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Little bit concerned i molested a guy on saturday night.

I approached him initially because he seemed shy, and I think he liked me at least at first because we talked for a while and he bought me a drink.

He asked if I wanted to dance at this club, and I was wayy drunker than I usually like to be. While we danced I pulled him close and kissed him a few times, but he didnt reciprocate and he never explicitly consented to me kissing him either.

While I was wasted I felt pretty good about it all, but now I'm sober I feel guilty and a little bit ashamed. It was just so loud and i felt so bulletproof.

And now he isnt returning my texts, which I guess makes sense.

Was I in the wrong + what should I do differently next time?


I don't personally think you're in the wrong.
Maybe he didn't want it but hey, if he didn't make a fuss or outright leave you there then I think he just might found it awkward.

TBH who knows? But if he didn't reciprocate by the second time, then you should probably just left at that.


>drink less
>talk more
I'd like to have a nice evening with a girl if on the streets, maybe drinking something but not in order to get drunk, just maybe a kiss on the cheeks and a hug for the first appointment


You might have. I've also been in a situation where a girl seemed to kiss me a bit but I honestly had no idea what to do and I think she thought I wasn't interested.

I guess just have a chat.


Im a pretty shy dude and my friend got me drunk and had me touch up on her, actually grabbed and moved my hand back even when I moved it away. This along with other things such as holding me down so she could grab at me and feel up on me. I only acted like I didnt want that when she left me. Much like you I think she regrets it much more than I did.

If you are a girl he probably does not feel molested. I dont know anything about gay relationships so if your a guy cant help. But theres the whole no double standard thing but sorry there is one. A girl can't rape a guy and you cant convince me otherwise thats just how I think and if you disagree thats fine. Maybe i've just got stockholms syndrome, but If he was upset because you kissed him he needs to grow up.


>a girl can't rape a guy
yikes lainon. I'll admit guys are usually more accepting of sexual attention for a variety of reasons, especially if they happen to be starved for intimacy, but it's not an impossibility. I've never been raped but I was in a position where I could have been and based on some investigation, it's also possible I was going to be exploited for child support money back in my late teens.


When children are involved boy or girl thats a different story. I meant specifically between two adults.


are you saying if (your mum/a crack whore/a land whale/any female you find physicaly repulsive) had you chained up in a basement, pumping you full of roofies/hilusinagenics & viagra, using you as a flesh dildo you'd have no problem with it and that wouldn't be rape?

>she physicaly couldn't do it

he's got guys stronger than you to keep you there

>thats "X crime" not rape

any other crimes to get you there are irrelivant, point is you are being kept chemicaly errect and used for sex

jsut because you've got a frisky friend you would have shagged any way doesn't mean you can't be raped by a woman.


You got drunk and made a mistake. Don't beat yourself up about it too much. We make a big deal of consent for romantic and sexual things and for good reason but it was only a drunken kiss. I'm sure he's fine and if you don't want it to happen again, don't do it again.


While situations like this can definitely lead into significantly worse areas, be lucky that yours didn't. Just know next time, get consent, and don't be too pushy. Enjoy the vibe, play off of what they are signaling, and always ask if you don't know.


Sorry still going with the second one. The circumstances for number one to be true would already involve crimes worse for the man then rape.

You are used for sex but that shouldn't be the traumatic part for a guy. Its being chained up, threatened, and kept chemically erect. Ignoring the ridiculous situation in the first place. Also ignoring the legal definition of rape, because using a legal definition men have already been raped by women im pretty sure. It isn't or shouldn't be traumatic for a man, unless as you state there is other things mixed in which its those other things that are causing the trauma at that point.