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Hello lains!

For most of my life I've struggled going out and getting stuff done. On the rare occasions that I do, I find it hard to concentrate on continuing to do the task at hand. I could never get decent grades at school because of this, and with my first year of uni approaching I want to change my habits.

How do fellow lainons get soykaf done? + general concentration advice thread.
This is my first post here, go easy on me...


>How do fellow lainons get soykaf done? + general concentration advice thread.
I'm generally apathetic towards anything I don't actually enjoy. I'm able to concentrate on programming, writing, reading books, and whatnot, but don't even care to try on what I don't care for much of the time. I'm able to concentrate on what I do enjoy because they're interconnected and I pursue a larger goal that involves them somewhat single-mindedly.

My advice to you is to similarly focus extremely on what you actually like.

>This is my first post here, go easy on me...

Sure, welcome to this part of the wired.


I like keeping in mind that I'm living the Now, and even if I procrastinate, the time to get stuff done will become Now eventually. Now is the most important time so, what am I going to do Now? With that thought, doing useless things is basically wasting the Now, the one important time that makes up our lives.

Also what the other lain said, do what you like. Lots of people think they're stupid because they found it hard to push themselves through uninteresting topics on school. In reality, noone likes to do stuff they don't like, and doing something you don't like is hard. Pushing yourself through it instead of finding a more enjoyable path is no merit, in my opinion.

For uni, study something you really like and do it in study groups. It's orders of magnitude more enjoyable that way.

There are related threads, but they're scattered around the imageboard.

>I find it hard to concentrate on continuing to do the task at hand.

Any particular distractions?

>This is my first post here, go easy on me...

Welcome! It's actually a good thread for /feels/, I think.


i just push myself to get stuff done and keep notes on what i need to get done. all you can do is keep working at it until it becomes habit


I have some serious problems with doing things too. And it's not the case of doing what you like/dislike because I can't even motivate myself to do the stuff which interest me. It feels like I have some kind of blockade or barrier in my head and it blocks me completely. Every time I want to start something i end up wasting time o the net and I don;t know how to deal with with. If there is something I really must do I will wait until deadline and then do all work in one evening.

From what I observed so far about myself I think it is connected with the fear of failing. I'm a perfectionist type and I can't really deal with failure so subconsciously choose to not acting at all. However I am fully aware that total perfection is impossible to reach so this pursuit to be the best frustrates me even more. I'm still trying to fight this but the results are not so good. The worst thing is that I know that I could achieve a lot and accomplish many of my dreams and goals if I could work regularly. Instead I'm 27, living with parants, no job, no real perspectives, doing PhD which probably won't give me a job in the future.



Literally me. And I'm not a busy person at all. I only have a few interests but I can never get myself to doing anything related to them and just procrastinate with cancer entertainment(imageboards, youtube, etc.).


Not sure how the other /feels/ thread is relevant, but those techniques in /sci/ sure are interesting. Though I'd personally stay with simple reading, taking notes to build a bridge between what is in the book and the way I learn things and doing exercises related to the topic, the amount depending on how hard it is.

Not OP, but very similar in that regard. The thing is, as >>11059 pointed out, one can concentrate far better on the things that are likeable to oneself. These are the things you should center your life around, because they are the things you are able to excel in.

Surely Uni forces you to do things that you may dislike even if you choose a field you feel strongly about, but similarly to highschool you will have a hard time focusing on these, no matter what technique you use.


I've been in the same place you are right now sort of. I've personally had success using the book posted here: >>9947

I try to do it every day but if that ends up not happening I don't beat myself up about it too much, so far I think that it's helped me a great deal. It counters the common cynical self talk that one might think of when they're trying to improve their self discipline. I hope it helps you as well!

welcome to lainchan friend!

A small question I have that's related to this thread: I've found that I've improved my ability to get uni stuff done but when it comes to personal projects/research I want to do, I find myself so exhausted at the end of the day I don't feel like doing it. Even on weekends where I have free time I can't motivate myself to do it because I feel too drained to read. Maybe I need to just approach it with the same mindset as I do with my schoolwork but on the other hand I don't want to see it as work (maybe I just need to get over my silly thinking here). Anyone have any tips for finding motivation to do personal projects in your spare time?


This is a problem for me as well. Some days are better than others. I make realistic tiny goals and once I get going, it becomes easier.

There are some weeks I go to work, come home, wrap myself in blankets and watch romantic anime for 5 hours...........