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Do anyone here keep a diary? If so, how far back does it go? Is it digital or physical? Do you have any interesting entries you'd be comfortable with sharing? (I personally don't...)

I've been journaling consistently for the last six months or so. It's not long enough to see any considerable change (which is actually kinda sad), but hopefully one day I can look at what I was thinking years ago and laugh a bit.

I use an app on my phone. I think I might switch to a physical diary because I think I'd enjoy looking at how my handwriting changes, but it's also quite convenient to have a diary everywhere I go.


sorry about the spoiler! I actually submitted this post using Dashchan for once. I didn't realize it forced spoilers.


Oh yeah Lain, oh yeah. It would impact myself greatly without one. I have a couple I use at any given time. :) I love you, Lain


Physical diaries are nice. Aside from looking cool as fuarrrk writing in public (don't actually try looking cool please, just treat it like an extension of your thoughts/heart), it is nice to write your thoughts with a pen, making flourishes or scribbles as you please, etc. It's cool that you've been writing for half a year so far. I think more people should keep journals, mainly for the purpose of distilling their thoughts in a non-social context, without prejudice or expectations. Very helpful for sorting yourself out and identifying things you might not have realized otherwise.


How does one write a diary? What type of things does one mention and talk about?


>I think more people should keep journals, mainly for the purpose of distilling their thoughts in a non-social context, without prejudice or expectations
I feel like a lot of people use social media as a journal. I much prefer the non-social aspect of normal journals, though, as you describe.
Just write about whatever's on your mind! Even someone who doesn't do much must have something troubling them or making them happy.


a couple? how do you manage that?


Nothing really makes me happy or excited. Really dunno what I would talk about.


Yeah, for a little over two years. I haven't written much lately because I lack motivation and subject matter, but I haven't given it up. It'll be cool to binge through when I'm older.


well, there's something to write about right there! the entries don't have to be about concrete stuff. maybe you could reflect on how nothing makes you particularly happy.


True. Thanks, I guess I'll give it a shot.


>I feel like a lot of people use social media as a journal
I usually dump my thoughts in the /vent/ threads, either here or in the 4.
I don't do it anymore though, I realized that the impermanence which I thought was good is actually bad because all my vents are essentially void, and there is no registry of my progress.
I'm going to buy a notebook tomorrow perhaps, and start writing a diary. I feel like I should do it to live a less... disperse life.
**I hate it when I can't find the right word**


I have an encrypted Veracrypt storage drive with a few journal entries, mostly from a time where I was losing friends and had no one to talk to about stuff. I lost a lot of entries and no longer write at all, because I have people to talk to, and I find those to be my clearest moments now.

Looking back through the entries not much of value is there. There is one nice bit, me any my first gril friend's conversation leading to us dating is saved in there, that's neat, but it's not time to look at it yet.

Most everything is just sad and angry, my porn drive is much more interesting, as well as fun.

The whole thing only goes as far back as late 2016. (The Journal drive, that is).

Mine actually does show considerable change, because these last few months have been some one the biggest, yet bleakest in my life.


I've kept a digital one for about three years now, updating it fairly consistently. Started it after I lost a bunch of friends and since I've just kept it going. I enjoy it, it's a nice way to vent and more recently I use it to archive a lot of my writing I never finish/post anywhere.

It enjoy reading old entries from time to time. Let's me know both the heavens and hell my mind can reach. And sometimes you start writing something and get tired of it, but want to save it. So why not? Then months later you crack it open and put a breath of life into it.

I'm starting to feel like I should make it physical though, I want the handwriting practice and there's something different about a pen and paper vs a keyboard. Keyboards make you tie yourself into knots, backspace, correct. Wipe out entire blocks of text. With a pen and paper there's a certain permanence to it that makes you think about your actions. Plus I think it leads to better writing in general.

Very much agreed, I love my journal, one of my most cherished assets. It's like I write letters to my future self, and I talk with my past about what that future should be.

