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I have a dream. But it is an unreachable. It is in a competitive environment, where many factors provoke that I can only practice 4 hours a day, competing against the 12 hours practiced by a real fan. Sometimes I think about giving up and that everything I've tried is a failure.


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>The purpose of a goal is not to achieve the goal, it's what it makes of us as people, who we've become
t. Tony Robbins.

So if you can't train for 12 hours like "real fans", that doesn't mean you are not trying your best. And that's what's important. Circumstances are not here to stay, and as long as you keep focus and grind, then there is no blame. You might not reach your goal this year, maybe it's going to take you 10 years, or maybe you have to adjust your strategy to get the most of those 4 hours. Train smarter not harder, I don't know. Limitations turn out to be the best thing to encourage creativity.
Everybody faces limitations of some kind. You only lose if you give up.
The keyword is patience.


Hard to imagine for me what it might be.
Maybe you should somehow make it less competative.

Also i think you need to stop trying to compare yourselfs with others, just do it if you like doing it.
I know easier said than done, but you have to practice being content with your best and not their best.
I hope you find a way to pursue your dream.


I disagree with the above two posts, and with posts that contain characteristics similar to the above two posts.

You did not give us much information to assess and conclude upon, but it seems like you put heavy importance on the goal you are desperately attempting to achieve, but you are failing, and you realize that you will not succeed regardless if you believe your aspiration is highly significant to your experience because you do not have the required abilities or circumstances to proceed with your goal, you are limited and this may have been out of your control from a more beginning period of life.

I believe it is fact that many other humans beings, from past to the possible future, will never achieve what they ultimately yearn for and will know this upon their deaths. I subjectively find this thought to be unsettling and unfortunate, and I would not like this to happen to me.

Further inspection of what is happening now, to myself, and future chain of events that may happen in the future leads to me failing. I suppose there is the possibility of having the impact of failure be remedied to avoid a more discomforting and painful experience upon death, where death seems to seal the final result - whether you succeeded or failed.

I believe you will truly fail once you are have died, or are effectively put out of commission (incapacitated) from which ever thinkable and possible effect, like chronic pain or disability.

Again, until you are either dead or incapacitated. Apologies for this lengthy comment


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The struggle itself is enough. All you must do is continue and you shall grow strong. Patience and perseverance will pay greater dividends the longer you use them.


Are you the life and struggle in the human, or are you the human that has life and struggle in it? Identifying with one or the other might have some radical implications.
I might just be reinventing the idea of soul or spirit here, but when you're inventing it, it's a damn good one!