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How do you keep your cool through daily life?
I often let stress and worry control my life and it's not very enjoyable.
When that happens I try to meditate more.

What works for you when your mind starts getting out of control?


You cannot stay calm all the time. The best you can do is swallow/ignore all the emotional stuff for a while, and find the right time and activity to get them out (a day or two at best).
Ignore people who always seem or claim to be calm. They either lost all interest in the world and themselves ("staying calm" included), or have some strong/aggressive beliefs that puts most of reality in one box (worldly things, mortal life) while their interest is in the other box.

Being stressed, worried, angry, etc is on the palette. By getting it off, you become a less capable human.


>What works for you when your mind starts getting out of control?
narrow the view. only make plans for the next few days, a week top. always remember that there is a plan b if you keep faith. repeat this until your situation gets back to "normal".

also, a glass of whiskey can be a lifesaver from time to time :)


Live the present and stop worrying so much about whats next. This does NOT mean dont care about the future, of course preparing is very imporant, just dont panic about what your next step is. To keep track and avoid being overwhelmed by future tasks or dutys, make a little list of things you should or want to do, works for me so why not try it out? Another thing i've noticed is pretty useful is stopping, breathing and reflecting about what im stressing on. This will make you realize if you're stressing over something thats not really worth worrying over, like short-term problems that dont mean anything in the long run. Also doing some sort of physical activity like sport or, even an instrument like sax will release a good deal of tension out of your body. I do all of these and im pretty chill most of the time.


My mind, rarely get's out of control... I used to be super aggressive though.

I use the 'Punching bag method'.
Basically I have a hobby, any hobby that let's me vent my pent up aggression. It can be a punching bag, a violent videogame(but then you have to remember to not play for the victory, you must play to release your violence), guro, anything that let's you release your pent up aggression that you collected over the day.

Another thing I do is that I have low expectations for myself, and even lower expectations for other people.(I'm still somehow ambitious though)


Thats key, low expectations of other people is a key to good relationships. And low expectations of life is key to happiness. Of course as you say you are ambitious, having low expectations doesnt mean having low standards thats probably why.

Its funny I also see guro as a rather artistic way to destress rather than any kind of sexual satisfaction. I dont get sexual pleasure from it.

Im a very mellow person except when it comes to my relationships. Being angry or aggravated is more of a fun thing to do sometimes. But I also frequently can get very dramatic, sad, and definitley lose my mind a bit sometimes. Drinking helps, buying things. Looking at pictures of cute girls or talking to cute girls calms me almost instantly. Im easily manipulated because of this. I draw but its a very awkward way to destress. The more intense im feeling the more inadquate my art portrays my emotions, and then I get frustrated and angry for real. Eating acid and starting at a wall and thinking keeps me pretty pacified and busy but I have roomates and I dont behave the best on it. Thats not something I cam do everyday or even weekly either. I know im ready to do that when I think im okay to do it. It absolutely terrifies me every single time and then a month later I feel like doing it for some reason as if I forgot all the bad stuff that happened when im on it.

well thats pretty much it though. programming also keeps me very focused and calm but I dont do it on my own time just for my college assignments so I dont know if that counts.


Stress is I think the worst feeling for a person to deal with cause it doesn't stop for most. It'll keep growing and growing until you just give up and throw it out the window. You have to when in this buildup of stress realize that the world is made of people. People with ideals, feelings, and desires and actions to go with that. You are you. You cant control what people do, you can steer it in a direction but you'll never fully have your hands on the wheel of their minds. You have control of you though. you have to learn that you cant do it all. Know that you can only control you and what you control, so don't worry about others too much, they can control themselves just focus on you and what you do. (Im not good with words sorry if that didn't make sense)


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>How do you keep your cool through daily life?
Eat‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍ ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Cannabis‍‍‍ ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Daily
>What works for you when your mind starts getting out of control?
You are not your mind


i stay focused on things that demand my attention.


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drugs are for fun
they shouldn't be a crutch