hard work do we end up with something worth keeping, and we learn to find the joy in that which we do), and let them grow on you as you do them, until one of them becomes your "purpose". You have to decide what's purpose for you, nurture that light and let it become bright enough that it'll guide you through the darkness.

I know exactly how you feel, I feel just like that, right now, these days. But I cope with a goal I set to myself. Even though I'm working reallllly slowly towards it, I'm working, and I keep that goal in sight. Of all the different things I've tried, this one seems worthwhile.
It is also something that, I realized, I can work towards wherever I am: here with my parents, in the city, or in nature travelling. The point here is that I can keep the flame alive despite of external circumstances. It seems like I'm likely to be trapped in a soykafty environment for the foreseeable future, and this one thing is the only invariant that can make my life worth the struggle.

Best of luck OP, don't forget to try, and do your share of effort, nothing comes without effort!