Anything you like. I talk about my life and feelings a lot but there's plenty of other topics worth covering. Why not analyze some of your favorite anime? Explore politics, make predictions about the future. All sorts of things, it's a lot of fun. Once I had a fun time thinking and writing about why trees often end up in particular shapes.


i decided to try journaling in 2015 and now my biggest regret is starting so late. thanks to that i can recall pretty much everything that happened in the last 3 years but have very vague memory of childhood and adolescence.


You know, I was just reading through my first entries tonight, and it was a really pleasant activity. It's neat to see how my perception of the past diverges from the actual events. I guess the depressing part is how much happier I was then, and how recent all the events seem, but it fills me with an odd kind of hope and companionship. I'm going to start writing nightly again.


well, my journals go back sorta far ish.

I have patchy coverage pre 2010, 2010 begin daily logs, but occasionally take a weeks long haiatus. Occasionally longer.

2014 I began doing it more intensley, longer entries with more analysis. 2015 I added a digital layer, which included plaintext as well as video/audio content, both myself simply talking, as well as occasionally recorded situations, and interractios with other people (who generally aw oblivious of the recording).

The digital has slightly tapered off after summer 2015, but has kept up, as has daily hand written logging.

Furthermore, details of my activities and thoughts are available to me in the form of computer activity logs, such as chats from various services, downloads, and cetera.

I think the note that I'd first share is a motif from a certain era: "MALVENU".


This this this this this.

Its like, I can go back, open a book, and poof! am there back so many years ago, sitting on that rock and rambling about how miserable I feel and whether I need to go buy carrots.

Another thing I periodically do is have a several pages long thing thats just like, a summary of my entire life up to that point. Of course, every time I do it its radically different.


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i just ordered a travelers journal. this should be fun.


no, not really. I don't have enough interesting thoughts to put them in there. At the other hand I really should start keeping one, because my perceiving of time is really fuarrrked up. For example, everything that had happen a week ago is as distant as something that had happen few years ago.


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I bound together some paper between two pieces of cardboard, I keep the thing with me at all times and write there from time to time.

I would'nt call it a journal because it's not arranged as a stream of events, instead I have it divided into subsections like Dreams, Ideas, To-do list, Extracts from the books I've read, etc. My thoughts are easier to work with when sorted that way but I want to change the scheme, I'm thinking of using something like the Dewey Classification [1] to keep entries tidy and searchable. Also using CompSci concepts to make its use more efficient is fun, and this book being probably my most valuable posession I want it to be as perfect as possible. Something like the DIY journal Da Vinci would use.

I made an error when I started writing using a pencil; the writing gets blurry with time, so I'd recommend using a pen. I also used to have cardboard tabs like in this pic, but they started bending and breaking at the edges and made the book too bulky so I took them out and am now looking for a better way to open it at the right page every time I have something to write or read.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dewey_Decimal_Classification


I've kept notes/entries since age 6. They haven't been regular, sometimes broken up by years, but in them i pour out my heart and comment/critique each previous entry as though it was authored by a completely different person. As a result, my "diary" is several volumes.

Its really helpful. Since we don't store true memory, having some sort of state of mind reference for the times you have gone through is invaluable for critique, reflection, and peace of mind. I've never regretted it. And i'll be able to morbidly entertain someone in the future with it.


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>am now looking for a better way to open it at the right page every time I have something to write or read.
you could try a thumb index, like in my first pic. you could also make an edge index with a marker or pen, like my second pic. an edge index is probably easier, but it really only works well for thicker books with big sections.


I didn't answer OP's questions, I'm >>11027 and I've kept that physical book for one or two months. I don't think sharing an entry would be useful, but I can recommend some things to write. One's dreams, a dream journal will help you or make you have lucid dreams. Another idea is writing a small dictionary of words you like. Note down your ideas about things that'd be nice to write, draw, think about, etc., don't let them go. It's also useful to learn how to draw, might be a better way to convey some ideas or pictures from your dreams. Actually I could use a recommendation for a light drawing lesson.

Thank you for the ideas, colored cardboard separators with thumb indices sound quite good.