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anyone else get intense emotional pain when looking in the mirror?

i understand that becoming comfortable with your body is essential for a healthy mind state but i just can't get over the feelings of physical inadequacy.

tips for overcoming this?


I've got gyno which is like kicking dead whales down the beach a lot.


humans are not meant to feel comfort and tranquility until they are before death.
Until then, they find a way to express their nervousness and anxiety in a way that suits their personality and their little niche desires.

You decided to worry about your looks. You will not stop worrying about how you look, even if you go on plastic surgery. I assure you of that.


you must simply accept yourself as you are. it doesnt necessarily mean giving up to self improvement. maybe you should train yourself into looking into the mirror untill you can stand yourself


I look pretty average, and i grown to accept this. And at least i'm not a fatass


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sometimes I look normal and vaguely attractive and other times I look like a hunchback scarecrow. I generally just try not to think about it or look at my reflection.