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I often have good thread ideas, however, I don't write them down and I forget them. Like 20 minutes ago or so I had an idea and I forgot it.

How often does that happen to you guys?


I have great thread ideas, I mostly post them, but lainons are too dumb to appreciate. Such is cyberlife.


It happens a lot, but I rarely think about it. Every thread I create gets two or three replies, must be bad karma or something.
Though my threads always fail, I'm often first person to reply in unusual/interesting threads.


I rarely have any ideas. I'm as creative as a rock.


Iktf. I envy creative people. Those who make music, and art. I see their products and I get inspired but I have zero creativity so I really don't have any drive to produce something as they would.


Being creative is overrated, i have tons of ideas all the time and i never get anything done because they clog the pipeline so i cant think for soykaf even about things i should.

I think im also manic depressive.


wow small world. yeah im wildly creative and can draw some of the most insane stuff when I can actually get myself to sit down and start as oppose to just exploring new idea after new idea. and same for the mood swings.

the other thing too is time goes by so quickly i feel stupid. it took me a good amount of time to realize what was happening is that i waste a lot of time inbetween thinking and imagining stuff, daydreaming sometimes. for example talking with a friend she asked me why it takes me so long to shower. my routine was actually smaller than hers, what caused the increase in time was the 30 minutes i spend in the shower and 30 minutes after i get out doing nothing but sitting there imagining things often unproductive things.

possibly the biggest dissapointment is that technology such as this very board im posting on allows me to explore a lot of this insight and introspection even further. im wasting time again, right now I could be drawing or watching this movie but here i am. often times i feel like places like this were intentionally designed to keep me from doing creative and possibly dangerous things so there you go. im gonna fuarrrk off now.


We all procrastinate sometimes.


I will always deeply respect musicians. I can't even begin to imagine how someone can make an enjoyable 3-10 minute long song. it's like black magic to me.


There is literally no greater joy in life than making music. I'm a student now, and currently more a performer than a composer, but the composition process is a mix of understanding what rules to follow to make something enjoyable or catchy or inspire a certain feeling, and knowing how to work in and around the rules—breaking them whenever it suits the piece—to get something across. There's a mix of analytical and emotional thought that goes into writing, and you see this kind of overlap through most of music. When you play or sing, you're managing several factors at once, and you can't let any of them slip.

No one thing makes music enjoyable, but the main things are knowing what you're doing and having something to say with it.

Anyway yeah I have the same problem as OP from time to time, I can only keep something in my head after I've audiated it for very long if I can focus on keeping the line in my head. I have to write it down or record the intervals or something before it slips away.